Amicalola Falls State Park & Nature Preserve

Amicalola Falls is a gorgeous waterfall located within Amicalola Falls Natural State park. This gorgeous waterfall towers a staggering 720 feet above the park. Apparently, it is the HIGHEST waterfall east of the Mississippi river.

Of all the waterfalls we have visited, I believe this may be the most breath taking. Fortunately it had rained the previous night and water was gushing over the peak of the waterfall. As the current pounded on the rocks below, the water faded to a light mist which was extremely refreshing. Especially considering the temperature had reached well over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

To reach the waterfalls peak, adventurers must climb a staggering 600+ stairs. This may seem intimidating at first but there are several rest points stationed along the climb. These points are not only great for catching your breath but also chatting with fellow hikers and snacking on the PB&J im sure you brought. But, if walking is not your thing, do not worry. Hikers also have the option of driving directly to the waterfalls peak.

Although adventurers may miss out on some amazing wildlife and overlooks, they will still be capable of viewing the park from the waterfalls peak. This adventure is certainly not for the faint of heart and will undoubtedly leave hikers feeling satisfied.

In addition to the amazing waterfall, Amicalola State park offers some amazing hiking trails and gorgeous natural scenery. Mountains can be seen in nearly every direction adding to the parks overall ambiance.

Several species of frog, turtles, snakes and fish can be found within the park. On our hike, we were lucky to spot a few lizards and salamanders sunbathing on small rocks within shallow pools created by the waterfall.
Mushrooms In The ParkUnfortunately, I was not fast enough to capture an image of them. I hope you have enjoyed my short review of Amicalola Falls State Park.

More Boundless images of this amazing waterfall and  nature preserve can be seen below.Trust me, Amicalola State Park will not disappoint. To see some other state parks check out this South Mountain Link.


Amicalola State Park Gallery

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