4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Drifting Dragons

So I have had a ton of time on my hands recently and naturally I spent it checking out some awesome anime. Im currently watching the second season of Is it wrong to pick up girls in dungeons along with having finally watched No Game no LifeBefore I get into drifting dragons I really want to say that I hope they make a second season of No Game No Life because this show was absolutely amazing. The word chain match vs Jibril was ridiculous! Now that I went on that rant, back to why you should watch Drifting Dragons. This anime blew away all of my expectations and was a great mix of action and adventure! Let’s check out exactly why you should add this anime to your watch list. 


First up we have the action demonstrated by this series. The characters are constantly hunting dragons which are both their payday and food source. Each dragon varies greatly in both appearance and physical abilities. Some are as small as large birds while others are absolutely colossus. Regardless of whether you prefer the pocket-sized ones or their large relatives, you have to appreciate the sheer beauty that went into each dragon’s art. Mika and his team never cease to get excited at the mere sighting of a dragon with Mika always salivating. Although their ultimate goal is the destruction of each dragon, you can’t help but admire the fire that is lit when they begin a hunt. So many aspects of the hunt are considered before engaging a dragon with preservation of taste being the most important. Every action from firing their guns to physically boarding the dragon is captured perfectly in this anime. The actions associated with the capturing of the previous dragon is more than enough to keep you on the edge of your seat yearning for more. 


You can’t help but fall in love with the chosen art style for this series. I really enjoyed how they made each dragon so vibrant. I’ll admit that the characters don’t exactly stand out to me along with their chosen uniforms but I’m willing to overlook this if it means I get to see more dragons. Like many animes, they make the food look so good in this anime. I have never had an urge to eat dragon but trust me It definitely crossed my mind after watching this show. I’m not exactly sure if this was the creator’s goal but maybe they dulled down the character’s appearance so that you would appreciate the sites of the show more. Seeing the sunrise or the colors exhibited by a town was always thrilling and was a nice change from the monocolored seen of this ship. I believe it helped the viewer really appreciate and understand the importance and joy experienced by the crew when they finally captured a dragon or arrived at port. 


Ok, now to talk about the real reason the show sucked me in, the dragons. I have always loved dragons and expected to see the typical fire breathing terrors that plague the skies of ancient times. Well, you will not see any of the typical dragons like the ones seen in Game Of Thrones or Lord of the rings. Instead, these creatures are rather peaceful and seem to want to escape more than actually fight. They are not guarding any large treasures or seeking revenge for one of their falling brethren. They really don’t even seem to notice humans until they are unfortunately attacked. It was even stated that one of the dragons was experiencing fear upon being captured and surrounded by humans. Their peaceful nature accompanied by vibrant colors really makes one begin to feel for and empathize with the dragons. I really hope the second season will have many more along with actually aggressive dragons that begin to fight back against the humans once they notice what’s going on. 


An overwhelming theme exemplified by each character was their passion for being a draker. They really enjoyed their jobs and all of the ups and downs that came with it. Most of us hate the journey and are just trying to reach the final destination. The crew of the Quin Zaza really appreciated their fellow crewmates company and completely trusted each other throughout the series. There was no backstabbing or double-crossing. They won together and lost together. This is so uncommon in anime now with one of the characters in action series usually backstabbing or stealing from another character in the series. This anime really helps me understand that life and the pursuit of success is not about the battles but about the war. Sure sometimes people don’t read your posts or like your pictures but you have to keep believing that one day all of your hard work and passion will pay off. Others will see what you are doing and begin to appreciate you’re work. Maybe it won’t be today or even a year from now but eventually it will happen! 

I really hope this post has swayed you towards watching this series. It’s a very simple anime with a very linear and noncomplex story thus achieving everything it sets out to do. It was not meant to be deep or invoke profound thought. Drifting Dragons was a breath of fresh air for me as I did not have to scrutinize or think back to previous episodes to understand the current episode. It was beautiful, simple, and told an excellent story. This was all that was needed and I hope the second season stays true to this theme. If you enjoyed this post and I hope you did, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, if you have already watched this series definitely let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear them. If you would like to see more awesome cosplay news feel free to click HERE! Also, my youtube channel is in full effect and can be found HERE! That’s going to do it for today, until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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