10 Easy Male Cosplays

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In the cosplay world its very common to see females of all shapes,

sizes, and colors getting all the love. Photographers flocking to

them and well rightfully so because some of their cosplays are just

that badass! Well, lets put that idea on hold for one second and talk

about my fellow XY chromosome amigos. Its time for us to get

some love to, right? No worries my friend, I have your back. Today

we are going to look at the top 10 easy male cosplays.

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I really had to do a lot of thinking to cut this list down and there are

several people I still wish I could include. But that’s ok, ill make a

second top 10 easy male cosplays post and will include them in

there. Quick side note, When I say easy, I basically mean something

you can buy all the parts for, have shipped overnight, and be ready

for the con by tomorrow. Not easy as in easy to construct. Still

working my way up to that post!


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Kicking off the easy male cosplay list we have none other than the

head of the Lin Kuei. That’s right I’m talking about one of the most

iconic characters in the entire fighting game world, Sub-Zero.

There have been many iterations of this character that stretch all

the way back to 1992. You can grab several (variation 1, Variation

2, Variation 3) of this character outfits for the low and will be sure

to be recognized at any con you attend. 



Next up we have sub zeros arch enemy. Another legend in the

fighting game scene and just as iconic. If you guessed scorpion or

simply looked up, you nailed it. Scorpion Was also part of the 1992

mortal Kombat cast and similarly comes in varies variations

(variation 1, Variation 2, Variation 3). Feel free to also pick up

some of his weapons to increase your photography appeal. I

guarantee you will be recognized and have a blast running around

yelling “GET OVER HERE”.

Zero Kiryu

Photo By: chiisaisaku

Another classic in its own regards but maybe not as iconic, we have

Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight. This character is unique in that

he’s both a vampire and a vampire hunter. This series came out in

2008 and was extremely popular at cons for the time. Im not sure if

a lot of the newer generation has seen this character but I’m sure

the older crowd will acknowledge you. Feel to pick up his WIG for

added appeal.


Photo By: Soulcerulean

Gintama was revamped from its original series which released in

2006 to the current one which came out in 2018. The story focuses

on Gintoki Sakata, samurais and aliens that are trying to invade

earth. It’s rather simple but extremely eloquent and well written.

Another positive, this cosplay is rather cheap coming in under $100

meaning you won’t have to break the bank to get it. Mix in a sword

and you have yourself one hell of a cosplay.

Sword Art Online

Photo By: Phantomlex

Let me first start by saying I loved this series, the original one that

is. All these other versions are a bit much. But the original was to

die for, again in my opinion. The main character Kirito is an

absolute beast at video games and brings the full might of these

skills in the MMO sword art online. This is another iconic series

that was loved by some and hated by others. It seems there’s no on

the fence about this one, you loved it or hated it. Grab his swords

and start practicing your starburst stream combos.

Attack On Titan

Photo By: VUNoxcraft

This series absolutely rocked the anime world upon its debut and

still continues to shock fans all over the world. I mean, it was so

popular Japan built a park focused on it. The main character Eren

Yeager steals all of the light but I personally am a Captain Levi

fan. He is hands down the strongest member of the survey corps

and humanities secret weapon against the Titans. Pick up this

cosplay for a little under 100 bucks and mix in one of the

steampunk swords and you have yourself one of the best easy

male cosplays.


Photo By: xeno-photography

If youre truly committed to the easy male cosplay cause, then look

no further than the most nonchalant extremely overpowered hero

ever created. That’s right the character the series is named after,

One Punch Man. If you’re not fully committed to shaving your

head, there’s always bald caps. If you don’t feel like rocking the

iconic character himself there’s still a plethora of other characters

to choose from. Characters such as Metal Bat, Garou and Suiryu

will also gain you tons of attention.  


Photo By: Twinklee

Another flashback to the past, we have Vash the stampede. I

haven’t seen this series in years but remember it like it was

yesterday. This gun-toting badass is an absolute classic and aired

along with the original Toonami series. Funny enough, oddly

enough he doesn’t cause that much damage. It’s actually the bounty

hunters that chase him which cause all of the damage. I really miss

cosplayers sporting this character and want to see him make a

comeback. Snatch up his iconic glasses and gun to maximize the


League Of Legends

Photo By: Aokiji13

Another newcomer to the cosplay scene is Rakan. He was released

in 2017 and has been an ever-popular character in the cosplay

community. This character comes with the added benefit of having

a notable counterpart. If you have a female cosplayer friend or

girlfriend she can cosplay as his partner in crime xayah. I always

go out of my way to photograph these characters when I see them

at conventions and love the poses that we can create together.


Photo By: Prosetisen

Last but not least on the easy male cosplay list, we have the second

most memorable villain in the entire Naruto franchise. The

Sharingan wielding badass Itachi always made quick work of any

opponent that dared to stand in front of him. He literally left a trail

of his dead clanmates in his wake and only spared his younger

brother. I have always wanted to wear these contacts but I’m

terrified of putting anything in my eye. Maybe one-day ill rock a

dreaded version of this cosplayer with my own spin to it. Does

anyone want to see that?


Photo by: leonchirocosplayart

Well, I hope you enjoyed this look at my top 10 easy male cosplays.

If you enjoyed this post definitely leave a comment below. I would

love to see some of these cosplays at my next convention which

should be Blerdcon. If you would like to have your picture taken

feel free to send me a message. I will be making a link that you can

sign up for in a few days. That’s everything for today until next

time stay BOUNDLESS!!

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