10 Cosplay characters that have amazing alternate costumes worth exploring

Let’s look at what cosplay is for a second. In its most basic sense, cosplay is the practice of dressing up like a fictional character. Cosplayers copy the character’s outfits, mannerisms, and gestures. These characters can come from movies, books, or video games. Cosplayers accurately mix costumes, wigs, accessories, and props together to portray a character’s exact look. All of these elements come together to replicate a specific character. But what happens when a character has multiple looks. How do you decide which is the best and worth investing in? Well, I can’t answer that question for you but I can tell you a few characters that have amazing secondary costumes. Today we will look at ten cosplay characters that have amazing alternative costumes. 

Harley Quinn 

One great character to cosplay as is Harley Quinn. She is a fictional character who has appeared in tons of live-action and cartoon-based movies. As the joker’s main assistant and lover, she has been portrayed over the years with several different costumes. Cosplaying as Harley can be extremely difficult as choosing which outfit looks best on you can be a real burden. Her costumes incorporate several different hairstyles, colors, demeanors, and textures. She is powerful, strong, and absolutely fearless. This certainly contributes to her continued popularity over the years. Her shorts, various bats, wigs, and boots are all customizable and commonly stand out in a crowd. When accurately combined, this character has a number of alternate costumes that are right for the picking. 

Power rangers 

Power Rangers have been through several iterations with each having an iconic costume. In most cases it consists of bold colors, shiny spandex, and thematic designs. Their amazing costumes represent their unique powers and traits. Their dedication to fighting evil in each specific storyline is captivating. I personally prefer the original “Mighty Morphing” as this is the series I grew up on. No ranger will ever top the green ranger in my book. But since there are so many rangers it’s easy to cosplay these amazing characters in a group. Whichever group of rangers you choose know that you will be appealing to someone’s childhood making you very sought after for pictures.  

Lara Croft 

In my opinion, Lara Croft is another Cosplay character with amazing alternate costumes. Not sure if you have been keeping count but there are over 6 tomb raider games and 2 movies. We have literally seen this character go from triangle boobs to nearly identical resemblances to a living human woman. As simple as her costumes may appear throughout each iteration, attention to detail is the key that brings it all together. For instance, her bloody body and shirts are a vital part of her costume that adds flavor and flair and really captures the spirit of tomb raider. She is extremely brave and fearless meaning you not only have a plethora of amazing secondary costumes to choose from, but also an entire persona you must adjust to for this cosplay.  

The Joker 

The Joker

Its only right that following Harley Quinn’s addition to the list we also add The Joker. Dressing up like a schizophrenic clown has been a staple of the cosplay community for years. Similar to Harley, the joker has seen several changes over the years. The accessories, colors, and options are nearly endless for the joker. I have seen so many cosplayers cosplay as this character and yet I never get tired of it. When it comes to secondary costumes, the joker is definitely a character you should look into. 



Sticking with the whole DC universe, we arrive at the dark knight himself. Once again I will repeat myself in saying the possibilities are endless. In general, a complete batman suit includes of course the Bat suit, multiple batarangs, a utility belt, and o yea multiple million-dollar vehicles. I’m sure you have a few of them laying around so feel free to bring them to the next convention.  

Black Canary

I believe batman decided to make the Bat-suit black because it not only blends into the night but its the color of confidence. Actually, I have no idea if that’s true, but it seems like a lot of badass characters choose black suits. Also, just in case you did not know, Black Canary is a beast at hand-to-hand combat. She has defeated the likes of green arrow and even hawk girl in hand-to-hand combat. But more importantly, she has achieved all of these feets while wearing various costumes. If you look at her live-action outfit vs. Her comic book outfit then you will realize you have some big decisions to make if you cosplay as her. No matter which choice you make I’m sure you won’t leave the cosplay store disappointed.   


Another interesting cosplay character that we have to mention is Link. Hes quite courage’s considering the fact that he has saved Zelda on numerous occasions. He is truly devoted to a great cause making him a very heroic character. Over the years he has seen many changes making his secondary costumes absolutely amazing. And believe it or not, they are all actually rather simple. Whether you’re looking to rock his classic green elf-looking cosplay or his more updated breathe of the wild look, you will have a plethora of outfits to choose from.  


Who doesn’t love Kitana? She’s sexy, strong, and withstood the numerous mortal Kombat tournaments that have taken place. I mean, surviving one of these is far worse than making it through the hunger games and we saw how rough that was. When it comes to badasses with amazing secondary costumes you have certainly hit the badass jackpot. Her costume usually includes shorts that are attached with an apron, top, face mask, headpiece, armbands, gauntlets, and boot tops. All of her outfits are usually some bold shade of blue meaning newcomers and old-timers are sure to recognize you. Throw in her deadly fans and you have one awesome secondary cosplay costume. 

Triss Merigold

Everyone remember that series on Netflix that we were all hooked on for a bit? No? It was about the guy with white hair and the bard and sorceress. Yea that’s right I’m talking about the Witcher. Unfortunately, Triss Merigold did not resemble her in-game character so you may not have recognized her. Regardless Triss Merigold is a powerful sorceress with many costumes at her disposal. The most appealing in my opinion is the one above but ill let you decide which version you will cosplay as.  

Camie Utsushima 

Finally, we arrive at Camie Usushima. She is from the My Hero Academia universe but not a student of UA. Her quirk is not as powerful as all for one but it’s still extremely useful. She can create illusions with a smoke-like substance she emits from her mouth. As for costumes, you have a choice between the tight-fitting sexy outfit you see below, and her secondary outfit her school uniform. I would choose the first of the two but once again it’s up to you. 

As you can see there are a lot of characters to choose from with tons eluding the list. We all love options and nice that the creators gave us a choice when it came to our favorite characters. Let me know which you like in the comments below as I would love to hear from you. If you did not get your fill of cosplay from this article feel free to check out more cosplay posts HEREIf you are more into motion and videos then don’t worry my YOUTUBE channel has you covered. Thanks so much again for checking out my website and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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