Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) TOP 8 Gallery 3

Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2017 Toph Beifong

Hey everyone, Hope you had a great weekend. I am back again with another set of images from this years Anime Weekend Atalanta (AWA). If you missed the previous two galleries feel free to check them out here.  As many of you know I try to attend as many cosplay events as possible and photograph each one. Unfortunately I am unable to capture every single person.

Hopefully I was able to snap a pic of you this year but if not do not worry, I am sure I will meet you at another event. But, for the people I did get images of. I hope you enjoy my work and find your picture in one of the many galleries I have created. Do not hesitate to contact me Or simply leave a comment below. And now, without further ado, I present to you my top 8 costumes from my third AWA gallery. I hope you enjoy!!!

Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2017 Toph BeifongStarting off the Countdown is an amazing Toph Beifong from Avatar the Last Airbender. This elegant yet intimidating earth bender was capable of amazing feats and even invented metal bending. She taught Avatar Aang how to earth bend and was undoubtedly one of the strongest earth benders in the series. If you haven’t checked out this amazing series please make sure you add it to your must see list. It certainly will not disappoint.  This cosplay was created by @dani.who,cosplay.


Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2017 Bushido BrownNext up we have the legendary Bushido Brown. This character debuted in the series The Boondocks and was known for his legendary martial arts skill. He was also known for his ridiculous requests and inability to tell enemies apart and simply attacked them all. One of his most ridiculous requests came in the form of asking for a japanese toilet. Please make sure you check out this awesome series as this cosplay does the series  justice. This cosplay was created by @thelegendaryduo.


Cheshire Cat Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2017 Almost everyone knows Alice in Wonderland. This iconic movie has been translated into several different languages and shown throughout the ages.  Just as iconic and memorable as Alice was the Cheshire Cat. This amazing cosplay was created by MsFriedman. This mischievous cat always had a very unique grin that made people always skeptical of his behavior. I would love to see this cosplay again, it was certainly unique and one of a kind.


Ice Climbers Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2017 I have been to several conventions and have yet to see an ice climbers cosplay. This brought back so many memories of my smash brother days. I hated their wobble combo which was nearly impossible to escape. This tag team combo consisting of Nana and Popo were a force to be reckoned with and could only be dealt with once one of the climbers were destroyed. I was so happy to see this cosplay and cant wait to see more. 


Dark Elf Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2017 Elves are some of the most power humanoid characters in the anime and gaming world. They can live for ever and possess amazing magical abilities. This dark elf was cosplayed by @the_lighthouse. Although the High elves such as Legolas usually steal all the glory, its the dark elves  you need around when things get bad. There tactics and abilities speak for themselves and produce amazing results.


Snow White Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2017 Lets lighten up the countdown with a bit of Disney love. Almost everyone has seen Snow White and the seven dwarfs. This iconic movie featured 7 dwarfs and the beautiful princess Snow White. If you have yet to watch the movie i wont spoil it for you but definitely add it to your Disney must watch list. In my opinion it was not as good as the lion king or Mulan but it still worth a view. 


RWBY Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2017 Next is our RWBY cosplay portrayed by @Triniryroze. This scythe wielding bad ass is certainly one that you would not like to mess with. I saw several RWBY cosplayers but this one stood out as one of the best. Her scythe looked extremely well done and clearly involved a lot of thought and planning. Make sure you check out this awesome cosplayer!!!


Sailor Saturn Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2017 Last but not least is one awesome Sailor Saiturn cosplay. This costume was created by @hentaigirl82. Sailor Saturn is one of the more powerful characters in the series and has powers ranging from force fields to healing. I never watched this series to completion but it must be amazing since it has been around for several years. 


Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2017 Thanks everyone for checking out my top 8 Album 3 Anime Weekend Atalanta (AWA) Cosplays. There are more amazing images below so please feel free to check out your pics and tag others. Until next time stay boundless.






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