Avengers Endgame Cosplay TOP 10

Photo By: Photographer-eva
Photo By: Photographer-Eva

Ok, its been a few days, well weeks now and most people have seen

Avengers Endgame. If you haven’t that’s ok because this post will

not contain any spoilers. But if you are interested in how to look

like a BADASS AVENGER, at your next convention or Halloween

party read on my friend, read on! And even if you do not, Read on

Lol. In the post im going to cover the TOP 10 Avengers Endgame

Cosplays to buy to make you look and feel like an avenger.

10. Mantis

Kicking off the Avengers Endgame list we have none other than Ms.

Sandman herself. Mantis is Gifted with empathic abilities and an

absolute beast at hand to hand combat (read the comic), she was

powerful enough to render the mad gods mind useless. This

particular cosplay is absolutely gorgeous and created using leather.

In order to get the full effect, you will need to purchase a few of her

accessories such as her boots and wig. But overall you cant go

wrong with this choice, and will certainly stop photographers in

their tracks.

9. Thanos

Random fact, Thanos means Death in Greek, so its obvious why

people fear the mad god. The mad god was obviously the main

antagonist of this series and was feared for good reason. The

Madgods cosplay is one to behold. Constructed out of leather and

spandex for the pants, you are sure to turn a few heads at your

next convention. This material is very durable and  comes in a

variety of sizes for any cosplayer. Just make sure you bulk up a bit

before get into character to add the old Razzle Dazzle.

8. Nebula

Only rivaled by the smurfs and yondu in terms of blueness, Nebula

is one of the most dangerous avengers to ever join the squad.

Compelled by her anger to destroy her father (Thanos) she has

been cybernetically enhanced with various implants to better her

already lethal arsenal and fighting style. This costume will have

you turning heads and delivering fear and admiration and any con

you attend. Created using high quality satin cotton and leather to

prevent unnecessary tears, it will fit like a glove. Well as long as

you add in a few inches of course. Feel free to add the matching

weapon prop for added flair.

7. Thor

I know, I know, this cosplay isn’t exactly from endgame but it is still

awesome nonetheless. Making his way into the number 7 spot we

have the God of thunder himself. That’s right arguable the

strongest avenger Thor. This particular costume was worn during

infinity wars  movie and in my opinion looks better than his end

game outfit because lets face it, Thor kind of let himself go for the

grand finally. This bad ass costume is made with both polyester and

leather and like all the others on list is strongly resistant to tearing.

I highly recommend this costume and believe you will love this

Avengers Endgame Costume.

6. HawkEye

Hawkeye played a very large and emotional role in endgame. He

was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of the

greater good before the honor was stolen from him. Hopefully that

isn’t to much of a spoiler. This costume rocks his awesome ninja

Hawkeye appearance. He is not known for his swordmanship but

revealed that he is equally talented with both a bow and sword.

This costume is rather detailed and constructed with leather, foam

and spandex. I love it because it’s a break from his normal look and

will likely draw questions and curiosity.

5. Black Widow

Coming in at number 5 we have non other than the deadly Black

Widow aka (Natasha Romanoff). Her hand to hand combat skills

are nearly unrivaled throughout the marvel universe and she has

shown this throughout the avengers series. Random trivia, Black

widow was also given a super solider serum just like Steve roger

but no where near as powerful. Hence why she has no trouble

overpowering most of her opponents. This costume is made from

leather but is very different from her smooth, traditional leather

outfit. I like this one a bit more due to the texture and think the

designers did a fantastic job on it development.

4. Vision

Gone but not forgotten we have the mind stone wielding vision.

Vision was sadly destroyed in avengers infinity wars by thanos

himself. I hope that’s not a spoiler for anyone, if so that’s a mistake

on your part for not seeing a movie released a year ago LOL.

Visions costume is made completely of spandex and leather so you

know its going to fit  bit tight. Fortunately it stretches to an extent

to adhere to several body types. As always, add those extra inches

into to make sure you can breathe in the outfit.

3. Scarlet Witch

One of the simpler cosplays on our list, scarlet witch has and

always will be a fore to be reckoned with. She demonstrated this

strength in bother infinity wars and end game by taking on the

mad god directly. Scarlet witch is actually a mutant with the

ability to manipulate chaos magic. This makes her powerful

enough to easily overpower vision, thanos and several other

characters throughout the marvel universe. This costume only

includes the red jacket and the bracers. So you will have to provide

the shirt and skirt yourself. But being on the cheaper side, it may

be better for individuals new to the cosplay seen.

2. Dr. Strange

Next up we have the man that made the entire winning scenario of

end game possible. That’s right the retired neurosurgeon Dr. Strange

.  He is described as the mightiest magician in the cosmos and by

far more powerful than any of his fellow avengers. His mastery of

the mystic arts has landed him the title of sorcerer supreme. If you

want to recreate some of the awesome scenes of avengers end

game, feel free to pick up this costume. Created using both satin

and polyester, this costume only needs a few added accessories to

really make it pop. Add in a few details and you have yourself one

of the best costumes money can buy.

1. Captain America

Coming in at number 1 we none other than Americas ass itself,

that’s right im talking about Captain America. Known as the first

avenger captain America has been an integral part of the team for

literally as long as the avengers has existed. This particular

costume includes the option of boots for added flair. Make sure

you add a few inches to your measurements to make sure your

costume fits just right. Don’t want to wait all that time just to have

the costume not fit right. Also note, the cosplay may not appear

exactly as it does in the image but will be extremely close.

Well there you have it, my top 10 Avengers Endgame costumes for.

I hate that this series has come to an end but that’s no reason we

cant continue to keep them alive via cosplaying. If you liked this

article feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below.

I would love to hear what you think. Well that’s it for now, until

next time, STAY BOUNDLESS!!!

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