Cardcaptor Sakura Shoot at AWA 2018!!!

Hows Everyone DOING!!!

  Well its Friday so im sure the answer is great. You get two days to as, Will the Krill put it “Receive a momentary relief from the existential terrors of existence”. If you haven’t seen happy feet then stop reading this post now and get to it. Now that we got that out of the way, lets check out today’s post. I have to admit to being a bit late to posting these but that’s ok. Lets think of it as a way of building suspense.

I had the pleasure of doing a shoot with HENTAIGIRL82 at AWA last year as she showed off her awesome Card captures Sakura cosplay. That’s right old school, im sure the newer generation automatically though of Sakura from Naruto. Wrong Series BRA!!! This shoot was done with all of my usual equipment. If you curious what that consists of feel free to check out THIS (Kaylas Shoot) post for a detailed list of my equipment.

I have to say this shoot was awesome despite all of the problems surrounding photography at AWA 2018. Just in case your not familiar with this series, it revolves around A ten year old Sakura Kinomoto accidentally releasing a set of magical card known as clow cards. Each card has its own unique ability and must be recaptured by Sakura. The guardian of the cards “Cerberus” emerges from the book and chooses Sakura to retrieve the cards.

This series was a stable for us 80s kids and ran from 1998 to 2000. Hentaigirl82 accurately recreated several of the poses from the serious and did a great job recreating the characters outfit. It looked exactly like the original portrayed in the anime. I also loved the sealing wand. This is Sakuras main weapon and allows her to summon clow cards at will. The head of the staff is shaped like a bird’s head with red gems for eyes and a beak with a pair of tiny wings.

Aside from allowing the summoning of captured clow cards, it also allows the wielder to seal clow card and transform the clow cards into Sakura/star cards. Its not the most bad ass weapon in the anime world but it serves its purpose well. For anyone that’s been to AWA, we opted out of doing this shoot in the vines/bushes because we though the city background would look a bit better. What do You Think?

I would like to thank HENTAIGIRL82 for allowing me to take her pics and post them, cant wait until our next shoot. To see more images from previous AWAs, check here. You may just find you’re image. Well that’s it for today, Until Next time, STAY BOUNDLESS!!

PS: Looking out for more images from some non Anime related adventures, specifically my Thailand trip and current stay in barbados!!!

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