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In a world where everything seems to be bleak and rather upside-down, Nintendo offers a shinning ray of hope that can revitalize even the most depressed of spirits. But what is this knight in shining armor? Well, it’s actually a new spin on a very old concept.  That’s right, all of us veteran gamers are very accustomed to this game as it has been around since 2001. Nintendo’s animal crossing offers some new and old cosplays that certainly need to be looked at and considered for convention season 2021. Characters like Isabelle and Saharah have made their return while an entire plethora of new characters such as Raymond and Sherb have appeared. So let’s see who from Animal Crossing New Horizons is worthy of cosplaying in 2021. 


You know the first on the list had to be an old school classic. Isabelle made her Debut in Animal Crossing new leaf. To make this cosplay even better, she is modeled after a dog. I have yet to meet someone that despises puppies so your pretty much guaranteed to be loved by everyone. Isabelle has also proved her fighting prowess in the series Smash Brothers so not only is she an amazing assistant, but she is also capable of kicking ass.  


Being the twin brother of Isabelle, Digby was available in New Leaf also and was in charge of The Happy Home Showcase. Digby usually is seen sporting his white shirt beneath a red “coat and blue pants. I’m sure most of these items currently reside within your wardrobe and if not, EZCOSPLAY is having a sale. Unfortunately, the sale is only running until May 30 meaning you have to make a decision immediately. But no worries as they have a decent return policy if you change your mind. 

Timmy & Tommy   

If you are looking for a group cosplay with your bestie or significant other than look no further than Timmy & TommyThese two have a very annoying or rather awesome trait of echoing the last thing the other one said. Also, to be accurate, you should have the older person cosplay as Timmy since he’s the older of two. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this awesome duo, and with the current price, this is definitely an Animal Crossing New Horizon cosplay you won’t want to overlook. 


When it comes to being stylish, I would have to say Flick takes the prize. His gorgeous red pants and black jacket make him a rather emo looking villager. Technically Flick is listed as being a chameleon but I would argue for a dinosaur. I mean look at his hair and horns. They definitely wreak of dinosaur. Flick is also a bug enthusiast meaning he may be your best bet if you decide to enter the world of bug wrestling and gambling. 

Wilbur Dodo 

Art By @Linkuji

Who has a better catchphrase than “Delta Oscar Delta Oscar is go”. I’ll tell you who, NO ONE! That’s right, Wilbur Dodo is a character that allows you to take Island Tours throughout Animal Crossing New Horizons  and refers to himself as “stovetop rubber band” and the player as “bellbottom bebop”. No idea what these nicknames refer to but eventually they grow on you. Finally, as if all of this wasn’t enough of a reason to cosplay as him, Wilbur Dodo is a Dodo meaning you will literally be bringing an extinct species back from the grave. 


The owl is said to be one of the wisest animals throughout ancient lore and Animal Crossing New Horizon holds true to this theme. Blathers is the museum director in the game and is also a returning character as he was first seen in Animal Forst+He accepts donations of fish, insects, fossils and of course paintings. If it wasn’t obvious, Blathers name comes from the English word blather. This a suitable a name as he likes to speak intelligently about nearly everything in the game donated to him. 

Zipper Bunny 

Next up is possibly one of the most adorable characters to ever be introduced to Animal Crossing. Zipper Bunny has an awesome theme song which can be found HERE and when approached begins dancing. Just imagine dressing up as this character and busting out these sweet dance moves at your next convention. If you really wanted to go all out you could make a complete furry costume of Zipper Bunny and really be a character within a character. INCEPTION! 


Last but not least we have our local fishing expert. C.J. is classified as a beaver and sports his awesome white t-shirt with a hood. He also has a yellow and black puffer jacket with an emblem that matches his roommate’s FlicksThese two are partners as Flick actually helps C.J. build his audience by providing art to dedicated anglers. This means that we have another awesome cosplay duo on our hands and the two should be considered for your next convention. 

I hope you enjoyed this look at some awesome Animal Crossing New Horizons cosplays and will consider them for convention season 2021. Also, remember that EZCOSPLAY is having a sale for these costumes so you can at least save a bit of money. Hopefully, we will be receiving a second stimulus check meaning you will have a bit of extra money left after paying your bills. Thanks so much again for checking out my blog and If you enjoyed this article feel free to check out more HERE! Also, if you like cosplay videos feel free to check out my YOUTUBE HERE! Finally don’t forget my GIVEAWAY is still going on and all of the rules can be found HEREThanks so much again and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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