Best And New Anime of 2021 To Cosplay From

Man o Man do we have a good topic for you guys today. There have been tons of great new anime released in 2021 with series such as attack on titan returning and SK8 the Infinity making its debut appearance. Deciding which cosplay to actually commit to can be rather difficult. As cosplayers I’m sure, we all have tons of unfinished projects. Originally we planned to only have 1 or maybe 2 cosplays ready but by the time conventions roll around it’s up to 5. 

Well, don’t worry my friend because I’m going to make it so much worse. We will be looking at 10 series that were released or added to in 2021 to give you an idea of some of the characters you can cosplay as. Of course, I’m a bit biased because some of the series I liked more than others but feel free to at least give these some consideration. So with the agenda set, let’s dive into the Best And New Anime of 2021 to Cosplay From. 

Attack On Titan (Season 3) 

It’s hard to believe that this series came out in 2013. It really feels like just yesterday we were introduced to the monstrosities  that plagued mankind and wrapped us in a shroud of mystery for 3 seasons. Now that the series is finally winding down and were seeing characters come full circle, its time to bust out even more attack on titans’ cosplays. With characters like, Erin YeagerLevi and Sasha at the forefront of this series how could you not want to build yourself a 3D-gear. 

Record of Ragnarök 

This series is amazing and ridiculous at the same time. The concept is really cool but the idea of mortals beating gods is a bit much. Plot aside, this show has some absolutely amazing characters to cosplay as. I’ll admit there going to take a bit of work to pull off but I believe in you.  Let me just go ahead and say what we’re all thinking. If you have the assets to pull of an Aphrodite cosplay along with 2 friends willing to support you, then get it done. Now that’s out of the way, a second great character to cosplay as would be Brunhilde. Her armor and overall aesthetics were just great and would look even better in person. 

The Promised Neverland (Season 2) 

If youre in the mood to make those around you emotional then look no further than the promised neverland for all your cosplay needs. I personally really enjoyed this series and though it does not have the action of attack on titan or Record of Ragnarok, It offers much; much more in my opinion when it comes to emotional investment. Watching these kids endure the trials and tribulations that the adults and monsters put them through will undoubtedly spark an emotional flame. 

That time I was Reincarnated as a slime (Season 2) 

Another series that I have spoken about before, That Time I was Reincarnated as a slime brings back all of your favorites with several new characters to choose from. If characters like RimuruMilim and Benimaru do not get you excited, then feel free to choose one of the new ones such as Diablo. I really hope season 3 is out of this world considering Rimuru just became a demon lord. I have photographed a few cosplayers from this series so head over to my Instagram to get an idea of what the characters will look like once created. 

Shaman King 

I doubt most of you are old enough to remember the original shaman king earing on Saturday morning cartoons. No problem as the creators have decided to bring back this amazing series. That’s right, Yoh Asakura is once again fighting alongside his trusted spirit Amidamaru. It would be so awesome to see a Asakura Amidamaru combo at a convention. Not only would it be nostalgic but it would also be the very first time I have ever seen these two characters cosplayed. So lets make it happen. 

Cells At Work (Season 2) 

If you ever wondered how the human body works or wanted to be a doctor but became a cosplayer instead then cells at work is the perfect series for you. This series focuses on the intricacies of the human body. Everything from viruses to bacteria are covered in this show. Another great aspect is that there are so many cosplays to choose from and they are not that difficult to cosplay as. For example, cosplaying as a red blood cellwhite or killer cells only requires a few items. There’s also minimal accessories so this is a great investment for beginner cosplayers. 

Pacific Rim: The Black

If you guys love monsters and large robots then Pacific Rim black is one of the Best And New Anime of 2021 To Cosplay From. I haven’t completely seen this series but I’m really hoping they somehow reference Gypsy Danger. This was my favorite Jaeger only second to Striker Eureka. Unfortunately cosplaying as anyone from this series will take a bit of work. You will have to either custom make it or get it custom made. Either way, if anyone wants to get one custom-made for me id greatly appreciate it.  

Mars Red 

Mars Red is a great series that incorporates many fantasies and fiction aspects specifically in the vampire realm. The story revolved around the idea of vampires invading Tokyo. In order to combat these vampires Colonel Yoshinobu Maeda employs good vampires to basically hunt bad vampires. I know this sounds similar to hell sing but the show is completely different from it. The military attire in this show is top notch and definitely worth incorporating into your next convention. 

Tokyo Revengers  

Tokyo Revengers is a strange series about a boy named Takemichi. His life flashes before his eyes when a train almost hits him and as a result, he remembers a time when he tried to save his girlfriend from being murdered. I have never had my life flash before my eyes but I guess he really must have loved this girl for him to remember her at this exact moment in time. I have only seen a few episodes of this series but definitely plan to continue it in the future. 

Sk8 The Infinity 

Ok, we have finally gotten to the series I have been waiting to talk about. Don’t quote me but I don’t believe we have had a skating anime since Air Gear and god knows I loved air gear. I see similar elements in this series but love that it’s an entirely new show and instead of skates they use skateboards. The skating community holds these secret events simply called “S”. Reki invites Langa to these events and he gets addicted. I really love the characters from this show and will hopefully be bringing some reviews to my cosplay channel. If you would like to see any specific character feel free to leave me a comment in the comments section below. 

This year has produced so many amazing anime series and selecting which one to cosplay from is going to be rather difficult. Hopefully I have given you a bit of inspiration for you’re next convention or just sparked your curiosity about some new series. If you try any of the cosplays from this series then definitely let me know as I would love to get a shot of it. Thanks so much for checking out my posts and of course check out my YOUTUBE channel. Until next time stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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