Apostrophe Lounge Paint & Play

Apostrophe Lounge Paint And Play

Apostrophe Lounge Paint And Play

Paint And Play ArtHey Everyone, I hope you had a great holiday, I certainly did. Going to try and somehow work off these extra pounds through photography. Fortunately I was able to Kick off my photography weight loss plan with an awesome shoot at Apostrophe Lounge.  The paint and play event hosted by Apostrophe Lounge was a huge success. Several guests were present to view the various spoken word artists and comedians.  

Paint And Play RaffleEach comedian and spoken word artist offered their own unique flare to the event.  Outside of the poets and comedians, the event hosted live paintings from various artists along with giveaways and raffles. One of the most popular events of the evening had to be the free massages being offered. I couldn’t help but notice tons of people taking advantage of this offer and certainly looked extremely relaxed following the massage.

Guest 1I was fortunate enough to capture the overall atmosphere of the event along with several images of the guests attending. I tried my best to capture as many people from the paint and play event as I could but unfortunately could not capture everyone. If you see your picture below do not hesitate to contact me at (mcboundlessperception@gmail.com) and I will gladly send you a copy.

Guest 2I would like to thank everyone again for coming out and allowing me to take their picture. Hopefully you also enjoy the pictures I captured and even use me for your future photography needs ;). Until Next time Stay Boundless!!!


PS: You can find all of the images from the night in the albums below. Each album contains approximately 30 pictures so make sure you check them all for your image. I tried to keep them together but there may be a few that are not in the correct order.

To see images from the previous paint and play check out this link (Apostrophe Lounge Paint and Play 1)

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