7 Side Anime Heroes That Deserved The Lead

I’m really tired of certain characters not getting the credit they deserve. Too many series have absolutely badass characters that become dwarfed by the main character. These characters deserve a lot more attention or their own spin-off. Hell id actually be ok with some of them disposing of the main character and taking the lead. This has been happening in anime and manga for a very long time and I think we need to address it.

Cosplay and Photo By the Mirror Melts

Since we cant re-write the series, let’s go ahead and pay these characters respect by cosplaying as them. That’s right, today’s post is dedicated to the underdogs who never got the chance to shine in the spotlight. As I sit here writing this post, I pour a bit of my Ramune out for you. Because you sir are a true hero! 

Kakashi Hatake 

Cosplay By Suki-cosplay photo by Michaelle Charett

First Up we have Kakashi Hatake. This character was surely a contender for the number one lead spot in Naruto. I mean not only did his personality personify cool, but he also was capable of copying nearly any ninjutsu and had a hand-me-down sharingan.  I know a lot of people rag on hand-me-downs, but if your friends were handing out free sharingans, im sure you would be first in line. Sure there was the way in which he inherited it, but we are going to look past that for now. Let’s not forget he also had one of the most deadly ninjutsu techniques in his arsenal. No, I’m not talking about Kamui, I’m talking about the 1000 years of death Jutsu. That would be a rough surprise to experience in the middle of a fight. 

Levi Ackerman 

Photo By Pugoffka Sama Cosplay by GeshaPetrovich

Again, another beast in the series Attack on Titan, captain Levi was the only one capable of taking down the beast titan. That speaks loads considering this guy is basically the titan’s leader. Sure he cant transform into a titan the way Eren Yeager could, but he proved time and time again that it was not needed. I actually believe this ability would have hindered his fighting ability as Captain Levi relies on his mobility.  To add to his feats, he also took down Kenny. This was once again no small feat as nearly everyone else struggled with this character or was wiped out by him and his squad. Please give Captain Levi a stronger role in the series as I’m sure a lot of us would like to see a lot more of him. 

Roy Mustang 

Cosplay By Leon Chiro Photo By Francesco Tacconi

As much as we like the Elric Brothers I’m sure most will be ok with putting them aside for a series that focuses on Roy Mustang. That’s right, the fire-wielding badass alchemist that took down both Lust and EnvyWith one snap of his finger, this guying was launching explosions capable of halting even a homunculuses regenerative abilities. Aside from his feats and abilities, Roy usually kept his cool under pressure and always personified cool.  I mean there was so much to this character that I wanted to know but they only gave us a taste. But if they do create another series focusing on him, I don’t want one of those childhood backstories. Nope, I want a straight ass-kicking extravaganza and constant adventures that involve dropping firebombs on unsuspecting villains.  

Ban Fox Sin 

Ban was instantly a hit with me when they revealed this character. I mean who the hell uses someone’s sword attacks to shave. My mind was blown when they showed this scene. I was like who is this guy and why is he so badass? Then there’s the fact that he’s immortal. This means that he can fight with no regard for his own personal well being. Although it has been shown that he is nowhere near as strong as Meliodas, he held his own with they squared off. Grant it, Meliodas did not have half of his power at the time, he still did extremely well. To add to this character’s awesome personality, he is a faithful romantic. I mean how many guys are going to be faithful to you even after death? I can tell you now it ain’t as many as you think! 

Shoto Todoroki 

Cosplay By Anto-Kun

Next up we have none other than Mr. Hot Cold himself. That’s right, im talking about Shoto Todoroki. This character has only begun to reveal his true potential and I hope to see a lot more from him in this season of my hero academia. As we all know, he controls the power of both fire and ice. Aside from burning and freezing things, he has been shown to get extremely creative with his quirk. They have yet to show this in the anime, but when water goes from cold to hot extremely fast you get steam explosions. If he were to melt a large amount of his ice into water and then flash heat it, he could undoubtedly create an explosion even larger than Bakugous

Inosuke Hashibira 

Cosplay By Jessica Nigri

Don’t get me wrong I love Tanjiro Kamado, but there’s something about the raw and primal potential of the beast breathing form that Inosuke Hashibira demonstrates. I know there’s a lot more to it that hasn’t been revealed in the anime series but so far it seems to rely on pure instinct. I know I’m going to start reading the manga because I’m highly curious about this character and how he learned this ability. Unlike Tanjiro Kamado, Inosuke Hashibira is completely absent-minded when it comes to strategy and gets by using instinct. He kind of reminds me of Kenpachi Zaraki from bleach. This would mean that the sky is the limit for this guy and he could easily evolve into one of the Hashiras with enough time.  

Roronoa Zoro 

Cosplay and Photo By Scarletvond

Last but not least we have Roronoa ZoroThis guy has gone toe to toe with some of the most badass characters in one piece and survived to tell the tale. He is constantly evolving his 3 sword style and developing new techniques. When I think back to his initial one-piece days I remember just how weak this character was in comparison to several others in the series. Characters like Kuzan and Kizaru easily outclassed him but now I’m not so sure they could put him down. Zoro is basically second in command when it comes to the straw hat pirates and deserves to be treated as such with much more screen time. Now if we could only get that sense of direction under control! 

Cosplay By Egor Markov and Alisa Photo By Pugoffka

I hope you enjoyed this look into some characters that deserve the spotlight. They have lurked in the shadows for far too long and its time they got the respect they deserve! If you agree or disagree with this list, feel free to drop a comment below as I would love to hear from you. Thanks so much for checking out my post again and stay tuned for more awesome anime posts. That’s it for today, until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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