Castle McCulloch Big Bad Beach Bash

Body Paint

Castle Mcculloch

Well Castle,McCullochs Big Bad Beach Bash has come and gone! The event was filled with Alcohol, Dancing, Djs and graffiti artists. Fortunately, I was able to capture a few images which will hopefully give you an idea of how amazing this event was. 

For starters, each portion of the castle was playing different genres of music. One room was playing reggae,  another rap & r&b, and others classic or pop music. The castles ground are rather vast and contain a centralized pond with an amazing angel statue along with a large fire spitting tent. An assortment of drinks were constantly being offered by women in very colorful costumes or body paint.

As mentioned earlier, there were 11 Different Themed Bars/Destination’s To Choose From. Gogo dancers were in several rooms and added a very unique spin to the overall beach theme.
As the night proceeded, several events took place such as a conga line and limbo contest. Unfortunately I was unable to capture images of these two events :(. But, aside from the gogo dancers, several groups performed. In particular, the NC Brazilian arts project displayed a talented array of samba and capoeira.

The performers wore gorgeous yellow,blue red and purple samba outfits. Each performer was perfectly in tuned with the next creating a miraculous display of skill, talent and coordination. Be sure to check them out at NC BRAZILIAN ARTS  .  Following the samba performance was an excellent capoeira performance.  
Castle Mcculloch
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art which incorporates lots of kicks, flips, and dance movements. These artistic movements are both beautiful and deadly. More information about capoeira and this amazing group can be found at “Charlotte capoeira“. 

 Hopefully these images and the description provided a small insight into castle McCullochs Big Bad Beach Bash. Make sure you look out for any further events at the castle and begin to prepare for next years Big Bad Beach Bash. Until Next time, stay BOUNDLESS!


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