Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016

Hey everyone

I hope you enjoyed AWA this year, I know i did. The costumes were amazing, the food was great and the people were full of energy. The overall atmosphere of the event was astounding and never ceases to amaze.

ScorpionI took pictures of tons of people (sorry if I missed you) and have finally finished processing a large portion of them. The first set of images can be found below and more will follow over the next few days.
Please share and feel free to tag people and comment in the sections below. Hopefully everyone will get to see their pictures. Let me know what you think!!! If you would like any of them do not hesitate to email me @
Unfortunately all good things must come to an end or so they say. Well; Im here to to prove that statement wrong. The fun can continue in the form of an awesome Free cosplay contest.

Red SkullAll the details can be found HERE. Its absolutely free to enter. Just email me or upload your favorite cosplay image of yourself at my tumblr page or email address. There are great prizes to be won so do not hesitate. Submit your photo TODAY!!!

Overwatch Cosplay!!!















Awa Gallery 1

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