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I commonly see many individuals stating that they experience a convention high before conventions and during conventions. The thrills of changing costumes, meeting new and old friends and of course receiving a bit of admiration for your costume can be overwhelming. It’s an exhilarating experience that can lead to a highly euphoric state. Lets face it, its an addiction that we must satisfy several times a year. Sure buying new outfits and items can curve the cravings for a bit but it’s not until we walk through the doors of the convention that we realize just how much we missed the experience.


Most of us are living our best lives during conventions and that following Mondays brings a huge let down with it. Back to the regular 9 to 5 or even worse unemployment LOL. But there’s no need for ALL of the fun to end. Why not carry a bit of cosplay into our lives every day or bless a cosplayer with some anime apparel? This can be done with either buttons, pins or stickers. But I’m not talking about any of those, let’s check out some awesome shirts that represent our desire to watch and express anime in our daily lives! Everything is fair game so let’s dive into it and check out some of my favorite anime apparel.

I paused my Anime to Be Here

This shirt is one nearly every cosplayer can relate to. How many times are you just diving into one of your favorite shows only to be interrupted by some other task? It’s hella annoying! Why cant people respect our need to just immerse ourself in a series and not be bothered until the series is over. I don’t care if the series is 897 episodes long (One Piece). I want to enjoy all 897 episodes without interruption. Is this too much to ask? Purchase this shirt for a cosplayer to help others understand their frustrations.

Anime Makes Me Happy

Anime Makes me Happy, this statement is self-explanatory.  But to compliment such a great saying, the author decided to go ahead and throw in some extremely cute kittens. At least I think those are kittens. Now ill quickly admit I am more of a dog person than a cat person but kittens are not cats. They are well kittens lol. I will gladly watch a kitten all day but cats are just evil. The second half of the shirt is also respectable because we all have those individuals we would rather not deal with. So if they want to get upgraded on the tolerance list, they need to bring us anime and snacks, because snacks are always great! This shirt represents sone great anime apparel that any cosplayer can respect.

Alchemy only Costs an Arm & Leg

Actually, this shirt is only funny if you have seen the series and even then, its actually kind of sad. But everything turned out great in the end for the Elric brothers so no harm no foul right? If you haven’t seen this series than once again you need to hop to it. Once you do, you will understand why this shirt is so awesome and why you need to purchase it! Yea it’s a bit darker than the first two shirts but dark humor is one of the best forms of humor, I think? Regardless, this shirt represents some awesome anime apparel.

Hes My Senpai & Shes My Waifu

These shirts are perfect for couples that cosplay. Because couples that cosplay together stay together! Its facts and science and I will not hear anything indicating the contrary. Just in case you weren’t sure, senpai is a term for an upperclassman and waifu basically means a character that one is attracted to or is considered a significant other. So if you feel this way about someone and they don’t know it, this maybe a perfect ice breaker for the topic! Or it could end horribly, you really have a 50/50 shot here. These shirts would be great xmas gifts for cosplay couples that cosplay together.

Certified Senpai

Some great anime apparel for say an older brother if your taking the expression literally. Senpai basically means upperclassman and often used for a student that is your senior. It’s a rather cute shirt and very simple yet elegant design at least in my opinion. I think this would make a great gift for the person that got you into cosplay or anime. This anime apparel is a perfect way to show respect and appreciation. If you got into anime or cosplay after reading one of my posts then I expect you to send me a shirt, please and thank you. I like anime apparel also. 😊

Warning May Spontaneously start Talking About Anime

This shirt accurately describes me and my friends at any moment in time. People always look at us when such conversations begin and im sure there thinking, what the hell are they talking about. Don’t worry about it stay in ya lane. All you need to know is that we need to get to the bottom of who would win certain fights if pitted against one another and which series is the best and why. If you are not about this life, you are not getting introduced today. Try again tomorrow though cause we always need more cosplayers, geeks and nerds :).

Black Panther Sport Shirt

Ok, so I don’t know how im just finding out these exist but im really upset and need to start purchasing them as soon as yesterday. These quick-drying compression shirts come in a variety of designs ranging from ironman and captain America, to black panther and spider man. These are must for any cosplayer that wants to show off their anime spirit at the gym or while playing sports. At least that’s when I plan to wear them! Hopefully, they will have a sale black Friday where I can snag a few for the price of one. I can tell you now I would love this gift, any cosplayer would.

Kakashi 3D Printed Short Sleeve Short

I rarely meet a cosplayer that dislikes Hatake Kakashi. He was undeniably one of the most badass characters in Naruto. Several cosplayers always represent this character at each convention and rightfully so. This is a legend we will never let die. What better way to make sure he does not fade into our memories than with this awesome 3Dprinted cosplay shirt. Even if the person you are buying it for does not like Naruto, they may give it back and that means you technically bought yourself an awesome shirt. They have many other designs for the shirt so definitely check them out.


Man I really just want to recreate this action with several of my coworkers. And since they do not watch anime they will have no idea what Baka means. Every time they do something I do not like BAM, BAKA! Baka basically means idiot and im sure we all look at some people’s actions and just think…BAKA. This word is nearly universal to every anime so id assume most cosplayers would love this shirt as a gift. If not don’t worry, Amazon has an awesome refund policy on anime apparel.

Eat, Sleep, Anime Repeat

Another shirt that I’m sure most of us can relate to. These four activities are the only essentials that must be initiated every day in an ideal world. Imagine a life where you just wake up, food is ready, and your favorite series is loaded on the projector you were given. Man, that’s the dream. All expenses paid, never having to worry about bills. I can only imagine this type of world because no one is currently stepping up to make this a reality for me. In the meantime go ahead and snag one of these shirts for your favorite cosplayer and let them advertise there needs to all potential takers.


Well, there you have it. Ten awesome anime apparel gifts that will be excellent gifts for your cosplaying friend or couple. If you liked this post or finds some more shirts you like feel free to leave them below so others can see. Thanks again for reading my post and as always stay BOUNDLESS!!

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