Anime Battles Worthy Of Cosplaying

Welcome back everyone to another awesome blog post. As you can see from the headline, I want to discuss one of the best aspects of animes, the battles. There have been tons of battles that rocked the anime world and even some that became legends. I know this part of anime is not for everyone but it definitely gets my blood boiling. There’s nothing better than seeing you’re favorite character sizing up a new opponent and watching him evolve and grow as the match proceeds. Every now and then, the creators gift us with a new form or some type of power-up that completely blows the fan base away. So now that the groundwork is set, let’s check out some of the best anime battles worthy of cosplaying. 

Midoriya vs. Todoroki 

With everything currently happening in this series, it’s easy to forget where Midoriya began. He’s slowly becoming more and more badass but let’s not forget he damn near killed himself every time he fought. When he originally used 100% of his quirk he constantly broke whichever limb he was using to perform his move. Todoroki on the other hand has and will always be a prodigy. Watching these two face-off was such an amazing episode but it didn’t go the way I thought it would. I would love to see this fight reenacted at a convention when they return. Nothing like returning to the basics.  

Saitama Vs. Boros 

No idea how one would go about replicating this fight but this fight was an epic conclusion to the first season of One Punch ManI normally see Saitama cosplayed in his regular nonchalant mode but I really want to see one where he goes all badass. A cosplay where he walked around the entire convention in his ready to deliver a serious series punch mode.  This fight was also so amazing because we finally got to see one person that could actually get Saitama somewhat excited about fighting. I was really hoping the centichoro fight would somehow be of equal caliber but unfortunately, I was completely wrong. I look forward to seeing what season 3 will bring but for now, let’s see some Saitama and Boros cosplays.  

Gurren Vs. The Anti Spirals 

I’ll admit its been a while since I watched this anime but this fight was definitely one that was easy to recall. I see Kamina, Simon, and Yoko all the time but where’s the GurrenLagann costumes. I know you guys are talented and skilled enough to do it so make it happen as I really want to get some images of it. The final episode of the series was an anime battle worthy of remembrance. I’ll admit that it did not have as a great of an effect on me as the first time I saw Gurren combine with Lagann but, it was still awesome. To this day I’m really not sure what the anti spirals were but I’m sure someone can figure it out. Once they do, we will have an awesome cosplay skit on our hands that will go down in history.  

Gon Vs Pitou 

We have all seen this crazy anime battle. Gon gave up everything to beat the ever-loving Christ out of PitouHis hair became 100ft tall and he skipped puberty, driving and advanced well into a quarter-life crisis. Well, since we already have one half of this equation, its time to bring the other half into the scene. Its time to see some fully grown Gon Freecss reenacting this amazing fight. I’m not sure who’s going to sign up to take that kind of a beating on stage but if you do, know that you will be remembered for ages to come in the cosplay world. Or maybe not I really don’t know lol.  

Takamura Vs. Bryan Hawk 

Most people know that Hajime no Ippo is one of my favorite anime and this fight was undoubtedly one of the best in the series. Takamura had gone undefeated throughout the entire series and well, of course, his winning streak did not end here. Although he did win, he did not provide us with one of his epic one-sided beat downs. In fact, this anime battle could have gone either way as Takamura was knocked unconscious a few times. I feel that this anime battle is one that could easily be replicated as the moves the characters were using were not actually impossible to pull off. They of course were completely exaggerated and enhanced but none the less they are doable. So, go ahead and bust out the nostalgia and let’s see a Takamura Vs. Bryan Hawk battle.  

Gohan Vs. Cell 

Another anime battle that nearly all veterans and newcomers alike know, Gohan Vs. Cell is a match that I have no trouble watching over and over again. This match was also iconic as it was the first time we all saw the Super Saiyan 2 form. This was basically like having Christmas arrive early as a kid as I did not think there was anything greater than a Super Saiyan. Unlike many of the other matches, I believe this will resonate with the entire convention as there are very few people who have not seen Dragonball z or at least clips from it. I could only imagine setting the scene and somehow having the staff turn the lights off while you flick a switch and illuminate your entire cosplay. That would certainly be a convention to remember.  

These anime battles were some of the most memorable I’ve ever seen. They certainly do not deserve to full into the ranks of oblivion. I thoroughly enjoy the skits people show at conventions and would love to see some of these fights reenacted. If you agree, go ahead and leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you guys. Hopefully, you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing. If you have not had your fill and want to see more cosplay news feel free to check out my BLOGIf videos are more your things, check out my YOUTUBE channel HERE! Thanks so much again for reading my blog as it really means a lot to me. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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