7 Badass Keyblades

Sora Cosplay By K-Tetsu Photo By Elias Lopez

The kingdom hearts games spans several years and generations. We were first introduced to keyblades in March 28, 2002, with Sora rocking the Kingdom KeyBlade. This was our very first look at keyblades and man have we seen a wide array of Keyblades since the introduction of this one. They now come in all shapes sizes and colors with Sora even duel wielding them at times. Keyblades, in my opinion, are one of the ultimate weapons as there are so many with each having a unique attribute or strength. Today I want to check out 7 of the most badass keyblades ever created in the series. If you are thinking about doing a Kingdom Hearts Cosplay then you will definitely want to pick up one of these for your next convention. 

Ultima Weapon 

Photo By Blizzard Terrak

You know I had to start the list with arguably the most powerful keyblade ever created.  This weapon has the highest stats out of all keyblades and has air combo boosts allowing for phenomenal melee damage. If you want to kick things up a notch, feel free to change into your ultimate form. In this form, you will be able to dish out tons of damage in a wide area. Once you obtain this weapon there will never be a need to switch keyblades again. Aside from the stats, can we just appreciate how amazing this keyblade looks? Ultima Weapon should be the keyblade at the top of your cosplay list! 

Oblivion Keyblade 

Riku Cosplay By LeonChiro Photo By TEoSB
Riku Cosplay By LeonChiro Photo By TEoSB

This keyblade has always been one of my favorites as I absolutely love the look of it. The Oblivion Keyblade unlike Oathkeeperhas a much higher strength rating at the cost of magic. The simple black and silver appearance of this keyblade has always been a classic and somehow just works. Something I only recently discovered about this keyblade, was that the teeth of the blade are in the design of the word darkness in kanji. Second, I also did not notice that the hilt of the blade aims to replicate bat wings. I believe this is because bats are usually seen as creatures of darkness so it only makes sense that a dark blade has dark attributes. Lastly, Riku is the only character able to wield the Oblivion Keyblade alone.  

Oathkeeper Keyblade 

Cosplay A.k Wirru Photo by Pireze
Cosplay A.k Wirru Photo by Pireze

This may just be the most nostalgic and heartwarming keyblade on the list. Why you ask? Because this keyblade is symbolic of Soras memories of Kairi This blade is formed when Sora uses Kairis Wayfinder as a keychain.  Even the design of the Oathkeeper Keyblade is one that forces you to acknowledge there promise to each other as a Paopu fruit hangs from the end of the blade. The blade also sports two hearts along with angel wings for the hilt. This contrasts with the oblivion blade which has the dark bat wings for the hilt. Also, the blade’s teeth are in the shape of the word “light” in Japanese kanji. I personally don’t believe there are better sets of matching weapons in the entire kingdom hearts universe as Oathkeeper and Oblivion are just meant to be together. 

Completed X-Blade 

Ok so this is a rather unique blade. The X-blade was first introduced in Birth By Sleep and is the original key blade. This means that every keyblade you have seen is modeled after this one. This keyblade represents a perfect union between all hearts and worlds and coexists with the true kingdom hearts. I know it’s all a bit much to take it but it somehow all makes sense in the end. I think? As you can see, this keyblade is a combination of two keyblades and similar to the Ultima Weapon, has filigree. It wasn’t until I did a bit of research that I noticed that this blade in its incomplete form, was not completely symmetrical. The hilt on the left side of the blade is missing. That’s one easy way to tell the complete vs. The incomplete X-blade.  

Bond of Flame Keyblade 

Although not the strongest keyblade on the list, Bond of Flame is unique. This is because this keyblade was achieved after Axel sacrificed himself. Unlike many of the other keyblades in the game, when you do decide to use this weapon you will receive an additional moveset. Also, when you use the Bond of Flame Keybladeyou may notice that your attack animation now displays tiny flames and fire chakrams.   As for the design of this keyblade, the most notable features are the teeth, hilt, and blade as they all resemble Axels Eternal Flame Chakrams. Finally, the weapon symbolizes Axels position in the organization as it has 8 spikes and the two chakrams are joined together by the number 8.  

Favorite Deputy Keyblade 

Favorite Deputy Keyblade
Favorite Deputy Keyblade

This Favorite Deputy Keyblade has a very interesting design. As you can see its rather playful in its makeup but don’t let this fool you, this weapon is rather amazing. The blade is constructed from a cactus while the teeth are a sheriff’s badge. This blade can be earned by completing the Toy Box campaign. Another amazing aspect of this weapon is that it contains the attribute lucky strike. Lucky strike increases the chances of rare items dropping which is crucial if you plan to craft the Ultima WeaponLet’s not forget the hilt also sports an amazing set of buzz light year wings while the keychain is an adorable little alien.  I think this Favorite Deputy Keyblade would go awesome with a Woody or BuzzlightYear cosplay.  

Wheel Of Fate 

To finish off our list of 7 badass keyblades we have the Wheel of Fate KeeybladeI don’t know about you guys, but I have always been a fan of the pirates series. The amusing adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow and his whimsical crew never cease to amaze me. The design of this weapon is freaking awesome. The blade is made up of a ship’s mass while the teeth represent a steering wheel. The Keyblade really looks like one a pirate would wield. Wheel of Fate also has some decent stats with an 8 in the strength category and 5 in magic. I really want to see a Captain Jack Sparrow rocking this weapon at a 2020 convention. Hell, I may even make this happen. That’s of course if funds allow for such good times to be had! 

There are so many keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts universe that it’s impossible to list all of them. But I hope this list will help you narrow down your selection. If you enjoyed this list then please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear your opinions about some of the keyblades. If you are looking for more awesome cosplay news, feel free to click HERE! Also, stay tuned for my cosplay youtube channel coming in 2020. Catch me at a convention if you would like to be on it! Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

The Main Image Is By K-Tetsu Photo By Elias Lopez

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