Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018 (AWA 2018)

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018So AWA 2018 (Anime Weekend Atlanta) passed two weeks ago and I know several of you are anxious to see some of the pictures I took.


Before we jump into the pictures from this year’s AWA, feel free to look back at images from last year’s (AWA 2017). This post is a continuation of my last post (throwback Anime weekend Atlanta pictures post) so check both to make sure you see if I took any pictures of you last year.

Returning to the present, I decided to take pictures outside thisAnime Weekend ATL 2018 year instead of inside. This allowed me to have greater control of the overall shoot. As previously mentioned, shooting outdoors allowed me to avoid the problem of holding up hallway traffic.


Anyone that has been to a con knows that stopping and taking pictures in the middle of the hallway completely obstructs the cons traffic flow.

This problem was completed avoided this year but the overall Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018greatest advantage to shooting outside this year was that I was able to use my complete setup. I originally began shooting with all three mono lights but was shut down by security an hour or so into the shoot.


I am sure most of you have heard about this problem this year concerning photography so I will avoid elaborating on it. But if you haven’t, I touched on it a bit more in the previous post.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018Eventually I was able to return to a two light setup but I decided against walking all the way back to the car and grabbing all three lights again. It was way to hot for all that LOL! This year I also used the 50mm lens to shoot instead of the 18-55mm kit lens.


The 50mm allowed for much clearer pictures and a lower aperture. I loved the outcome of these pictures and hope everyone else does as well.

I cannot emphasize enough that if you would LIKE A COPY OF THESE IMAGES PLEASE, PLEASE EMAIL ME. THE IMAGES LOOK MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER IF I SEND YOU A COPY VS A SCREEN SHOT. My email is I will be releasing more articles in the future regarding specific shoots at the con and some of my favorite costumes from the con.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018I would like to thank everyone again that allowed me to take their pictures and for making the con all that more memorable. To see AWA 2017 images check HERE. All the images from this year are in the galleries below. Each gallery contains approximately 50 images so CHECK EACH ONE for your image.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018Each image has an IMAGE NUMBER. If you hold your mouse cursor over the image it will tell you the image number. Send me the images number and I will definitely send you a copy of the images.


I will also be releasing the images slowly on IG so if you would like to be tagged make sure you follow me. Thanks again and until next time STAY BOUNDLESS!!!




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