Congratulations to the Winners of the BigBadToys Cosplay Contest

We have finally settled on the winners of the BigBadToys Cosplay contest. It took a while but we finally settled on three winners. Thanks so much, everyone for participating and I will be contacting the winners today. You will also receive a message from BigBadToys.

1st Place @When.Ravens.Fall

2nd Place @Some.Millennial

3rd @Kogacosplay

Our Judges Were @my_neverending_dreamz, @quirklesscosplay, and @minty.pooo. I would like to thank them again so much for there selections and help. I also have a give away coming up soon sponsored by Rightstufanime so be on the lookout for it soon. Thanks again everyone and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

From Right To Left @minty.poo, @my_neverending_dreamz, and @quirklesscosplay

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