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Photo and Cosplay By Adenry

So sorry for being MIA but a lot has been going on ☹. Regardless I’m back now with an awesome post. Most of us know how expensive cosplay can be. Whether you purchase your outfits and modify them or construct them with Worbla, Eva Foam or 3d print them, it begins to add up. Lets not forget about adding in props and accessories that accent the outfit. You can easily reach well over $500 with materials alone. Then you also have to include the price of the tools necessary to mold the cosplay to your liking. Long story short cosplay is expensive!

But despite the fact that some prices just can’t be avoided, there are a few cosplays that are currently on sale and may just fit into your budget. This is perfect because Halloween is right around the corner and who doesn’t like a new look for all of those Halloween parties and bar crawls. Some of these costumes may not represent your passion but maybe you can modify them in a way to better suit your personality. Even if you cant, some of them are a steal so you can at least be happy with getting the costume at a good price.

Soldier 76

First up we have Soldier 76 from overwatch. I have had the pleasure of photographing many cosplayers dressed as this character with Dreadfully_cracked  being one of my favorite. He has cosplayed as a few of these characters skins so feel free to check out some of his work. Unfortunately, he outfit does not include the gun so that will either have to be made or purchased separately.  The costume is on sale at the moment for $199 dollars meaning you save $50. If you ever wanted to cosplay as this character, now its definitely the time!

Tracers Pistols

Since we are on the topic of overwatch, why not check out another iconic character in the series. Unfortunately, her cosplay outfit is not on sale but her GUNS are. There are few guides out there on how to make them from scratch but why not save yourself the time and purchase them fully constructed. They are on sale for $39 from $81.99. You can always modify them but at least the base is already constructed for you. Even if you do not cosplay as Tracer at this moment, who knows, you may want to check her out in the future and it would be nice to have them on standby.

Bolin Cosplay

Most know im a huge avatar fan with avatar the last airbender being my favorite. But the legend of Korra was a phenomenal series and Bolin was definitely one of my favorite from the series. If you haven’t seen it first stop reading and watch it immediately. Next fall in love with this character and practice your earth bending moves. You can save a massive 107 dollars or so on this cosplay. Even if you do not like the character, you can possibly resell the outfit later and basically make your money back. For $40.99 you really can’t beat this price and hopefully this won’t break the bank!

 Shera Catra Cosplay

I recently got the pleasure of capturing an amazing Shera cosplay at Queencity anime convention. This cosplay was worn by Bep.cosplays and looks amazing. Definitely check out her page for some other amazing cosplays. If your not familiar with this character she’s basically a villain with obviously cat-like abilities including enhanced vision and claws. She is the force captain for Hordakes evil horde. The cosplay is currently on sale for $49.99 and after seeing some of the images of others in this cosplay how could you not want it?

Nora Valkyrie

Next up we have Nora Valkyrie from RWBY. Another amazing series that I have to admit I have lost touch with simply due to other series coming out. But don’t worry I plan to revisit the series one of these days. This character wields a badass hammer capable of transforming into a grenade launcher. So if smashing isn’t enough you can always rest assure explosions will get the job done. This is her original outfit and not her post time skip outfit. Currently its on sale for $69.99 meaning you save $70. Not a bad price for such an amazing character.

Beacon Academy School Uniform


This outfit was worn by several characters including Yang Xiao Long. Yang has bright golden hair. When her semblance is activated her eyes change and she becomes capable of absorbing energy from the damage she takes. The energy she gains from fighting can actually be stored and released at a later date. She also uses a pair of shotgun gauntlets named ember celica. The weapons are capable of 24 shots in total when fully loaded. This outfit is on sale for $87.99 meaning you can rep RWBY for a great price.

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Sanoauke Harada

Harada Sanosuke is the main protagonist of the series Hakuoki. He’s also the captain of the Tenth Division in the Shinsengumi. Although pictured with a sword, this character is one of the only in the series to be seen using a spear during battle. I really love the way this outfit sits and its simple black and white color scheme go together extremely well. I have to admit I’m not extremely familiar with this series but from the looks of this cosplay, I will need to spend a bit of time and actually give it a chance.

Sailor Moon Chiffon Sailor Dress

This is a character that needs no introduction. Nearly everyone has seen this series as its one of the originals that several of us grew up on. Im sure several of you have seen her in her battle attire but I doubt you would recognize her in this dress. I would love to see this version of her at conventions as its rarely done and would definitely make for some amazing pictures. The bright blue of this dress would work very well with some Fairy lights or a Moon Lamp. I happen to have both so let’s go ahead and make this a thing for someone’s shoot.

I hope you enjoyed this look at some budget cosplay items. I know cosplaying can be extremely expensive and every dollar counts in the cosplay world. Hopefully, a few of these costumes will appeal to you and give you some cheap alternatives to those otherwise expensive costumes. As always thank you so much for checking out my post and for more awesome cosplay related information make sure to click HERE! That’s everything for today, until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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