10 Of the Weakest Anime Characters to Cosplay As

Anime characters are diverse in many ways. There are characters that display boldness, resilience, and ability while their counterparts bolster weakness and misguided strength. This diversity is what makes cosplay admirable because they reflect on the true picture of society. It is in these moments of weakness and strengths that differences are noted. And it goes without saying that in these moments, characters become legends making their cosplays all the more beautiful. In this article, we will discuss ten of the weakest anime characters that have ever come into existence.  

Yukiteru Amano – Future Diary

Naturally, boys are usually stronger than girls. Yuki is a very weak boy and every time he enters into a fight with a girl is overpowered.  One of his most embarrassing moments comes when he gets kidnapped. He decided to visit his father with Yuno. Everything is fine and dandy until Yuno decides she knows what’s best for Yuki. This results in him being both kidnapped and beaten. As a results Akise, Hinata, Mao, and Kousuke have to rescue him. There’s nothing wrong with being rescued by girls but the way everything goes down just isn’t a good look for Yuki.   

Chopper-One Piece 

In my opinion, Chopper in his base form is one of the weakest anime characters ever. This of course changes when he takes his rumble pill and after the 2-year ark. Of course, he makes up for this fact In his base form by being an expert doctor. One could argue that being a doctor is just as important as being a good fighter. It’s all relative I guess. Someone has to put the troops back together after a long battle with the emperors of the sea.   

Happy-Fairy Tail 

When you think of the series fairy Tail several characters come to mind. You have Natsu, Erza Scarlet and even Gray Fullbuster. These characters are all rather strong hence why most think of them. On the other side of the scale, we have Happy. Happy is a loveable character that’s very concerned about Natsu but lacks a bit in the strength department. She is capable of carrying several times her own weight but if someone were to square up against her, I dont think it would go in Happy’s favor. So sorry to say it happy, you have earned a spot on our weakest cosplay list. 

Mr Satan-Dragon ball z 

The tales of this character are ironic in every way. Physically speaking, he is one of the strongest man on the face of the earth. However, he turns out to also be one of the biggest cowards you have ever seen. But in his defense, his facing characters that literally broke the arm and spirits of Saiyan’s so cut the man a little slack. Nonetheless, Hercule has been there for Bu and we all know how much of a savage he was back in the day. Even though he is one of the weakest characters in the series, I still love and greatly appreciate Mr.Satan cosplays. Despite being weak, I still think he would give 99% of us a strong L. 

Konohamaru – Naruto  

This character originally showed us a ton of promise. I really thought at some point the writers were gonna give Konohamaru his much-needed win. But nope. Instead, they kept passing this man constant Ls. If you watched Naruto or Boruto you know what I’m talking about. Sure he has a few flashy techniques but overall he cannot stand in the ring with beasts such as Might Guy, Kakashi, or Naruto. The guy still wears his blue blanket for Christ’s sake. It’s really time to let that go Konohamaru. Maybe then you can ascend from the list of weakest anime characters to cosplay as.  

Nina Einstein – Code Geass 

Anime fans are fond of loving girl characters regardless of whether they come out strong or weak. Unfortunately, there is little or no admiration at all for Nina Einstein from Code Geass. If you watched Code Geass, you already know that she went through a series of losses, all of them traceable to her lack of capacity. Many fans were pissed off when she almost blew up her school. But I cannot completely knock this character as she did create a weapon of mass destruction F.L.E.I.J.A. and later, the countermeasure to it. What she lacks in raw strength she makes up for with intellect. But she’s also racist and in my opinion, racist people are rather week in mindset so yea……. 

Hawk – Seven Deadly Sins 

Being captain of the scraps disposal is already an impressive title and one that does not need a follow-up. But if there was a follow up it certainly would not be the strongest member of the deadly sins. Hawks loves to put on a tough act when in reality he’s extremely week. Though I must admit his ability to morph into what he has eaten or transpork magic as he calls it is rather impressive. Overall though, anyone that squares up against Hawk is usually guaranteed a victory. So if you’re in the mood to cosplay as some bacon then look no further than hawks. 

Buggy-One piece 

No matter how charming a character is, talking is simply not an option when things get serious. Buggy had the potential to be incredibly strong but like many characters was overshadowed by the likes of the straw hat crew. His chop-chop fruit if used correctly would allow him to basically avoid any attack. This is assuming he could chop himself into parts too small for the human eye to see. I think this would be possible if buggy committed himself to training but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Why would you train when you have told the world several times over that you are a legend.  

Hanuro Sakura-Naruto 

In the Naruto series, it is clear to everyone that Hanuro Sakura is the weakest of all the characters on team 7. I’m not arguing this fact but if we had to look at her compared to several other characters on this list or even in the Naruto universe she’s actually quite strong. Shes just constantly compared to people that fall into 1% of the entire Naruto universe. Everyone likes to joke that she is extremely week but I guarantee you that if she caught you slipping, she was gladly pass you a fade on even your best day.  

Ichiya-Fairy Tail 

Last but not least we have Ichiya from fairy Tail. Ichiya has been portrayed as one of the weakest characters ever. Earlier on the list I mentioned happy as being one of the weakest characters from this series but this guy just may take the cake. He is absolutely useless. Isn’t it odd how he kind of also resembles pound from one piece. Maybe there cousins?  

As I made this list I began to realize a lot of the characters are actually only week when compared to much stronger characters in the series. If these characters existed in our universe they would certainly be among the elite few. I mean imagine a girl that could literally punch through concrete or a guy that could dismember his own body without repercussions. Certainly, not someone id want to tangle with. Anyways if you guys liked this post feel free to check out some others HERE. But if YOUTUBE is more your thing feel free to check me out as I’m always posting new videos. Thanks so much and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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