7 Cosplayable Characters that wield Lightening

Whats going on everyone. Sorry I havent kept up to date with the blogging as I have been working on a lot of projects lately. But, im glad to report my YouTube Channel is in full swing and I recently completed my newest cosplay, Dr. Facilier.  But, that’s not the reason you clicked this link right? So shifting back to the topic of todays blog, we have some of the most powerful lightning users the fantasy world has ever created. Thor, static shock and storm are legends in the fictional world with each accomplishing various miraculous feats. I have always been a static shock fan myself but you are of course free to cosplay as any character you see fit. So with the stage set, lets check out 7 amazing cosplayable characters that wield the power of lightning. 

Thor Odinson 

First up I had to go with possibly the most recognizable character on the list. Thor was already a legend before the release of the marvel films. He has gone through several iterations all exhibiting various power levels. His costume has also undergone many changes but I have to say for me, his marvel film costume looks better than his comic book version. With a bit of research, I found that one of his strongest feats was lifting the Midgard serpent which is said to be as heavy as the planet earth. In terms of pure strength, he is likely the strongest on the list for characters that wield lightening.  


Another character that needs no introduction, Storm was first introduced to us in 1975. This means that Storm is well over 45 years old. Nonetheless she remains just as popular today as she was in 1975. Storm can be seen in both the comic book and films channeling large bolts of lightning into several characters. She of course has a wide assortment of other powers but for this blog post lets focus on her lightening abilities. Storm is an omega level mutant which basically means her capabilities go far beyond that of normal mutants. For instance, she has knocked the silver surfer from his board with one lightning bolt. And trust me, the silver surfer is not one to be trifled with. 

Static Shock 

The final piece of the first big 3 is none other than Static ShockI recently went ahead and purchased this amazing artwork by Cedric Joseph  which depicts a powered up Static Shock simply doing what he does best, being a beast. This cosplay goes back to 1993 but if your like me, you did not know about him until 2000 when he got his own tv show. I have always wanted to cosplay as this character but for some reason keep pushing him to the backburner. Lots of people for some reason sleep on Static but he has demonstrated some amazing abilities. One of the most amazing is his ability to change atoms charge. This allows him to create attractions or repel items at will. Imagine the applications! 

Laxus Dreyar

Lets reverse the clocks again with another throwback. Laxus Dreyar is from fairy tail and if you can remember, hes the character that tried to take over the entire Fiary Tail guild. In the process, he also tried to take over the entire town. Although he failed in his attempts, Laxus Dreyar is no pushover. He is undoubtedly one of the strongest lightening users in the entire fairy tail universe. Not only did he take on both Natsu and Gajeel at the same time, he also took down one of the 10 wizard saints. I think someone should replicate this cosplay but specifically replicate his thunder palace attack. Imagine walking through the convention floor with floating lightening orbs around you. Instant legendary status. 

 Killua Zoldyck 

Definitely the most dangerous character on the list, Killua Zoldyck is a master assassin that uses lightening only when he’s gotten really pissed. Over the course of Hunter X Hunter he had no trouble dispatching of several people without his lightening powers. But, once he did acquire the power of lightening, he used it in several fascinating ways. In particular, his lightening palm and thunderbolt were amazing feats that I certainly enjoyed over the course of the series. I will never forget the episode where Killua exhibited his godspeed. If you don’t know what im talking about just search it on youtube. You will certainly find some amazing clips. 

Zenitsu Agatsume

 Over the course of demon slayer I have to say I quickly grew fond of ZenitsuAt first he was extremely annoying and appeared very weak. He was always whining and complaining about his job. But since he was granted the status of demon slayer I knew he had to be the real deal. My entire image of him changed with Demon Slayer episode 12. You know the one! Zenitsu finally showed his true colors. The only reason I do not put him higher on my personal list is because he has to be unconscious to activate his powers. If he ever gains control of them while being awake I’m sure he will easily be among the top 3 strongest demon slayers.  

Luck Voltia

black clover luck voltia by saniisan

Finally we come across the second most dangerous character on the list, Luck VoltiaLuck is extremely strong and rather psychotic. He constantly seeks strong opponents to test his powers against and for the most part never backs down from a fight. Unlike several others on the list, he does not throw bolts of lightening and instead uses it to create armor. This means that you can add another element to his base cosplay. I really would like to see him cosplayed in his lightening armor form as this is when he is usually displaying his true self.  

So there you have it, 7 bad ass characters that wield the power of lightening. I just now realized I would like to make other lists demonstrating characters that use the other elements. Each of these lists can go on for days so I will do my best to limit them to no more than 10. If you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to leave a message below. Also, check out my youtube to see a few of the cosplays I discuss in action. Thanks so much again for taking the time to check out my website and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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