Capoeira Practioner Shane D, Walcott

Capoeira Shoot-40This weekend I had the privilege of working with a great friend of mine. We have been practicing together for about 5 years now and have gradually grown and encouraged one another. Constantly challenging one another has resulted in a greater understanding of the game along with a greater comprehension for the history of capoeira. Capoeira Shoot-11But instead of rambling on and on and taking you down memory lane, lets go ahead and jump to the present.

Being an aspiring/confident practitioner of capoeira, he has steadily increased his abilities in both the physical and mental aspects of the game. He has won first place prizes in multiple capoeira tournaments and only continues to excel in the field of martial arts. He is a father of two beautiful children who also practice capoeira and a husband to a gorgeous wife (Gudah) who “spoiler alert” also practices capoeira. But enough with the formalities, let’s see exactly what compels Shane to practice capoeira and why he is so passionate about capoeira.
I asked Shane what capoeira means to him. With a look of excitement he stated, “What does capoeira mean to me, well It obviously means a lot to me. For starters it represents freedom. Its fun, exciting and an amazing outlet to both express myself through dance and music. Capoeira engages my mind and body in challenging ways I never though imaginable.

Being biracial, having both black and Puerto Rican up bringing’s. I take pride in an art form that represents me as an African Hispanic. As my journey has evolved and flowed from one adventure to the next, I began to think how can I contribute to the world of capoeira? The answer gradually made itself clear and has developed into an insatiable desire to spread capoeira. By continuing to spread capoeira I can give people a taste of a different culture. Whether that culture is African or Brazilian culture, I can in turn bestow upon others what capoeira has bestowed upon me. Through capoeira I have been able to connect and unite with people from around the world through music and dance. This is a feeling I would like everyone to experience and will give my all to achieve.

FollCapoeira Shoot-17owing this introduction to Shanes capoeira background, he also enlightened me on his martial arts background. He states “I have been doing martial arts since the age of seven but never really stayed committed to one style because I was always moving. Events revolving around school, hobbies and jobs has assisted me in becoming well rounded. While in school at JCSU in 2004 I was introduced to capoeira Angola.  Watching their movements was impressive and exciting to say the least. The way they spoke about the game and resonated with the music was captivating. I instantly knew I had to learn this new art. However once I graduated college I started jujitsu in Atlanta because I once again had to move and lost touch with capoeira. There wasn’t really any schools around my area. Once I moved back to charlotte, I met a good friend of mine Mestre Esquilo to simply try one of his classes. And as they say the rest is history”.
Capoeira Shoot-23
Shane D, Walcott is currently offering classes in the charlotte area and can be reached at Classes introduce beginners to both regional and angola forms of capoeira. Regardless of your martial art or exercise preferences, I strongly recommend that you participate in at least one of his classes. One class is all you will need to be hooked and gradually begin the journey of developing your own unique capoeira story.

To see more images from this amazing capoeirasta feel free to browse the gallery below. Soon you could be performing the exact same movements!!!!

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