10 Amazing Amazon Anime Funko Pops For 2020

Fotnite Drift Funko Pop

Now that 2020 is almost complete we have basically seen nearly every funko pop that this year is going to host. Just in case you are new to the funko Pop world, let me give you a brief introduction. Funko Pops were invented in 1998 but really did not become big until 2011. This just goes to show that you should not give up on your dreams as sometimes it takes several years to see the rewards. Anyways, these small figures are created to be large-headed replicas of nearly every character in both the fictional and factual world.  

I’m sure you have seen these characters both online and at conventions. Aside from the fact that you of course are tempted to buy the characters you most identify with and love, there are several characters you should be considering from 2020s funko pop batch. Some you may already have while others I’m sure you may have never heard of. So, sit back and enjoy a brief list of the funko pops I believe you should purchase before the end of 2020. 

Rick and Morty – King of $#! 

 First up we have none other than the famous Rick from Rick and Morty. If you are not a fan of rick and Morty than you certainly wont realize how amazing this Funko Pop is. There was so much to this episode but basically, Rick had created a special toilet in which only he could use. It was tucked away on an uninhabited planet and well needless to say, someone used it. The entire episode is dedicated to Rick discovering and getting revenge on the individual that uses his personal toilet. What better way to commemorate this episode than with the Rick and Morty – King of $#!t Funko Pop

Hunter x Hunter – Hisoka, Multicolor 

Ok, Hunter X Hunter was one of the best animes I have ever watched. It has action, heartbreak and adventure. But undeniably one of the most badass characters in the series was Hisoka. His entire purpose in the series is to make sure the main characters become adults so he can kill them. He even goes as far as to help them in several situations just to assure their maturation. Hisokas special power consists of a sticky substance called Bungee Gum. You can see it depicted in this funko pop. I can’t really explain all of its functions but know it’s a lot more lethal than the name leads on. 

Naruto Running 

You have to own the iconic run that was literally demonstrated by thousands in front of one of the most mysterious government locations ever created. The Naruto run has been proven to most certainly be slower than traditional methods of running but nonetheless it’s just fun to do. I can’t wait until convention season returns as looking outside and noticing several cosplayers demonstrating this run is always a win. I really do pray that one day someone finds a way to perfect this run and makes it a standard. When that day arrives, you will be wishing you had purchased this Funko Pop.  

Naruto Sexy Jutsu Exclusive 

Returning to the Naruto universe, we have one of the most powerful ninjutsu’s ever invented. Sure the Sharingan gets all of the attention but let’s not forget the Jutsu that was extremely effective against one of the legendary sannin. That’s right, even in all of his might Jiraiya could not resist this Jutsu. And, a reverse sexy Jutsu was used to deliver one of the best fades to the all-powerful kaguya. But in all seriousness, Narutos sexy Jutsu was always hilarious and a pleasure to view whenever it was presented in the series. This Funko Pop would be a delight for any naruto fan.  

The Legend of Korra Amon  

I recently rewatched the legend of Korra and I realized this guy really wasn’t so bad. How many of us have suffered childhood trauma and wished we could have done something about it? I’m sure nearly all of us can relate to this and Amon simply decided to act upon these thoughts. I’ll admit that his methods were well, a bit much but all he really wanted was equality. Several people are still fighting this fight and its correlation to real-world events is undeniable. Treating others as equals should be mandatory and as such may be displaying an Amon funko pop signifies your understanding of this concept.  

Funko Pop! Town: Flintstones 

Time to hit you guys with a bit of nostalgia. The flintstones in my opinion was one of the greatest cartoons of all time. Sure it doesn’t compete with several of today’s shows in terms of graphics and story but for its time it was amazing. You guys know I have to include a bit of nostalgia with each post and the flintstones has this one covered. Very few shows can say they literally trademarked an entire fictional word. Yabadabadoo is both known and stated by several veterans and newcomers alike. People that have never even seen the show know this word meaning the flintstones has carved its name into the hall of fame. Thanks for the memories Fred!  

Perfect Cell Glow In The Dark 

Most of us remember the cell games. You know, the green android that built an entire ring and literally sat and waited for everyone to prepare themselves for a season of ass whoopings. I know buu and other characters get more recognition but cell was one of the coldest villains ever introduced in dragon ball z. Another reason this Funko Pop is so great is because it reminds us of the first time we got to see a super saiyan 2. Finally, this is the only Funko Pop on the list that glows in the dark. This means the memories and good times can continue long into the night!  

Kool Aid-Man 

Turning our attention away from the anime scene for a minute, we have to take a second and appreciate the original wrecking ball. That’s right, long before Miley Cyrus made recking balls popular the Kool Aid-Man was destroying people’s homes and privacy. To summon this jolly red giant, all you had to do was shout the famous words “Oh-No” 3 times and like beetle juice, he would appear. Now that I think about it, does that mean he was always listening and simply biding his time outside of individuals homes? Slightly creepy when you really dig into it.  

Evangelion Eva Unit 01 

Evangelion was a crazy series with some rather disturbing imagery but there’s one scene that I will never forget. This was when Unit 01 went ballistic and ate another Eva. It was extremely creepy and still haunts me to this day. So it only makes sense that they create a Funko Pop commemorating this terrible scene. Although I can appreciate the artistic value of this Funko Pop, I try to avoid this series as much as possible. But, don’t let my problems impede you from buying this awesome Funko Pop. It would look great in any collection. 

All For One 

Last up we have All For OneThis guy was the only one capable of going blow for blow with the symbol of piece All Might. I have seen nearly every episode of My Hero Academia and I have to say this fight was only second to All Might’s fight with Nomu. When he unleashed his United States of smash attack I nearly lost it. This was one of my favorite moments in anime and as such, I would prefer a united states of smash funko but this All For One Funko will do. 

When it comes to collectibles Funko Pops are certainly raising the bar and as such, you should make sure you do not miss out on this fad. I hoped you enjoyed this look at 10 funko pops you should look into as im sure they will just as soon be gone. If you enjoyed this article feel free to leave a comment below. Also, check out more cosplay news HERE along with my YouTube. Thanks so much again for the support and until next time stay Boundless!!! 

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