10 of the best league of legend Characters To Cosplay As

League of legends characters still remain some of the most admired figures in the world. They are loved for their outrageous characteristics and qualities that enable them to perform unimaginable actions, especially in cinematic scenes. These characters have gained the admiration of the art industry and has garnered uncountable fans, making it one of the most followed industries worldwide. These legends are well depicted in all aspects of the fantasy world but most importantly they have been adopted by the cosplay industry. Cosplay brings their scenes and moves to real life. With that in mind, let’s check out 10 leagues of legends figures that are worthy of cosplaying.

1. Jana, the storm’s fury

Jana is one of those characters that’s a bit hectic to cosplay as. She serves as the only hope to her community. Jana has stormy powers that would even get her noticed by the likes of storm. Her bravery and passion to protect her people also prove that she will not back away from a fight. Although she is still young, she is tasked with one of the most difficult things to accomplish in life; protecting her society. Cosplaying as her could be a bit hectic as most of her outfits are not easy to make. But never the less, she is a great character worthy of our attention.

2. Katarina, the sinister blade

Her outfits seems to be one of the best and widely cosplayed outfits from the league of legends universe. This particular outfit has a variety of colors that makes it stand out in a crowd. Katarina is viewed as one of the strongest assassins with the possession of her extremely sharp blades. Her daring spirit also allows her to take on anyone she is intent on killing. Her swift movements also contributes greatly to her traits. Katarina players never get tired of the quadra and Penta kills that follow in her wake.  Personally, I spend most of my time avoiding Katarina as I can never seem to win against her. If you decide to Cosplay as her, feel free to gather the squad as league of legends cosplays always look great in bulk.

3. Jinx, the loose cannon

Jinxes’ appearance says it all. Her blue hair and shiny black outfit make her outstanding. Jinxes’ swift ultra transverses the entire map and is generated from one of the coolest cannons in the game. Her amazing make-up is also nothing to shy at. She has outstanding looks and a multitude of alternate costumes that will leave you with tons of choices to make. Like Katarina, she is extremely popular as I see her at tons of conventions and in several matches. Cosplaying as her is going to take a bit of work but im sure with dedication and a bit of funds, you will pull off the jinx look in no time.

4. Akali, the rogue assassin

KDA Akali is likely the most well known and popular character from the series. She has made her way into tons of cosplayers arsenals. Many of witch do not actually play the game. This just shows that her influence extends far beyond the mid lane in which she is usually found. Her spinning blades are a beauty and assist her in doing her dirty jobs. A fead Akali is a terrible thing to experience. Her abilities commonly confuse her enemies ultimately leading to either her escape of there demise. When found in  the company of her fellow KDA crew, she certainly stands out and always steals the show.

5. Xayah, the rebel

Xayah takes the cake when it comes to being cute and deadly. She is endowed with one of the most unique killing weapons in the game. Unlike other characters that use guns and swords, Xayah opted to used feathers. That’s right, you heard me feathers. These feathers make her extremely dangerous as she does not need to be close to you to get a kill. She is also swift enough to avoid several attacks and when partnered with Rakan, her damage and survivability are a sight to behold. Her love and passion for her people are what propels her to such level. She is also endowed with enough courage to stand her ground against the toughest of enemies with no fears of falling to their blade. Indeed, she is the best of her kind.

6. Miss Fortune, the bounty hunter

Miss Fortune has been around for a while and proven to be a true legend amongst legends. She is viewed as the queen of the sea. She is exceptionally good at pirating and as such almost no one can match her skills. Her love for pirating can be compared to our love for cosplay. It’s something that calls to her and at this point is comparable to breathing as she does it with such ease. Tons of pirates try to copy her skills bet very few have even come close. The name Miss Fortune strikes fear in the heart of enemies gathered as her Ultra easily decimates those unlucky enough to be caught in its destructive wave. She has proved her value as she is not only able to hunt on land but also in the sea. Miss Fortune is and always will be one of the League of Legend OGs that certainly will not fade into the ranks of cosplay history.

7. Poppy, the hammer keeper

Poppy seems to look too tiny to cause any real harm. But this could not be further from the truth considering the size of the hammer she has. This massive hammer lives up to its appearance as she can easily punt players a decent distance with the mere click of a button. With her deceiving looks, she has caught several of her enemies off guard because they disregarded her because of her chibi size. Although she doesn’t steal the killing show, she becomes extremely tanky and is a character best avoided. Cosplaying her is definitely not for the faint of heart as her armor will take a good bit of time and experience to get just right!

8. Ezreal, the prodigal explorer

Ezreal can be summarized as a great archer. Most of his superpowers lie in ranged combat. Escaping this character can truly be a pain as he his both mobile and highly agile. These attributes along with his pulsfire costume has made him a user favorite. He has a great passion for humanity and still believes we are capable of great things. Ezreal believes humans were the source of life and therefore deserved protection.  Hence, he did everything possible to ensure they were safe. That is a trait of a true legend. But before I give the guy to much credit, lets not forget he has a full map ultra that has caught even some of the most experienced players off guard. In short Ezreal is a character worthy of cosplaying as.

9. Riven, the exile

She is known for her cool looks and broken sword. Her sword and let’s just say unique choice of armor has seen Riven through many battles. Unfortunately, I have yet to encounter a Riven cosplay but really hope that changes soon. I believe with the right amount of TLC, she will certainly shine at conventions and make people rethink their League of legend cosplay choices.

10. Taric, the shield of Valoran

Last but not least we have Taric. He is a stunning warrior and literally uses crystals to enhance his looks. He steals the show with his great physique and flowing hair. His huge muscles are also enough to intimidate the enemy even before he strikes. His armor is also imbued with magic which enhances his already immense strength. Indeed, he is great and worthy of the legend title.

League Of Legends True Damage
League Of Legends True Damage

There are so many characters within the league of legends universe and I know choosing one can be daunting. Hopefully, I have helped you narrow the list down a bit as I am currently working on my own League of Legends cosplay. I plan to reveal it on my youtube channel so stay on the lookout as it will certainly be BOUNDLESS! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for more awesome posts, feel free to click HERE! Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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