8 Awesome Video Game Cosplays

What’s going on everyone, we’re back with another awesome post and I want to discuss some cosplays that are at conventions but are not as abundant. There are tons of different anime characters ranging from Dr. Stone to my Hero Academia but I want to see a bit of love shown to video game characters. Specifically, I want to see more awesome Video Game Cosplays. That’s right, characters like SamusLink, and Zelda of course get tons of love but let’s check out a few of the characters that may get neglected. So, with the groundwork set, let check out 8 awesome video game cosplays. 

Zinogre Armor 

First up we have the badass Zinogre Armor from Monster Hunter World. This is not the best armor in the game but it’s certainly one of the most beautiful. I’m sure most of you have already seen the awesome Zinogre Armor build from Kamuicosplay. I was fortunate enough to capture some awesome images of Pirate Fox Cosplays armor at AWA2019. This armor set takes tons of skill to build but if you pull it off you are sure to attract a good amount of attention at conventions.  


I have always loved waluigi, especially in Mario Tennis AcesHis trademark laugh and style are some of the best in the Nintendo world to me. He has made his way into tons of games and there was nothing worse than having him blue shelling you on the final lap of a race.  I can’t believe it’s been nearly 20 years since his release date but he’s definitely proved himself worthy of being cosplayed at more conventions. I was fortunate enough to capture a Waluigi at Katsucon but have yet to actually edit and upload this video. Stay on the lookout for this videos release. 


Ok, I’ll have to admit that these characters are commonly seen at conventions but I had to include them on the list as there just awesome. Some of the video game cosplayable characters up for grabs from this series are of course MercyWidowmaker and TracerFeel free to check out some of their alternative costumes instead of the default as I simply love the many variations. But if the default is more your thing that one is perfectly cosplayable as well.  


Next up for amazing video game cosplays, we have AloyShe the star of the hit game series Zero Dawn Horizon. Her cosplay is absolutely gorgeous and there are several tutorials online for creating her bow and outfit. But, if you’re kind of lazy like me then feel free to purchase them online as there’s no shame in going this route. Also, since there is definitely going to be a sequel for this game you will be cosplaying her right in time to hop on the trending train. If you’re looking to grow your following base than hopping on this train isn’t always the worst idea. 


If creepy and weird is your thing then you’re definitely going to want to look into doing a Bioshock cosplay. The combination of big daddy’s little sister and splicers is always a favorite for me.  I beat the original game back in 2007 and remember it very fondly. As you already know I’m a sucker for nostalgic cosplays so this one is topping the list. Another great aspect of cosplaying from this video game is that you can incorporate all of you’re friends into this group. If you have children, you can also dress them up as little sisters. It definitely has the makings for an awesome video game picture.  

Geralt of Rivia

I was really debating putting this one on the list as Geralt of Rivia has become an extremely popular video game cosplay. But I had to as it’s just too awesome not to include. The video game was actually released in 2007 but the show made the series popular in 2019. I saw some absolutely amazing cosplays of this character at Katsucon with alexdrastal being the most memorable. There’s just something about the white hair yellow eyes and black attire that go together. They always seem to draw photographers in and I’m sure the sequel to the show will certainly keep this trend going.  

Dr. Robotnik

Photo By Light-Rock

I believe that a lot of people were introduced to this character with the release of the movie sonic but Dr. Robotnik has been around for a very long time. Specifically, he came out in either 1993 or 1994. Being the arch-enemy of our favorite hedgehog, Dr. Robotnik is a technological genius. He has created some ridiculous robots that have certainly given sonic a run for his money, no pun intended.  One of his greatest creations was actually a metal version of sonic. Although the two look identical. Metal sonic is extremely evil and a cold-hearted killer. It would be awesome to see these two characters cosplayed side by side. 


Last but not least we have the entire valorant series.  I love a lot of characters from this series so rather than choose one I just decided we should opt for the entire cast. This game is brand new meaning when con seasons returns in 2021, we are sure to see some cosplayers unveil these characters. One of my personal favorites is CypherI just think his character design and attire is amazing and would love to see someone bring this to a convention. A close second would have to be Phoenix as he reminds me of true damage EkkoI made a cosplay video featuring @my_neverending_dreamz on my youtube. So head HERE as an added bonus to get some more ideas for awesome video game cosplays. 

rock lee wallpaper Unique Rock Lee Wallpapers Wallpaper Cave combination

I only listed a few of the amazing video game cosplays that you could look into so feel free to expand upon this list. There are so many characters to choose from that creating a more comprehensive list would take forever.  But, if you are interested in this let me know and I would be glad to create a longer one. I hope you enjoyed this post but if this didn’t quench you’re cosplay thirst check out some more awesome blog posts HEREAlso, if videos are more your thing, feel free to check out my YOUTUBE channel. It has some great cosplayers on it and even includes some podcast episodes which are sure to be informative. So definitely give it a listen. That’s going to do it for today until next time stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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