Cosplay Couples

I don’t know about you guys but if there’s one thing I love more

than classic anime its cosplay couples. Something about two

characters coming together to overcome the odds or simply long

lost lovers uniting is magical. Love is a very basic emotion that has

definitely become complicated over the years but remains

something that nearly everyone can relate to. The idea of

partnering with someone to accomplish a task no matter how

grand or minuscule is simply exciting.

Photo By: AndreaPolimeni

Cosplay couples can be seen throughout many animes and genres

and I am going to give you my top 10 favorite cosplay couples. I

have been lucky enough to see a few of these at conventions but

the number definitely needs to go up. Just as a quick definition, I do

not necessarily mean couples that are in love. It can be combat

partners or brothers and sisters that teamed up in some manner.

They simply had to have a strong bond and united in some way

shape or form. So without further ado, I give you my top 10 cosplay


1.Kamina And Simon

These two badasses are from the amazing series Gurren Lagann.

In my opinion, Kamina was what every man should aspire to be

and Simon was basically his little brother. If you haven’t seen the

series, it basically revolves around humanity living underground to

prevent their numbers from growing too large.

Photo By: ElefoAzuldelanoche

 Doing so will cause the return of an alien race known as the anti-

spirals and with it the destruction of humanity. Kamina and Simon

use large mechs they call gunmen. Kamina steals one and names it

Guren and combines it with another mech named Lagann. The

story really evolves from here and something tragic happens early

on. But one thing remains constant and that’s Kamina and Simon

are inseparable and remain one of the greatest cosplay couples I’ve

ever seen.

2. Dororo and Hyakkimaru

Photo By: Alecvolkov

This series starts rather sad but gets much better as it progresses.

Long story short a greedy father gives up everything to demons in

order for his country and own personal profit. The demons take

Hyakkimaru body as tribute. Fortunately, he survives and meets a

young boy named Dororo and together the two slay demons and

regains Hyakkimarus body. These cosplays are relatively cheap so

you can even afford them on a budget. Aside from the actual outfit,

all you would need to purchase is Hyakkimarus Wig and Dororos

Wig along with a cosplay Sword and you are good to go.

3.Tanjirou and Nezuko

I have recently fallen in love with this anime and had to add it to

the cosplay couples list. For any similar newcomers, the series

revolved around a brother and sister couple (Tanjirou and

Nezuko) striving to slay demons but more importantly revert

Nezuko to her human form.

Their family was unfortunately killed by a demon while Tanjirou

was away and left only Nezuko alive but in the form of a demon.

One of the coolest things about this outfit is Tanjirous earings.

They are very unique and honestly, I like them even without the

matching cosplay. This would be a perfect cosplay for two family


4. Sophie and Howl

Photo By: Trustourworldnow

I wouldn’t dare make this list and not include a Studio Ghibli film.

That would be unrealistic and downright disrespectful. The movie

holds a lot of importance for me because I saw it a long time ago

with someone very special to me. Watching it is definitely a trip

down memory lane and brings a lot of nostalgia with it. The basic

premise is a young girl (Sophie) is bewitched by a witch and is

looking to break the spell.

Photo By: Rotemamba

At the same time, a young wizard (Howl) is caught on bother sides

of two warring nations. Theres a lot more to it than that but this is

the basic premise. I recently saw this cosplayed at Momocon but

was not able to capture it. Definitely one of my biggest cosplay

photography regrets. Maybe ill luck out and see this cosplay done


5. Tidus and Yuna

Tidus and Yuna have always been the perfect couple that never

truly had a chance. They stem from Final Fantasy X and their

love story really got to me for some reason. Everyone raves

about Final Fantasy VII, but this was my personal favorite. If

you haven’t beat the game I won’t ruin it for you but I really

wish they would make this into a movie. Long story short the

world is constantly at threat from a giant creature known as sin

and the only way to defeat it is with summoners and their


Photo By: Mgphotographer

 Then there’s this whole thing about dreaming and sacrificing and

it becomes a lot very quickly. But, Yuna and Tidus have some of

the best cutscenes in the game and the final one is rough, don’t say

I didn’t warn you. I think Yunas dress is absolutely gorgeous and

Tidus has one of the coolest swords ever made. Its made out of

water and simply looks awesome. I usually see Yuna at

conventions but not Tidus. Please bring this couple back and I

promise I’ll take some awesome pictures of it.

6. Aang and Katara

Photo By: Pingtimeout

Maybe this is still on my mind because I recently wrote a POST on

it or maybe its simply true. Either way, this again is one of my

favorite cosplay couples. They slowly fell in love as the series

progressed and overcame many trials and tribulations together.

Each of them supported one another and thrived off the others


Photo By: Starfall Photograpy

You cant have watched Avatar the Last Air Bender and not have

wanted these couples to workout. Fortunately, these are another

two cosplays that are relatively cheap. Aang will only run you

about $53 bucks while Katara will cost you about $80. And of

course to add the old razzle dazzle to the cosplay, through in Aangs


 7. Yondu and Quill

Photo By: V-Kony

Yondu and Quills farewell scene in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 had

me feeling some type of way. This cosplay couple has a very unique

relationship. Long story short Yondu saves Quill from his own

father and acts as a mentor throughout his entire childhood.

Instead of being nurturing, he always comes off has hardcore and


Photo By: Theartofemp

It’s not until the second installment of the movie that you realize

Yondu is just trying to protect quill. Usually, Gamora and Nebula

steal the thunder at conventions, but let’s bring back this iconic

pair. Side note, don’t forget those Blasters Quill wields for some

added flare.

8. Misaki and Usui

Photo By: Ragezeph

Definitely one of the cutest couples I have ever seen, Kaichou wa

Maid-Sama is about an all-male school that was known for being

particularly rough suddenly converting to a co-ed school. Misaki

develops a reputation of being known as a male hater. Outside of

school, she works in a maid cafe to help support her mother and

her part-time job is discovered by a male student by the name of


Photo By: Geneakizuki

Since they’re on the cosplay couples list you can obviously conclude

what happens next. Guy falls in love, girl falls in love, they get

married and she takes everything he owns in the divorce LOL. Just

kidding, but seriously check out this anime its really cute.

9. Tamahome and Miaka

Photo By: ChristinaGomez

This is another absolute classic. For some reason, this anime has

always stuck with me. Fushigi Yuugi was released in 1996. Long

before all the popular convention animes were even a thought

process. The story focuses on Miaka who is transported in the

Universe of the Four Gods book and becomes a priestess. In order

to escape, she must gather the 7 celestial warriors and summon

Suzaku to obtain three wishes.

Photo By: Kuroyuki Kanade

In the process, she falls in love with the celestial warrior

Tamahome.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this characters cosplay

outfit so you will have to use the image to create your own. This is

definitely a classic and helped paved the way for modern cosplay

couples. Pay some respect to the classics at your next convention.

10. Touka Kirishima and Ken Kaneki

Photo By: Ashitaro

Last but not least we have Touka Kirishima and Ken Kaneki. I

believe most people have seen this series or have at least looked

into it. I know many fans were shocked when Touka and Ken

decided to tie the knot. Even more shocking was the fact that she

became pregnant with Kens baby.

Photo By: Sven Waghals

Touka eventually gives birth to Ichika Kaneki. This relationship

had been a long time coming and im sure fans were more than

excited when it finally happened. I have yet to photograph a pair at

any convention but with a bit of luck its only a matter of time until

I encounter the two.

Photo By: xwickedgames

Thanks so much for checking out my cosplay couples post. I hope

you enjoyed this post and will attempt to cosplay some of these

couples at your next convention. I would love to photograph it and

I’m sure others would like to see it. Well, that’s everything for

today, until next time, stay boundless.

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