7 Cosplayable Characters that use Water

Recently I decided to make a series of articles following the characters that control the elements. Just recently, I released a post talking about some of the best cosplayable characters that use lightning. They included static shock, Thor, and Storm. Today, I want to focus on water. Water is possibly the strongest of the elements as its found within every living creature on earth. This means that a water manipulator will never have a shortage of their element as they can even use the water in their body as a weapon. A person can go for several days without food but only a few without water. I have some great characters lined up for you today so without further delay, let’s jump into it. 


Katara By goodluckzero

You could have guessed this but you know I had to put my girl Katara on the list. Katara was not only an extremely strong water bender but also an inheritor of the unique blood bending ability. If you do not know what I’m talking about feel free to check out Book Three Episode 8 of avatar the last air bender. This ability is insanely strong as it allows the user to completely control their opponent’s movements. Aside from being powerful, Katara is also a very beautiful character to cosplay as. Her southern water tribe attire is still highly fashionable and always a great sight at any convention. 


Kisame by lamwin

Kisame is from the series Naruto and like Katara is a forced to be reckoned with. Even without his great sword Samehada, Kisame had an extreme amount of chakra and was capable of going toe to toe with both Killer B and the Raikage. Oddly enough, I just wrote about the Raikage in my last post so feel free to check it out HereAnyways, Kisame cosplays are always fascinating as they can become extremely elaborate. Aside from the fact that he basically has gill slits on his face and arms, he is also blue and as mentioned earlier wields a giant sword. Combine this with his blue hair and you may have your work cut out for you when recreating this cosplay.  

Jimbei (First Born Son of the Sea)

Jinbei by diabolumberto

Jimbei has been floating around the one-piece world for a while meaning he has both the strength and intellect to last the nearly 931 episodes the producers have created. Like KisameJimbei is at home in the water. He is able to use a wide array of techniques in the water that he is incapable of using on land. When it comes to his attire and cosplay outfit, you have many to choose from. He has been shown wearing many different kimonos with his yellow kimono possibly being the most popular. But, if this doesn’t suit your fancy, feel free to wear his red or even white one. If you do plan to cosplay this character, you’re also going to need to paint yourself blue and purchase a pair of traditional Japanese sandals. I personally feel this cosplay is not very common at conventions so you will likely not have to worry about any Jimbei cosplay competitors.  

Tier Harribel


Next up we have Tier HarribelShe was one of the Arrancar found in Bleach that ruled Hueco Mundo. Not only was she incredibly powerful and fast, she also had the ability to release and manipulate water from her sword. Although she was eventually defeated, I have to say that this character’s outfit and art were utterly amazing. Her cosplay outfit is extremely stylish and very unique. As you can see from the picture above, the designers really took a different approach from the other characters in the series on this one. She covers her face but has her stomach completely exposed. Needless to say, this is not a cosplay that I would advise wearing to a cold convention. But if you are a badass like Tier Harribel, feel free to brave the elements all in the name of capturing that perfect cosplay photo. 



Ok hear me out on this one. I know Esdeath does not manipulate water in its free form the way the other characters on the list did but she id control ice. Since you cannot have ice without water I would argue that she indirectly controls water. So now that we cleared that up, I stand corrected in thinking that Tier Harribel was the most fashionable character on this list. Esdeath rocks her black and white dress with high heeled boots. Not only is this character fashionable, powerful, and beautiful, she also decided to mix in a bit of craziness. Esdeath is obsessed with being the strongest and literally kills anyone that stands in the way of her goals. One could view this as psychotic or just extremely ambitious. Either way, Esdeath is always a con favorite for me and I look forward to finally taking some pictures of some in 2021. 

Juvia Lockser

Juvia Lockser

Last but not least sliding are way into the final position we have Juvia LockserI know its been a while for most of us but let’s not forget about one of the most powerful water users in all of Fairy Tail. Juvia Lockser‘s abilities allowed her to control water in the form of slicing objects, creating water prisons and even boiling water. But I would say her most impressive feat is forcing the weather to change from sunny to rainy. This means that Juvia Lockser was capable of not only controlling water from extreme distances but also amassing the most minute particles of water in the atmosphere to summon rain. Not many other water wielders were capable of this feat making Juvia extremely unique. In terms of her cosplay, I really do love her deep blue dress as it makes the character appear conservative and non-threatening. But from her actions in the series, we all know this not to be true.  

Korra Cosplay

If you cant tell, I really enjoyed putting this list together featuring cosplayable characters that wield the elements. Just like my lightning list, there are several others that unfortunately I could not include but feel free to let your fellow cosplayers know about them in the comments below. Also, if you are looking for more inspiration feel free to see some of these cosplays in action on my Youtube channel. I’m constantly updating it with great information and cosplayers so hit the subscribe button to stay in the loop. Thanks so much for checking out my website and as always, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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