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AWA 2017

AWA 2017 Yugio

What a great weekend to attend AWA 2017. Anime weekend Atlanta was absolutely amazing this year. I had so much fun. Meet tons of new people and got to reunite with old friends. The costumes were absolutely spot on. I heard a lot of the panels and performances were great but  I was unable to see them due to my constant need to take pictures. The only event that I did make it to was the Rave.AWA 2017 JoJos Bizarre Adventure

But the lights and overall atmosphere was not very photography friendly. That’s ok though, I still got to take lots of great pics in the other areas. Well, enough of my rambling, lets look at the first quarter of the awesome cosplay costumes I got to photograph. Sorry if I missed you, its possible I captured you at AWA 2016, check out LAST YEARS Album to see if your picture is there!

AWA 2017 OverwatchBefore I begin I wish I had time to talk about every single image I was able to capture but lets face it, that’s just not feasible. So instead, I will mention a few of my favorites and post a gallery of all the first quarter of my images in a gallery bellow, If you would like a copy of your image do not hesitate to contact me and leave a comment below. Thanks again for stopping by.

AWA 2017 Winifred SandersonSo for starters I have to comment on this awesome Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus. She was played by the amazingly talented  Brenda Friedman. This cosplay took me back to my childhood. I have seen this movie more times than I care to admit. I would love to see a combination of Winifred along with the rest of her sisters at another event. One can only dream!

AWA 2017 Spike and FayeNext up we have an awesome Spike and Faye from Cowboy Bebop. This series is an absolute classic and these two cosplayers did a great job at recreating it. Once again, I had instant flash backs of my early days of watching anime. I love to see the classics still brought out from time to time at these conventions. New school is great, but lets not forget our history lol.

AWA 2017 SCORPIONNow a phenomenal scorpion cosplayed by @Atlg03. His portrayal of the legendary assassin is both accurate and refreshing. The colors of his costume were very vibrant and his poses added an extra flare to the image. Fighting games have always been one of my favorite genres and I try to capture as many fighters as possible.

OkamiAbsolutely stunning is the only words that come to mind when I see this amazing Amaterasu cosplay by bagfullofbags. The level of detail and sheer wow factor of this costume is downright breathtaking. Okami was always one of my favorite games which I still need to go back and finish. If this cosplay isn’t enough to get you to revisit the past and check out this amazing game then nothing will convince you.

AWA 2017 Rakan XayahLets not forget about the gorgeous Rakan  @louveluna and Xayah @hostilesalad cosplay. These two bad asses are sure to ruin your teams combined efforts in League of Legends. There stunning cosplays are both accurate and gorgeous. They both do a great job at capturing the mystery of these two characters and remind me of why I continue to play League of Legends.

AWA 2017 Jinx BakugouI love this mashup. A combination picture with both Jinx @veenacos from league of legends and Bakugou @babyriceninja from My Hero Academia. These two cosplays are both vibrant, well constructed and damn near perfect. They look exactly like their anime counterparts. I can tell a lot of time and devotion went into these pics and I cant wait to see more of their work.

AWA 2017 Mandalorian ArmorWhen it comes to bounty hunting the Mandalorian race pretty much takes the prize. Known for there extremely versatile armor, these bounty hunters have struck fear in the heart of enemies long ago in a galaxy far away. The detail and materials used to make these beauties range from plastics to medal and can take several months to complete. This group picture included several people but most I believe are affiliated with the Talon Clan. Make sure you check them out as they are extremely helpful.

AWA 2017 Hellsing CosplayThis amazing Hellsing cosplay was created by none other than the awesome @australiashere. Her giant cannon is capable of creating absolute panic on the battlefield. Her bright red dress and fangs were gorgeous and perfectly portrayed Seras Victoria. To make the costume even better she had bright red menacing contacts that added that extra edge to make her cosplay even better.

AWA 2017 OkamiLast but not least, I have to give a shout out to @Nekohooch. I loved her okami Amaterasu cosplay. This costume was simple yet elegant. It brought back many memories of my childhood. Those lovely days when I did not have to worry about bills or true responsibilities. This outfit seems to fit her personality as she was one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


Thanks everyone for checking out my pics and yours as well.  This is the only the first block of images I took. Later in the week I will be adding the next set so make sure you stay tuned. Thanks everyone again for the great pics and I cant wait to see everyone again next year. Until next time stay Boundless.

PS: All of the FIRST SET of images can be found in the gallery below. Feel free to email me if you would like your picture. Thanks again.



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