Anime Music (Top 7 Beautiful songs)

Hows everyone doing? Its Monday and that’s means we need

something to get us through the week right, specifically Anime

Music right. Well I’ve got the perfect thing, a bit of relaxing Zen

music to shut out all of those annoying coworkers and bosses. I

decided to put together a list of my “Anime Music top 7 (Beautiful

Songs) to grind to. Its not Lofi but definitely just as good. Lets take

a look!

PS: To see My COSPLAY AND GRIND list check here.

1.Futari No Kimochi

First up we have a very peaceful song that is definitely a through

back. Anyone who follows my blog knows I have a thing for the

classics. This song is from the popular anime Inuyasha and for

some reason has a bit of a sad theme or reminiscent sound to it. Im

not sure if thats just me or what the song is really going for but

that’s the emotions it invokes. They just don’t make them like this


2.Always With Me

Anime Music, Panda Brew Master

This song is extremely relaxing and comes from one of the greatest

anime movies of all time. That’s right im talking about spirited

away. If you haven’t seen it then stop immediately and watch it. Its

one of my favorite Studio Ghibli films right along side umm I don’t

know all of them. This song is also extremely peaceful and relaxing

and will help you woo sa all of your troubles away.

3. Waltz For Venus

Anime Music, Star Fox

This song comes from one of the most popular animes ever created.

If you guessed Cowboy Bebop you nailed it. This episode was

named go figure “Walts for Venus” and basically described one of

the main characters visiting some locations from his past to finally

get closer. It was a beautiful episode with an accompanying

beautiful song to match. Id love to know in the comment section

what this songs makes you thing of?

4. Credens Justitiam

Anime Music, Fairy Tail

This particular song comes from Madoka Magiac and is very

different than the others. I Cant put my finger on it but theres

something about this song that just draws me to it. Maybe it’s the

vocals or the pace of the song? Not really sure but its just works

and definitely helps me make it through the work day.

5. Howls Moving Castle Theme

Anime Music, Penny Wise

Its hard to believe this movie came out 15 years ago. I fell in love

with this soundtrack and purchased it right after the movie.

Something about it is so magical and mesmerizing. This song in

particular takes the mind away from all things work related and

allows a few peaceful minutes of utter bliss. One of the best Anime Music songs ever.

6. Wings of Freedom

Anime Music, Jedis

This next song maybe a bit to poweful to just plug in first thing in

the morning. You might want to wait until noon or right before

youre leaving work because it will defeinetely empower you.

Wings of freedom is from the popular anime attack on titan and

invigorates the soul. This song makes me want to get up explore

and get things done. Does it have this effect on anyone else?

7. Thunderbolt Fantasy & Darkest

Anime Music

Last but not lease we have Thunderbolt Fantasy & Darkest. This is

another empowering song that must be played with caution. When

you really need to grind and get what ever impossible task done,

this is the song that needs to played. I have to admit I haven’t seen

the anime but if its anything like this song, I will definitely give it a


Bonus Fairy Tail Main Theme

Anime Music, Sasuke

I couldn’t help myself, I really really really like this song. It’s a very

unique opening to an anime and has made its way onto several of

my spotify playlists. Everything from chill music to gaming music.

It fits so many genres and brings back great memories. Definitely

try it out and see what you think.

Anime Music, Knightwing

Well there you have it, my top 7 favorite songs to get you through

the Monday grind. If you have any other songs you think should

make the list don’t be afraid to drop them in the comment section

below. Im sure your fellow cosplayers would love to hear them.

Thanks for checking out my post, until next time, STAY


Music List

1.Futari No Kimochi

2.Always With Me

3. Waltz For Venus

4. Credens Justitiam

5. Howls Moving Castle Theme

6. Wings of Freedom

7. Thunderbolt Fantasy & Darkest

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