10 Cool Anime Masks To Wear Around You City

Ahegao Covid Mask

Unfortunately, it does not seem like the COVID pandemic in the U.S. will be ending anytime soon. You can either mope around about the many stores and attractions that are still closed or take advantage of this situation. What do I mean by this? Well, establishments are now making masks mandatory so I’ve decided we should take advantage of this rule and wear masks that represent our passions. There are tons of masks available but naturally, some are better than others so let’s look at 10 awesome anime masks that we can wear during the pandemic. 

Pikachu Covid Mask 


First up we have the most recognizable character in the entire Pokémon universe. That’s right, Pikachu is more well known than just about any other character. People that have zero interest in Pokémon even know PikachuThis mask is absolutely adorable and should bring a smile to anyone’s face. Even if you are frowning behind your mask, Pikachu has you covered. With this mask, you can stay safe and bring joy to others on your daily routine. It’s a win-win. 

Ahegao Covid Mask 

I’m gonna admit that this mask in my opinion takes a bit of courage to wear. To just waltz into a store beside your mother, father or any other family member really takes a bit of bravery. But, if your willing to go through with this plan you will likely have the best COVID mask in the entire store. You will likely get tons of reactions and stares with this mask. Who knows, you may even meet that special someone that appreciates your unique tastes and hobbies.  

Akatsuki Covid Mask 

This mask is absolutely badass as it sports the colors of one of the most savage villain groups to ever be formed. The Akatsuki literally looked at the rules and sell to hell with them, we do as we please. I understand how obeying the rules and wearing this mask that represents a group that defies the rules can be a bit contradicting but, nows not the time for rational thinking. Rules have been put in place and face masks are required. This mask looks awesome so wear it with pride during your next supermarket visit. 

Demon Slayer Covid Mask  


I personally cannot wait for the next season of Demon Slayer but until that happens why not show our support and anticipation with a nice Demon slayer COVID Mask. This mask can also be refitted for so many other purposes once the ordinance is lifted. It can also be used as a scarf or neck warmer. I know I could have used this at Katsucon this year as it was extremely cold outside. With this mask, you won’t have to feel like you have wasted money and you can use it as an artifact in the future showing you survived the great pandemic of 2020. 

Tokyo Ghoul Covid Mask 

Another extremely popular series that has conveniently been converted into a wearable mask for all of you’re anti-Rona protection needs. I know your thinking what separates this mask from any of the others on the list? Well, I’m glad you asked. This mask has a convenient zipper so you can eat without actually removing the mask. You can also use it in place of an actual Kaneki mask. It’s a bit cheaper than the Kaneki Mask and saving money every place you can is the name of the cosplay game.  

Sonic The Hedgehog Covid Mask 

Sonic the movie was released this year but our love for this character started several years before this movie and masks released. Like many of you I watched the cartoon and of course, played the original Sega games. This mask looks really dope and is extremely stylish. But then again, anything with sonic on it would exhibit this effect. In terms of sheer looks, I believe this may be the best one on the list and look forward to running into someone wearing this COVID mask. 

Studio Ghibli Covid Mask 

We all know I have a thing for the classics and try to find a way to work them into each post. This blogs throwback mask is going to be this awesome Studio Ghibli mask. There are so many to choose from but I would personally recommend Totoro as he’s a protector by nature. But if Haku is more of you’re thing feel free to wear him as well. You really can’t go wrong with any of these choices as there all really cute and a great representation of some of the greatest films ever made.  

Bakugo Covid Mask 

These COVID masks are great and all but they prevent people from showing there true facial expressions when presented with certain situations. In particular, you may not be feeling like a jolly Pikachu and instead like a cranky BakugoWhat better way to show people how you truly feel on the inside than with this awesome Bakugo exploding face mask. Like the demon slayer maskthis one can also be used for other purposes and will be a great memento once all of this is done. 

One Piece Covid Mask 

If you have been watching this series since the beginning then that lets me know you are one dedicated individual. You truly are committed to not spreading this virus because anyone that sits through 931 episodes is not an individual to be taken lightly. The cosplayer that wears this mask sets themself on a path and does not falter until the journey is complete. Actually, that’s just my interpretation of the individual wearing this mask. You could just really enjoy the way the mask looks and have never seen the series and that’s ok to lol.  

LED Covid Mask 

Last but not least we have the COVID mask created for the cosplayer that keeps fighting the good fight long after others have tapped out. This mask is for the night owls and ravers that will not let COVID steal there joy. There’s no reason why you cant still hang out and enjoy good times with your friends but let them know that you take safety very seriously. An L.E.D Mask will be seen by everyone during the night leaving no questions as to if your abiding by the nationwide ordinance at this moment.  


There are so many options when it comes to keeping yourself protected during these tough times and anyone of these would be a great choice. Feel free to submit a photo of yourself in the comments section with your best cosplay COVID mask as I would love to see it. As always thanks so much for checking out my site and for more awesome blog posts feel free to click hereAlso, check out some awesome cosplayers on my YouTube as I’m sure they will inspire you. Thanks so much again and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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