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Photo By Apotheosis Cosplay
Photo By Pugoffka

I have seen some awesome wings at many conventions made from all sorts of material. Everything from Eva foam to both real and artificial feathers get the job done. No matter your starting material, all cosplayers creating wings to match their character want them to look as beautiful and realistic as possible. Some even go above and beyond and make these wings unfold and flap. Well, that’s way beyond my capabilities but props and kudos to those talented enough to bring such creations to life.

Photo By Pugoffka

Winged cosplays are so fascinating to me that I decided to go ahead and dedicate a post to it. That’s right, we are going to look at characters with every color and shade of wings to create some awesome winged cosplays for our next convention. I already know that there are tons of characters to choose from but unfortunately, I have to limit the list to 10. Don’t worry, ill gladly add another list in the future to include more. So sit back and enjoy 10 winged cosplay characters to create for your next convention.


Sam Wilson Falcon

That’s right, kicking off the list we have the awesome Falcon. As most of us know this character uses mechanical wings that fold in and out whenever needed for flight. I’m sure the technology that went into making these is far into the future but until it arrives, we can just stick to creating non-functional cosplay wings. I recently got to photograph a pair of these wings made by @therealmikalmosley at Momocon. I’m not sure how he made these but they looked phenomenal as you can see from the above picture. This should definitely be motivation to create these wings.


Photo By CesarinCool

An absolute classic in the anime world is Angewomon. Being the female version of her male counterpart, she rocks some massive white feathery wings. For those of you like me, you can snag this cosplay over at Ezcosplay for a staggering $1,415. Unless your made from cash I would highly recommend you look into making this cosplay yourself. When completed its absolutely gorgeous as you can see from the image.       Do notice that if you do decide to order this cosplay it takes 6months to create so keep that in mind before purchasing.

Rainbow Dash

Photo By Retroreloads

I have a goddaughter that is absolutely in love with my little pony. A lot of people tell me how amazing of a show it is also but I have yet to try to give it a shot. I have been occupied with Demon Slayer at the moment. But I may give it a shot one day. Nevertheless, I have heard of Rainbow Dash. This is a relatively simple cosplay to pull off so if your looking to enter the winged world Rainbow Dash may be the route for you. Shes both iconic and very colorful meaning you should catch a few eyes and get all those awesome cosplay pics we all crave.

Morrigan Aensland

Photo By PaperCube

Another fan and convention favorite is Morrigan. This character can be seen in the Darkstalkers video game series along with the marvel vs capcom series. I love Morgan cosplays not only because I mained her in the series, but also because she posses some amazing powers. Specifically, her doppelganger power was always a pain to deal with and created a mirror image that replicated everything the main character did. Her wings can be purchased HERE if you do not feel like creating them yourself. Otherwise, I’m sure you can choose the Eva Foam route.


7 Tips

You know I had to include the angelic healer from overwatch. I still can’t believe its been 3 years since this game came out. It seems like they just released the trailer for the game yesterday. Anyways if you decide to cosplay as this character there are tons of decisions to make. Aside from her wings, there have been several skins released for this character and each is absolutely amazing. I personally favor her Halloween Witch skin as I photographed a cosplayer wearing this skin at AWA and ever since it has stuck out. A close second is her Zhuque skin. You can’t go wrong with either one.

Erza Scarlet

Photo By Kickacocplay

Although I have seen many iterations of Erza Scarlet I haven’t been fortunate enough to capture her Black wing armor yet. This armor is commonly dwarfed by her Heavens Wheel armor which is in fact another winged armor set. I definitely enjoy both of these armor sets and since I can’t decide which one I like more I say make them both and wear one Friday and the other Saturday. For those of you interested in making this armor, check HERE. Rather awesome tutorial.


Asta Shoot

This character does not normally have wings but his one wing does appear when ish gets serious. Astas Black Bulls Attire is his typical go-to outfit so you can buy the attire and just focus on the wing if you are pressed for time. And, since he only has one wing, this technically cuts the workload in half. But I forgot about his massive sword that you also have to craft so maybe that adds a bit of time back. Well, no one ever said cosplaying was going to be easy so get to it.


Photo By Cinemamakeupschool

If you’re more into a destruction of life or death kind of vibe than Ryuk is definitely the character for you. Death note came out in 2006 but is still popular at cons today. There was simply something about the way this story unfolded that captured viewers’ imaginations to this day. Maybe it was L’s detective work or Lights intellect that captured cosplayers interest but either way, this series was and is still awesome. Aside from the series, I also thoroughly enjoyed the live-action movie and thought it did the series justice. Check it out and give me your opinion.

Jin Kazama

Photo By Giannilanzaphoto

Jin Kazama is basically a grandpa of the fighting game franchise as I remember his original release in 1997. Most of the characters on this list were not even concepts yet so this is the real OG of winged characters. To make this cosplay even better, you get to be shirtless. That’s right, show off that hot bod I know you have been dying to give others a preview of. To make things even better, you get to do martial arts as this character and I do know about you but flipping, jumping, punching, and kicking are right up my ally lol. Regarding his wings well, there both black and rather large, similar to maleficents. There is an awesome guide HERE on how to create similar wings.


Photo By Pandorae

Last but not least we have another iconic character that has been around for a while. Kid Icarus was originally released in 1986 making him much older than most of today’s cosplayers LOL. If you want to pay respects to some classic winged characters than this is the way to go. Pits wings can be either white or black depending on if you cosplay as the good or evil version of him. He also has a wide arrange of weapons to complement his cosplay with his bow being the most iconic. It even breaks into two for easy transport! Everyone knows I love the classics and this cosplay will definitely get my attention at any convention.

Photo By Apotheosis Cosplay

I hope you got some great ideas for your next winged cosplay. I really enjoy these types of cosplays and have taken several pictures of some amazing cosplays with wings. Hopefully, I can take some great upcoming images of everyone deciding to cosplay as characters from this list. As always feel free to drop a comment below and let me know what you think. Well, that’s it for this post, until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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