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Raiden First Place

Hey Everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend, I certainly did. It was filled with tons of WORK 🙁 ! Everything from cleaning  the house to washing cars, but thats neither here nor there. Anyways, enough about my excitingly boring weekend. Thats not what you came here for.

 Contest PrizesJust like the contestants, im sure your itching to know the contest winners. The judges for this contest included myself, along with @cutiepiesensie and @Alliyah Stellara. Deciding on the winners took a bit longer than expected.

Several of the contestants had absolutely amazing costumes which clearly took a ton of hard work and dedication to create. Each contestant put their best costume forward making the selection process all that more difficult. I wish I could have selected multiple first-third places, it certainly would have made the process a lot quicker.

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WELL, THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME TO CROWN THE COSPLAY KINGS AND QUEENS. Please bang your desk in a synchronized manor in order to imitate the effects of a drum roll.

Taking Third Place Is Auce Java @ Crystal Wings Cosplay as Dark Zelda from the legend of Zelda.


 Dark Zelda CosplayThis awesome Dark Zelda Cosplay displays some very unique and talented embroidering. @Alliyah Stellar states “The level of detailed shown in this image looks extremely difficult. As you can see, the small details throughout the dress and gloves took lots of time and effort.” We loved this image and fittingly awarded Dark Zelda The position of third place. She will be receiving a 10$ Gift card courtesy of Rightstuf Anime

In Second Place we have Kristina Douglas As Sub-Zero From Mortal Kombat


 Sub-Zero Second Place CosplayWe choose subzero for second place due to the details in her armor.  @Cutiepiesensie states “The parts appear super complex and well executed. The finishing is really smooth. I think her gender-bent design works flawlessly and doesn’t change the character at all. She will be receiving a 15$ gift card and Sound of the Sky Blue-Ray courtesy of Rightstuf Anime.

Taking First Place is ………………….. Robert Young as a phenomenal Raiden from Mortal Kombat


 Raiden First Place CosplayThis costume was chosen because we believe it captures the difficult and passion of cosplay. Robert clearly puts tons of work into this costume and it definitely shows. @Alliyah Stellar states, “this costume clearly took a lot of time due to the fact that its full body armor. This shows dedication as you can see from the complexity of the costume.” @Cutiepiesensie states, ” I like the little details on the costume as well as his weathering work. To me, its one of the most accurate on the list here in combo with the amount of work it probably took to complete.” He will be receiving a 25$ gift card, Sound of the sky Blueray and Mobile Suit Gundam Blueray.

I would like to THANK EVERYONE SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING AND SUPPORTING THE CONTEST. A Special thanks to the judges Cutiepiesensie and Alliyah Stellara for assisting in the judging process.  I will be contacting the winners this afternoon!

Outside of First, Second  and Third place, we would like to mention some honorable entries. Deciding between these entries was much harder than originally anticipated. These costumes were almost tied with the three winning applicants. We believe they deserve an honorable mention. 

Honorable Mention 1 Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange Cosplay


Honorable Mention 2 Nepgear

NepGear Cosplay

Honorable Mention 3 Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Cosplay


All of the Entries can be found below. Stay tuned for the next contest. I hope to see you all again along with many new faces. Until next time, Stay Boundless. 

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