70s Bday Bash at the View

70s Bash at the viewBirthdays are some of the most memorable events of our lives. For many of us it’s a milestone and marks another successful year completed. It’s a time when friends and family gather to celebrate everything great about your life. For this one day you can do no harm and everyone has to agree with you and go along with what you say. Some of us spice up the event by offering a party theme and hosting it in grand locations with breathtaking views. This was certainly the case for a great friend of the family’s B-day.

70s Party at the ViewThe event was extremely well thought, organized and executed. This 70s themed party took place at the Vue in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. Partying on the 50th floor, all guests were able to experience a breathtaking view. From this height charlotte appeared extremely small. Only a few buildings such as the Duke Power building were of similar height.  Most guests in attendance wore extremely colorful outfits which accurately represented the mindset of the 70s.

70s Party at the ViewThere were tons of Afros and bell bottom pants. This attire accompanied with the 70s music being blasted really had guests re-living the 70s era. After dancing for a bit, everyone headed over to grab something eat. The event was catered and entrees ranged from shrimp and chicken to pasta salad and fruit salad. Lets not of course forget the bar which had great selections of spirits for guests and friends to help get them in the 70s mood.

70s Party at the ViewTo wrap the evening everyone sang happy birthday to the birthday girl and continued to dance while eventually making it over to my section to take a few pictures. Hopefully I captured everyone at the event but if I missed you I apologize. There’s always next year J. I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to take their picture and for putting on their best 70s pose for the event. You can find all the pictures from the event below. They are separated into a few galleries that each contain about 30 pictures. If you would like a copy of your picture do not hesitate to contact me at mcboundlessperception@gmail.com Thanks again and until next time STAY BOUNDLESS!!!


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