Anime character to cosplay as that will never get old

Let’s slow down time and even rewind it for a moment. To a time before the anime and cosplay universes were semi-mainstream. For this post, we are going to revive some of the classics along with newcomers when it comes to comics, cartoons, and anime. These titles, characters, and legacies have cemented themselves as names that will be sitting on the throne and standing above all for an eternity to come. They’re responsible for the ‘industry’ shaping into the loveable scene it is today. Some characters are just unforgettable and it doesn’t matter whether you’re an anime fan or new to the industry, you most likely have heard of at least one of these characters. Hell, you could be living in the countryside with no TV and you’d still be able to name some of these characters in a heartbeat. 

 Whether it’s 2050 or 3060, these characters will still be a hot pick among the cosplayers in the foreseeable future and still live in everyone’s hearts for years to come. With that being said, let’s have a look at some of the characters that will never get old when it comes to cosplay. 

10. Rem and Rin

Hitting you with two of the biggest names in the anime industry, Rem and Rin are eternal. They made the show (Re-Zero) blow up all around the world. This fandom is still going strong and always seems to find its way into a convention. Rem and Rin from Re Zero should be in the top 3 of everyone’s list when it comes to favorite characters from the anime world. I’ve seen so many Rem and Rin cosplays over the years that I’m pretty sure they will make a return in 2021 when conventions return. 

9. Cloud Strife

Back in the old FFVII days, 1997 if I’m correct, people sure loved the character but conventions and expos at that time were nowhere near as popular as they are today. Cosplaying as Cloud at this time was like having a dream come true. With the remake reviving the game, I’m sure we will be seeing cloud strife for years to come. This character has and will likely always be the guy known for having one of the largest swords in all of anime. Excluding guts from berserk of course.  

8. Saitama

With all the memes popping up ever since the show’s debut and the huge success it got in such a short amount of time, One Punch Man is one of the very few modern anime titles that everyone has seemed to watch. It was like Game of Thrones when it was airing, you had to watch it so you could be a part of the moment that the series brought. Saitama has this look to him that just makes it impossible for us to not want to know more about him. The caped badass won’t be leaving our hearts or our minds, ever. 

7. Dio Brando 

Those iconic lines, the adrenaline-filled exchange of words that makes you see the voice actors going all out despite hearing nothing but gibberish the entire time, would it be wrong if I said that Dio has consumed the internet at this point. Tons of people are now able to recognize Jojo references despite knowing next to nothing about the series. The phrase “It was I Dio” has made its way to every corner of the internet and won’t be leaving any time soon, I can tell you that for sure. 

6. Shoto Todoroki 

Shouto Todoroki has become a character that we have all grown to both no and love. He has been through several difficult challenges with his father being the most prominent. Shouto has made his way to the ranks of legend so quickly because I believe most of us can relate to him. Having family issues is a revolving theme in most peoples lives thus making the character all the more realistic. To make getting into character even easier, his cosplay is not extremely difficult to pull off meaning you can really delve into the world of My Hero Academia on a very small budget.  

5. Yagami Light

Let’s face it, Light Yagami was a very complex character with a very simple attire. He preferred to invest his time and efforts into his work rather than fashion. This series has always made me wonder if this sort of justice would actually work. I haven’t seen the entire series but he only appeared to target mostly terrible people. I know for a fact our current system is not the best so maybe passing out a few death notes would make for a better justice system.

4. Female Titan 

This, for me, was quite interesting since I’ve seen way more Female Titan cosplays than I’ve seen Annie cosplays, and both of them are just as frequent as characters like Eren and Levi. I really wonder why this is? Now that the series has concluded, I really feel that people will not simply let it die. Specifically, the female titan was one of the first Titans that we were introduced to. It only makes sense that she sticks around for the foreseeable future so that the next generation will not forget about this amazing series.  

3. Ash Ketchum

The good old boy from Pallet Town is still around making sure that the kids have a taste of adventure and imagination in their lives. Nothing beats the iconic blue, white and red combo since it marks that fateful encounter with the most dazzling mouse if there’s even one, Pikachu. 

2. Naruto Uzumaki

I mean who didn’t see this coming? Being a member of the big three, Naruto Uzumaki has created shoes too large for most series to fill. Naruto has given everyone so much over the years that it be a shame to see this series fade away. Like me, many of you literally watched this series from childhood well into your adult years. Some of the best memories in my life are tied to this show. I will never forget watching it with people I will always care for and still wonder about today. How I wish I could reverse the clock for a day hell a minute to simply hear from old friends again and relieve such great times.  

1. Goku

Finally, the most iconic character makes his way to the list. Having seen him grow over the years, Goku is like that kid who we were best friends with when we were in elementary school. Now a grandad and still kicking ass all around the universe, it’s safe to say that he’s one of the earliest names that introduced anime to the world and will forever be a staple of classic anime. 

Thank you all so much for checking out my post on Anime character to cosplay as that will never get old. This post really hit me in the feels as it brought back several memories I try to keep buried because walking down memory lane for to long never ends well. If you enjoyed this blog post feel free to check out several more HEREIf videos are more your thing, feel free to check out my YOUTUBE. Thanks so much again for visiting my site and supporting my work. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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