7 Cosplayable Characters that Use Earth

What’s going on everyone, we are back with another blog post this time discussing seven characters that use the power of earth. If you missed our previous three posts feel free to click HERE as we have already discussed, Fire, Water, and lightening. When it comes to earth, there are several users which have stamped their names in the fictional hall of fame. The characters we have on the list today are some of the most powerful cosplayable characters ever created and portrayed in some of our favorite series. So without further ado, lets check out seven cosplayable characters that use the power of earth. 

Toph Beifong

No surprise here, but Toph Beifong is an absolute powerhouse. I have mentioned on several occasions how much I love this character and now you will see why you should also. For starters, we have to remember that all of the feats she accomplished are amplified because she is of course blind. Next, she created an entirely new style of bending in the form of metal bending. Metal bending was previously unknown to the world before Toph Beifong decided there was a need to surpass her already amazing abilities. I will always go out of my way to photograph this character as she is simply an awesome character. 


For some of us I’m sure it has been a while but none the less we can’t forget about TerraShe was seen in the series Teen Titans and if you can remember was extremely powerful. Unfortunately, she could not control her powers at first but slowly learned to use them more efficiently. This was also Beast Boys crush as he tried very hard to make things work with her. Eventually, she was lead astray by Slade as this character was great at manipulating others into doing his will. Terra was able to manipulate all forms of earth. Everything from mud to solid rock was fare game. She was also shown to have the ability to manipulate lava making her even more of a threat.  

Sol Marron

Sol Marron is a third class intermediate magic knight of the clover kingdoms blue Rose squad. Unlike her captain Charlotte, Sol Marron opts to display a much less conservative costume.  Her powers in terms of control the earth have been shown to very but most commonly she chooses to summon a large golem. These golems come in two forms. The first is Rampaging earth mother. This is basically one large extremely powerful golem capable of severe destruction. Next is her divided earth mother ability. Instead of one large golem, she makes several smaller ones that overwhelm her opponent. Finally, she has been shown using her mud wall cliff to both separate and protect herself and friends from adversaries.  


Before I get into this character, I really want to say how less menacing and threatening they made Gaara in Boruto. In Naruto, Gaara was a psychotic jinchuriki willing to kill anyone that stood in his way. Well, he was that way until he became the Hokage. He was breaking legs and arms with his sand burial abilities and willingly awakening Shukaku. Despite the fact that his looks may have changed, Gaara is still an absolute beast. He can use a variety of techniques that combine both offense and defense. Sand is also never a problem for Gaara as he can instantly crush elements within the earth to create it. Gaara is always a great choice for any convention as he has many fans and his outfit is spectacular. Surely done right, this cosplay will produce amazing cosplay images. 


Diane Wallpaper by Senfolina

If you have seen the seven deadly sins than you know how much of a monster Diane is. She is a member of the giant clan and of course has greatly enhanced abilities because of her size. Her strength has been shown to clash with that of Meliodas and was even acknowledged by king Drole. Diane’s earth ability is known as creation. She can reshape the earth into several forms to either push, crush or separate her from her opponents. This connection with the earth is increased by her sacred treasure Gideon. This connection was even further extended once she learned Drole’s sacred dance. The book states that learning this dance will increase one’s connection and powers tenfold making her one of the strongest earth users on the list. 

Sir Crocodile

Another sand user, Sir Crocodiles’ huge fight scene occurred in episode 110 of one piece. I did not realize how long ago this was but with One-piece stretching well into the 900th episode I’m beginning to feel very old. Anyways, Crocodile can be seen wearing a large fur-lined jacket with a green shirt and black vest. His iconic golden hook is definitely the highlight of his costume but by no means the most threatening characteristic of this character. Crocodile ate the sand sand fruit. This grants him the power to turn himself into sand and control the sand in his environment. I would say his most terrifying ability is turning others into sand as he extracts all of the moisture from their body. Definitely a character worthy of the earth manipulation title. 


Last but not least we will hop into the Fairy Tale universe and visit Virgo. Virgo was one of the celestial keys used by Lucy HeartfiliaShe has been shown to poses earth magic which allows her to create holes and tunnel through the earth with her diver. She may not be the most powerful earth users on the list but shes certainly a competitor for the most attractive. Virgo has been shown to manipulate her physical appearance but in her base form is a slender girl with pink/purple hair wearing a made outfit.  This is certainly one of the easier cosplays on the list to pull off as you will really only need to purchase the outfit and the wig. Feel free to make some chains from EVA FOAM or you can opt to buy these as well. 

The characters listed above are some of my favorite in the anime universe and should definitely be considered for your next convention. If you prefer some other characters, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. Thanks so much for checking out my site. For more awesome cosplay news feel free to click HEREAlso, make sure you check out the Boundless Perception YouTube channel as it features some amazing cosplayers. That’s going to do it for today, until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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