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Anime Weekend Atlanta Forgotten Pics

Overwatch MercyHows it going? We are almost half way through the week which means one day closer to being free from the 9 to 5. And what better way to push you closer to the future than with a bit of the past?

As a photographer I have the privilege of taking hundreds of people’s pictures at conventions. Unfortunately, some of these photos get forgotten or are dwarfed by other projects. I try my best to avoid this but hey no one is perfect.Overwatch Tracer

              This post is unfortunately about one of those times. Specifically, I recently had a good friend (@Max Props Cosplay) at a convention ask me about some pictures I took of him at Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA 2017). I went back through my galleries of AWA 2017 and realized I completely forgot to post those pics :(.

Overwatch Group ShotWhats even crazier is that I absolutely loved these pics and remember thinking I cant wait to post these. It was certainly one of my most memorable shoots. The whole Mexican standoff concept was completely spontaneous and worked extremely well.

           Overwatch Reaper Cosplay   To sweeten the deal, all of the cosplayers were from the same game which of course added to the overall theme. Unfortunately, the lighting didn’t workout exactly as I wanted but we made the best of the situation. Aside from the group shots, I also loved the individual shots.

The poses were astounding and completely natural. The sheer enthusiasm of each cosplayer and detail of craftsmanship in each costume fueled my passion to get the best shot and resulted in way more pictures than necessary lol.

              Blade And Dr. Strange CosplayThe Blade, Dr. strange mashup was very unique but I loved the way it turned out. These two cosplayers just so happened to be near one another and agreed to take some awesome pics together.
I enjoy seeing the classics such as blade because it reminds me of the earlier days of both cosplay and sci-fi. Its easy to get lost in all of the new series constantly being released while forgetting about the classics.

              Kids to Kings and Black SandsI also can not forget to mention some phenomenal individuals that are creating some absolutely amazing comic books. Both Manual and Geiszel Godoy are the authors of the amazing series formerly known as Kids 2 Kings.

            Now titled “Black Sands” this amazing story is about Ausar as he travels the world to prove to his grandfather that he can become Pharaoh. It is an epic experience that has won notoriety across the nation. Please, please, please check it out. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 

              Soldier 76As always AWA never fails to surprise and offers some of the best cosplay the east coast has to offer. I attend this con nearly every year and cant wait to see how much more it will continue to grow.

I look forward to seeing returning and new cosplayers again this year and ill make sure I do my best not to drop the ball on the cosplay pics again ☹. Well that’s it for today, thanks again for checking out my pics and until next time, stay boundless.

Blade CosplayPS: Don’t forget to check out my galleries, you may just see your image there. I will also be at Dragoncon so make sure you stop by and get your pictures taken. Here are some images from previous Dragoncons!








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