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From time to time it’s nice to see the anime villains win because

let’s face it, some of there theories make a lot of sense. Of course,

I’m not talking about the genocidal, racist or sexist villains. Just the

ones that want to make the world a better place and actually have

a legitimate plan to do it. I also kind of highly favor all zombie

apocalypse scenarios because how awesome would that be. And

for all, you naysayers just think about all the debt that would be

abolish and the rebuking of 9 to 5 jobs.

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I mean sure you may have to give up a few modern amenities if

anime villains take over the world like freedom lol, but maybe you

didn’t need those amenities in the first place lol. Don’t worry with

time you will adapt. So anyways let’s go ahead and pay some

homage to the anime villains. Because they need love too, right? In

today’s post, we are going to countdown the top 10 anime villains

to cosplay as at your next convention. So, without further ado, let’s

get EVIL!!!

10.All For One

Photo By: Aro_zeph_cosplay

All For One is the main villain from my hero academia and is

extremely powerful. He poses the Quirk (Special Power) all for one

which allows him to steal, use and transfer quirks between

individuals. He was the only man capable of injuring the hero All

Might to the point where he could only maintain his hero form for

a few minutes. All for one has invested all of his efforts into

Tomura Shigaraki. He has basically been a mentor for him and

sort of a role model. Since he is helping children, he cant be all bad


9.King Bradley

Photo By: Siwakon Sakuntawipat

King Bradley stems from the full metal alchemist series. This guy is

a homunculus and arguably the most powerful of the lot. He has

only one goal and that’s to make fathers wish come true. Aka

completion of a philosophers stone. Throughout most of the series,

King Bradley really didn’t bother anyone. He made decisions from

his platform and appeared to be a great guy. But man o man did

that change in episode 56 “The return of the Fuhrer”. But long story

short I don’t think he was that bad. He just had twisted dreams and

means of achieving them. I say long live the king, most of

humanity is corrupt anyways.


Photo By: Elena89Hikari

Ok, I can confidently say Hisoka wasn’t a complete bad guy. He

helped Gon and Killua grow on multiple occasions. He also made

sure they didn’t get slaughtered in a friendly dodge ball game

along with a martial arts competition. Does that sound like the

actions of a bad guy? It doesn’t to me! Now if we are talking about

his goals and desires…. Well, let’s just say they’re a bit twisted. He

technically wants to make people stronger to kill them but hey at

least he gives them a fighting chance right? That’s more than most

characters in anime get.

7.Don Quixote

Don Quixote was a family man and Luffy came in and destroyed

this mans precious family. If you really think about it, who is the

villain here?  He was also forced to live a life that he had not

chosen. All he knew was a life of luxury and his father gave all of

that up to live with commoners. Let’s just say Don Quixote did not

adjust so well. So once again, him becoming a villain was kind of

instigated by his past life and family’s actions. I see this not as a

villain, but a man that needs help.

6.Dio Brando

Photo By: Angeldust

Dio Brando is another villain that is nothing more than a product

of his environment. Dio Brando is the product of an abusive

alcoholic father and we all know how that ends. I think this may

have led to him somehow desiring wealth and power. He also had a

role model that completely lacked morality so this may be another

reason why he has no compassion. But regardless Dio was one of

the best characters in multiple bizarre adventure storylines.

5. GrimmJow Jaggerjack

was one of the most powerful villains in the entire

bleach universe and was ranked 6 out of the Arrancar. Now I can’t

vouch for this character and just have to admit he is a violent

sadistic mofo. He battles with Ichigo multiple times and proves his

ability multiple times over but of course, ultimately loses to Ichigo.

I have seen this cosplay at several events but I haven’t seen his

panther form cosplayed. That would be a site to behold.

4.Kuroro Chrollo Lucilfer

Kuroro Lucilfer is the leader of the phantom troop in Hunter x

Hunter. So, like many other villians, Kuroro only seems to care

about his fellow troop members. He is always accompanied by at

least two of them and is somehow able to keep this group of

volatile members together. Unfortunately, that’s as far as his

passion goes. He has committed numerous atrocities such as

genocide of the entire Kurta clan excluding Kurapika. But, he’s still

an awesome villain so we are going to cosplay as him regardless.

3. Zabuza Momochi

Photo By: Ivan And Harley

I hereby request that we change Zabuza Momochi status from

villain to stepfather. This guy took someone else’s child under his

wing and fostered all of his abilities to the point that Naruto and

Sasuke had to team up to take him down. With regards to his

slaying of his fellow classmates. Well, he just killed them before

they had the chance to kill him.

Photo By: Karysoon

It sounds equal to me. And technically, this is what the higher ups

wanted anyways so he was actually only doing what was required

of him. The way I see it, he’s a loving stepfather and a great soldier

capable of following orders. My kind of hero lol.

2. Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh has a long story with the fate stay series. Some people

view him as good, while others see him as neutral or evil. I really

think it all depends on which series you are watching and how you

define certain acts. For example in fate zero he kills rider. But you

will only see this act as evil if you liked rider.

Photo By: Laika86

When you take into consideration the fact that this is the holy grail

wars and people are meant to die, he’s only doing what everyone

else has done or is trying to do. So I personally view him as neutral.

He has done some other questionable acts when presented with

the chance of doing good so I can’t for certain say he’s good so yea

there’s that.

1.Madara Uchiha

Photo By: Kei Tsubasa

Madara Uchiha as many of you know is an absolute beast, but I

definitely did not consider him a villain. He first off was born

during a period of war so I would say he is a consequence of his

environment. Second, all he wanted was for everyone to live in a

world of peace. Even if that peace is within a dream. I’m sure lots

of us have had dreams we wish we did not wake up from and

Madara was just trying to make this dream possible for everyone.

Photo By Dan-Gyokuei

A world free of pain, war, and disease. I mean yea your life force

was sucked out in the process but hey, nothing in life is free and

sometimes you have to give to receive. Thanks so much for

checking out my cosplay villains post. I hope it gave you some ideas

as to who you can cosplay next and created a different view on

some of the characters. If you enjoyed this post feel free to leave a

comment below. Well, that’s it for this post as always, stay


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