7 Cosplayable Characters that Use Fire

Welcome back, everyone! We are continuing are elemental cosplay ideas and this weeks feature is fire. Water and lightning have already been covered so feel free to check out those articles HEREAs mentioned earlier, today we are covering fire. There are tons of fire users throughout the anime and video game world. I’m sure before I even begin you have already thought of a few yourself. Fire is unquestionably one of the most powerful elements as it requires a lot of control. 

It’s easy to unintentionally burn others or even cause damage one did not intend. We saw this several times throughout the avatar series and as a result, Aang became afraid to use the power of fire. But with tons of practice and control, one can master this element making them a formidable adversary. So, with the table set, let’s check out some of the most powerful fire users in the fictional world. 

Roy Mustang


First up we have colonel Roy MustangHe is an expert fire wielder from the full metal alchemist series. If you haven’t seen this series, you are definitely missing out. Colonel Roy Mustang creates enormous explosions and pillars of flames all with the snap of his finger. Apparently, he does this by changing the airs density with regards to oxygen. By changing the nitrogen to oxygen ratio, he can ignite the large concentration of oxygen molecules by snapping. Roy was even strong enough to overcome the regenerative abilities of the homunculus EnvyI have always loved this character and cosplay so feel free to give this cosplay ago. 

General Iroh


Ok, now we are getting somewhere. General Iroh is like the Mr. Miyagi of the series. He gives amazing advice to his nephew Zuko. He’s also an absolute powerhouse and is a senior citizen you DO NOT want to piss off. He is known as the Dragon of the west. Oddly enough, this title actually has a matching costume. I’m telling you, this guy is amazing, and they should make a spinoff of just him. RIP General IrohGeneral Irohs cosplay is one of my favorite cosplays because it just flows and looks so classy. It is great for us older cosplayers with a few extra pounds. I’ve always wanted to do a photoshoot with him spitting fire rather than photoshopping it in. Nothing like creating the effect in real life. 

Shinra Kusakabe 

A new comer to the fire wielding game is Shinra KusakabeA very unique characteristic that separates this character from others is that he actually shoots fire from his feet instead of his hands. He can shoot this fire at insane speeds allowing him to both fly and perform crazy ariel acrobatic feats. This makes Shinra Kusakabe and General Iroh the only characters capable of shooting fire from areas other than their hands. Shinra Kusakabe is also one of the strongest characters in the series as he now has the power of Adolla Burst. But be warned, if you cosplay as this character, you will need to spend some time perfecting that really creepy smile he does. Trust me, it will look great for shoots. 

Portgas D. Ace 

Portgas D. Ace by Redeye27

Next up we have Portgas D. AceIf you have not dived into the one-piece world then feel to skip the next few sentences as they contain spoilers! Now that we got that out of the way, I have to know if anyone else was completely decimated after Portgas D. Ace died. I really did not see this coming as One Piece is not known for killing off characters. Also, we had seen this character literally summon a sun in a fight against another character. I definitely thought there was no way another character would be able to handle those kinds of powers. This thought process aside, I would say that Ace is a very easy cosplay to pull off. So, if you’re looking for a casual cosplay, this may be right up your alley.  


Captain Yamamoto is the original “OG” fire wielder from the bleach universe. I do not know all of his feats but based on the amount of time he has been alive and the experience he has acquired, I would place him at the top of the fire-wielding tower. He has lived for several thousands of years and fought countless battles. The name of his sword is Ryujin Jakka and awakens with the phrase “All things of this world turn to ash”. That statement alone would be more than enough to make me second think engaging him in battle. Yamamoto bankai literally burns everything around him. Even the air itself is said to begin to burn. No other character on the list can even compare in terms of both experience and raw fire abilities. 


Out of all the cosplays listed above, this one is definitely my personal favorite. Escanor may not be the strongest character on the list but he is definitely the proudest. Everything he does in battle simply exudes excellence and greatness. His speech, weapon, and even his armor simply shine and stand superior to nearly all of his opponents. I have only seen the series so I do not know all of his capabilities but I do know he is capable of throwing suns. He did this without even taking the fight seriously so god knows what his true abilities are. I personally would like to cosplay as this character but making the armor would take a bit of time. For now, I will just have to settle for purchasing his sacred treasure rhitta 


Endeavo by Kureo110 Photo By TBW.TomiTomi

Last up we have EndeavorThat’s right the recently promoted number 1 hero. I don’t care what they say, All Might will always be number 1 in my heart. His ability is known has Hellflame and allows him to control and manipulate fire. I believe the hardest part of this cosplay would be accurately recreating his flames without setting yourself on fire. A cosplayer that did a great job of this was AsolocabFeel free to head over to his profile to get an idea of what your finished endeavor cosplay could look like. Side note, Endeavor is definitely a jerk meaning you get to be a bit mean to your fellow MHA cosplayers if you so choose. All in the name of fun and accuracy right lol. 

Although fire is not my favorite element to manipulate I cannot deny its power or the strength of the characters that wield it. If you feel you resonate with the power of fire feel free to purchase one of the cosplays listed above and begin practicing your fire-wielding abilities with a lighter and hair spray. Actually, please don’t do this as we do not need any more fires consuming residential or wild areas. Thanks so much again for checking out this list and if you missed my previous two blog posts feel free to see them HereUntil next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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