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Good Morning To Everyone, It’s a lovely Sunday morning and I

have a shoot to go too here in a few hours so I decided to utilize the

in-between time with a post. I normally bring you informative

posts about events or ideas in the cosplay world. But this topic has

been something I have struggled with for a long time and I’m sure

others have also. It’s a very simple idea or concept that takes lots of

practice to actually implement. No idea what I’m talking about? No

problem that’s with this post is about 😉. I’m talking about

believing in yourself your abilities as a cosplayer.  

Photo BY: Ruben Tang

I have approached countless cosplayers to ask for pictures at cons

and various meetups and all though most are grateful and love to

pose for pictures, there are the select few that are very shy timid

and worried they do not look “good” in their outfits. I really hate to

see this because first, all of us look great in our cosplays! But

second, I would not have approached you if I did not think your

outfit was both attractive and worthy of being photographed.

Photo By: Santosphotocosplay

So many cosplayers put tons of hours into their cosplays but are

embarrassed by the final product. Their way to analytical and worry about

details which most do not know exist. I have heard cosplayers tell me, oh

this cosplay isn’t ready yet to be photographed because I haven’t done this

or I don’t want others to judge me. I can understand being shy but im

saddened when I hear individuals ashamed of their work and chosen

character or even body type.

Photo By: Sunymao

The absolute worse is cosplayers that are ashamed of their body or skin

color and feel they do not fit into the stereotypical cosplayer image. They

see cosplayers that are famous such as Jessica Nigri or Alodia Gosiengfiao

and assume if their bodies do not look like this they are not suitable for the

cosplay world. I have seen this in both males and females and if they do

choose to open up, they end up loving the pictures I take of them.

For all my cosplayers that are worried about their image, I say follow your

heart and passion. Do not worry about what others and haters say. This is

your passion and it should not be influenced by others. You are doing this

for you and because you enjoy it. Cosplay is for everyone regardless of body

type or shape and honestly needs more models that do not adhere to

traditional standards. I love cosplay photography and want to take as many

pictures as possible so feel honored not ashamed when cosplay

photographers approach you.

Believe in Yourself

Returning to an earlier topic, I really want to reinforce the idea of believing

in your work. Whether you bought your cosplay or made if from scratch be

proud. Stand with your head held high and look down on anyone that

would dare knock you off your cosplay pedestal. They do not know the

modifications or work you put into this character or how this character

represents the golden years of your childhood.  Whether you sow or create

armor and props, take pride in anything you have made.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and see superior work and think

“there’s is much better than mine”. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a night.

Their pieces may look better than yours now but remember it took them

years to get to this point. It’s a diamond that started out as nothing more

than a large ugly rock that came out of the ground. Only with patience,

diligence and hard work did they create the refined product you see before


Photo By: Santosphotocosplay

I have seen tons of work by other awesome cosplay photographer and
thought, there’s no way in hell I can ever create something that awesome.

This is nothing more than a defeated mindset that is setting myself up for

failure before I start. Their images are compiled from years of trial and

error and of course, a rookie never compares to a vet.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

As long as I keep

trying and make sure I’m improving my craft with each shoot I am sure to

get there. Who knows, I may even surpass them one day and gain their

admiration. They say the only difference between a master and a student is

that a master has failed more times than a student has tried.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

Time and time again I have found this idea to be true. After sitting down

and talking with experienced cosplayers I can honestly say they have told

me some hilarious stories of failure. But instead of looking at it as a failure,

they immediately turn it into “Well now we know that doesn’t work”

stories. Please, please, please my fellow cosplayers and cosplay

photographers do not be discouraged by your work or setbacks.

Photo By: Mcosplay

Just keep going and growing and success are sure to reach you. Maybe not

today maybe not tomorrow, hell maybe not even 3 years from now. But one

day I guarantee you will receive that lucky break that pushes everything In

your world to levels you had never imagined. “ULTRA INSTINCT”

Photo By: Dyincaloy


I could easily go on and on about this topic but I think this is a good place to

end it. I hope you enjoyed this post and take it to heart. I really want to see

more “HAPPY” cosplayers and individuals proud of there physical

appearance. If you enjoyed this post or if it made you feel better about

yourself definitely drop a comment below. Thanks again everyone for

checking out my work and until next time, stay Boundless!!!

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