Animal Flower Cave “Barbados”

Animal Flower Cave
Animal Flower Cave Barbados

Hows everyone doing? So I recently got back from Barbados and

have to say, its one of the greatest countries I have ever lived in.

Everything from the people, music and culture is extremely

invigorating and an absolute must if you are the travel type.

Hopefully I can make it back for crop over and see the animal

flower cave one more time. But if not Im going to try and hit

caribana in Canada.

But anyways that’s neither here nor there. Today I want to discuss

the Animal Flower Cave in Barbados. This spot is a must if you are

visiting Barbados. It offers some very unique scenes that I have yet

to find anywhere else. I was able to capture a few images from this

location so feel free to check them out below. So with that being

said, lets check out the Animal Flower Cave!


First off this is the ONLY cave on the entire island. It was

discovered in 1780 and commonly becomes flooded during high

tide. The stairway leading into the cave are extremely steep and I

strongly advise wearing a pair of shoes with a lot of grip. The tour

of the cave is guided and even with the guides recommendation on

where to stand, I cant tell you how many people I saw slip and fall

into one of the many shallow pools. That aside, several of the small

ponds have polyps aka “Animal Flowers”.

Photogenic Sites

The cave has two large entrances from the sea which make for

some amazing photography spots. I would really like to bring my

monolights, softbox and gels into the cave and do an entire shoot.

Unfortunately, I’m sure this would take lots of preparation and

special permission to achieve. Sigh maybe some day. Anyways,

after viewing the two large openings you arrive at the part of the

tour where you can actually get in the water.


The cave contains one rather large pool this is I believe somewhere

near 9 to 10 feet deep. If you brought your swimming trunks you

can actually get in the water here and swim to the entrance of the

cave, well close to the entrance. The water in this pool is extremely

salty due to its concentration so keep that in mind before you get

in if you have sensitive skin. For those of us who did not care to go

swimming, theres actually tons of flat rocks that people have

stacked to take pictures in front of. Or at least that’s why im

assuming they stacked them.


After swimming for around 15 to 20 min or so the tour ends with

individuals returning to the original entrance in which they came

through. I really wished I would have been allowed to tour on my

own and do my own thing, but I can understand why they do not

allow this. Way to many ways to get hurt and I’m sure people

would damage and vandalize the cave. Side note, you do not get

cell phone service in the cave so going live on FB and snap chatting

the experience isn’t really option to my dismay.


Well that does it for this short look on the Animal Flower Cave. I

hope you enjoyed my short explanation of the cave and a few

necessary precautions to take for the cave. If you enjoyed this post

feel free to leave a comment below. Well that’s if for this post, until

next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

PS: For More Travel Images Check HERE!!!

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