Apostrophe Lounge Paint & Play

Apostrophe Lounge Paint And Play

Apostrophe Lounge

Well, the amazing paint and play event at Apostrophe Lounge has come and gone. Fortunately, the amazing memories from the event are here to last. This event was completely free to attend and hosted a wide array of artists and vendors ranging from painters, massage therapists, photographers and various spoken word artists.

Each brought their unique flare and style to the event which created an amazing atmosphere. Apostrophe LoungeWe were even lucky to have completely free phenomenal desserts by Cakes by Chloe, Kupcake Connections and the Madd Batter.

Apostrophe Lounge If you have not tried their desserts then you are certainly missing out my friend. Make sure you hit them up ASAP, trust me you wont regret it.

Apostrophe LoungeAfter stuffing my face with every desert available I decided to head over and check out some of the live painting taking place. Artists Raven Danielle was working on a gorgeous blue and white painting which incorporated a large dream catcher into the background. She had several other pieces of artwork for sale and even sported my personal favorite which was a codename Kids Next Door illustration. Feel free to check some of her work out at Ray_Raeb on IG.

Apostrophe LoungeAnother prominent artists that caught my eye was Golden Cocoa Designs. She also had several paintings  on display and for sale. These included a gorgeous sun and moon rendition accompanied by an African queen painting.  For the evening, she created a bright orange and yellow canvas painting which captivated spectators. As the night continued she also created a few other paintings which were big hits. Definitely make sure you check out some of her work at Golden Cocoa Designs.

Right across from the live painting session was the ever so relaxing and Apostrophe Loungestress relieving Turquoise Tea Spa & Beauty Bar. They were offering completely free massages to all guests and let me tell you, this was not a massage you wanted to pass up on. I don’t know  about you but nothing quit hits the spot like free food and a massage.

They top the list in terms of the creation of a great evening. The only thing missing was free drinks but lets not get crazy. We both know if free drinks were in the mix we would have had to forcefully remove some of you from the event LOL. 

Apostrophe LoungeNext, I decided to check out the incredible creations of WOUND AND FOUND. Wound and Found “was birthed out of the deep understanding that our identity is wrapped in Gods, Love. The individual characteristics that make each of us known, sits in the heart of God… All messages that attempt to categorize, stigmatize, genderize, or explain the truth of who we are should be filtered through the perfect love of God. Whether these messages come from external sources or within our own minds, the answer to “Who Am I” is wound and found in love.”  

Apostrophe LoungeThese beautiful necklaces come several different colors with each representing a different meaning. Feel free to check them out at WOUND & FOUND.

Apostrophe LoungeAs the night continued and more and more people packed the lounge, several spoken word artists began to share some of their amazing art with us. Artists such as Kia Flow, Chrisso and Kimaada Queen. Each  of these spoken word artists along with several other presented amazing poems which enchanted, revitalized and awakened the crowd. 

Each artists session left the crowd speechless. The power behind every word conveyed a message that appeared to be unanimously understood by all. Several of the stories were personal and even left some listeners in tears.

I will certainly attend another Paint and Play event at Apostrophe Lounge and hopefully have convinced you to do the same. Below are galleries containing all of the pictures I took at the event. Each gallery contains 30 images. If you see your image and would like me to send it to you feel free to send me a message at mcboundlessperception@gmail.com or through my site. Thanks again everyone for attending and special thanks to Apostrophe Lounge for letting me take pictures and hosting the event. Until next time stay boundless.



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