Angels and Demons Photo shoot.


Angels and Demons Succubus

Hows everyone doing? I hope you had a great week, I know I did. I headed up to Cherokee to blow some money that I definitely did not have to spend. But its ok, I ended up breaking even so no complaints. I also got to take some great shots. I will be posting them later next week so make sure you look out for them. Now, onto the matter at hand, the whole reason you came here. Hopefully that reason was to check out a few images from one of my most recent shoots.Angels and Demons Soft Angel

Several of you know one of my favorite types of photography is cosplay photography. I attempt to do as much cosplay photography as possible followed by portrait and nature shoots.  This particular shoots theme was Angels and Demons. The goal of the shoot was to portray both forces in both seductive, enchanting and dominating poses. This was accomplished with not only some amazing lighting but also the assistance of my wonderful girlfriend who helped with the posing and some amazing models.

Angels and Demons Rainbow AngelEach models pose was careful chosen and adjusted to create the amazing images taken. Lets not forget the awesome white sheet we had to improvise as a back drop for this shoot either. For starters the lovely rainbow haired angel was captured in a way that displays both an innocent yet seductive nature. By playing with the continuous light being supplied by my limo lighting studio and Yongnuo flash, we created a very soft light that illuminates the model creating the perfectly exposed image shown here.

Angels and Demons Translucent Angel Following this shoot, we switched to another angel model. This model, instead of hard noticeable feather wings, used translucent wings to create a more mystical shoot. These wings, when hit at different angles with various amounts of light created various colors for us to capture. This effect accompanied by the models nature poses and beauty provided an astounding scene that I was more than eager to capture.

Angels and Demons Succubus Next, we switched to the darker side of the shoot. In these images, we captured a succubus in all her memorizing and enticing glory. The darker colors worn by this model along with the horns and whip allow the imagination to run wild. Viewers will see both an attractive yet dangerous image. This concept was emphasized by the poses chosen. For example, the image where the model tilts back holding the whip in front of her is clearly seductive, dangerous and mesmerizing.

Angels and Demons Warrior And AngelNext up was another phenomenal angel accompanied by her valiant warrior. These images were meant to represent honor, duty and strength while also being a bit enticing. Throughout history, being knighted was one of the greatest honors anyone could receive. This gorgeous angel demonstrated her beauty and seductive potential with each tantalizing pose throughout this shoot. Accompanying this seductive angel shoot was our amazing warrior.

Angels and Demons Red Haired AngelHe complimented the angel perfectly and added a unique angel to shoot. Adding him into the shoot completely switched the theme from enticing to honor and devotion. Viewers are now capable of pondering the reason as to why this angel chooses to knight this individual along with what their history may be. The mystery created by simply adding another person into the shoot is astonishing and helped create some of my favorite images from the shoot.

Angels and Demons Cooperation Finally, we decided to combine both the angels and demons in a seductive cooperative shoot. The goal of this image was too create a tantalizing yet inquisitive image that would leave viewers a bit baffled. Questions such as what brought the two together or why one seems to be a bit more dominate in the image should immediately pop into the viewers mind.

Warrior 1Overall I completely loved this shoot and cant wait to do another. Everyone simply meshed extremely well together. The lighting, models, and poses all worked perfectly. I would also like to thank Single Cell Productions staff and models for allowing me to do this shoot. I hope you enjoyed the images from the shoot and all the work we put into it. If you did, feel free to drop a comment below and let me know what you think. Until Next time, stay boundless.





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