Cosplay Mashup Ideas and Combos

Cosplay Mashup

Most animes are a compilation of heroes and do not focus on the

actions of a single hero. There are exceptions out there but usually, the

hero or villain has at least one sidekick. Why is this? Obviously,

because no one person can save the world on their own. Theirs simply

to much to be done or too many opponents to overcome. So with that

thought process in mind, I thought why not get a bit of help from some

other series.

Cosplay Mashup

This brought me to the idea of cosplay series mashups. Specifically,

I mean combing cosplay characters with similar abilities. Such as

swordsmen, fire manipulators or heavily armored characters.

 How awesome would it be to see a line of magicians or demon

slayers united against a single threat spanning multiple series. I

know this is something I would love to see and believe would make

for a great group event at any convention. So, with that idea in

mind lets check out some great cosplay mashups.

Mech Mashup

Cosplay Mashup
Photo By: DarkhawkRider

My first Cosplay character combination would pertain to giant

mechs. I would love to see Gypsy danger, Gundam 0, Big O or

Death Scythe cosplays combined. Each of these characters are

obviously giant mechs and seeing them square off against one

another at a convention would be awesome. Theorizing about

which ones would win would, of course, spark huge debates and

ignite the imagination. So go ahead and grab your best friends and

combine multiple anime mechs for your next convention.


Cosplay Mashup

If armor building is not your thing, then maybe you will gravitate

towards the swordsman category. Swordsman such as Kenshin,

Zoro, Ichigo, Kenpachi, Kirito or Erza Scarlet are all legendary

swordsmen in the anime world. People usually combine these

characters with others from their series but imagine if we had an

entire line up of swordsmen spanning 10 years of anime. This

would make for a phenomenal shoot or cover art for any magazine

or blog. Or even imagine a free for all. Kenpachi vs Zoro vs Erza

Scarlet. The video footage for such a meetup would surely get you

tons of attention. I Know I’d watch it!

Fire Manipulators

Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay
Photo By: tophwei

Ok, so this Cosplay mashup does not have to be specific to fire

manipulators. It could be water benders or earth manipulators. As

long as the element being bent matches up to each character, we

are good. If you do decide to stick with the fire theme, you could

use General Iroh, Zuko, Shana, Roy Mustang, Portgas D Ace or

even Feitan. There are tons of characters to choose from for this

cosplay mashup shoot so feel free to let the imagination run wild

and get super creative. Hell, you could even do a spacial

manipulation group and use characters such as Thirteen or Finral.


Photo By: Kinpatsu Cosplay

Disclaimer, this is one of my favorite categories and the list of

cosplay mashup characters is endless. Just stay with me for a

minute here and imagine its Saturday morning and your getting

ready for the convention. You and your friends walk through the

door 10 to 20 people strong rocking cosplay characters that all use

magic. Some examples could be Dark Magician (Guy/Girl),

Vanessa, Captain Yami, Azazel or Aainz Ooal Gown. I can only

imagine the photoshop magic that could go into such a shoot. I get

excited just thinking about it.

Martial Artists

Cosplay Mashup
Photo: By Leocabrera

This category is awesome not only because it mashes characters

with different martial arts abilities but also because the cosplayer

could actually practice said martial arts before the convention. For

example, if you chose to cosplay as Baki you could actually take

Muay Thai classes or karate classes for Doppo Orochi. Side note,

these characters wear very basic clothing so this would be a very

easy cosplay to pull off. Other characters include Ryu/Ken, Ippo,

Eddy Gordo, K dash, or Mai Shiranui. You could even

choreograph a fight scene between the characters. That would look

great for the camera.

Monster Slayers

Cosplay Mashup
Photo By: Santosphotocosplay

The possibilities for this group are nearly endless. Because

monsters span so many cosplay series and are usually the

antagonists of series. This category kind of branches over into the

swordsmen and martial artist category but that’s ok. Gather

enough of you and maybe a few villains and people will get the

concept. Characters that come to mind include Goblin Slayer,

Genos, One Punch Man, Gon, Killua and Alucard. Imagine a

shoot where all of you gang up on a ghoul or goblin. I think this

would look awesome.


Cosplay Mashup
Photo By: Lalaax

Everyone loves this category. This is the group of people that say

“I’m here to f**k s**t up”. The nation overthrowers, usurpers and

general revolutionists. I really wish this would occur in real life.

Imagine expelling of the corrupt politicians and abolishing the

publics general debt. All school loans gone over night. A world

were interest rates do not exceed 2%. That’s the world I want to live

in. Some characters that are known for bringing change or making

ish happen are Lelouch, Simon, Arslan, Spike Spiegel or any

member of Knight Raid. This is a category of anime you definitely

need to invest in to get some ideas on equalizing the world.


Cosplay Mashup
Photo By: Rosukuma

Most of us play or have played some form of sports. Well, why not

show off some of that natural talent by portraying a character

naturally good at your chosen sport. It could be boxing, basketball,

soccer or volleyball, the possibilities are infinite. So many anime

are about sports that you could literally have your pick of the liter.

Characters that come to mind include Yuri, Nanase Haruka,

Ryoma Echizen, Hanamich Sakuragi or Kotaro Bokuto. Combine

all these characters and make an image with Ryoma Echizen

serving a ball while Hanamich grabs it mid-flight and dunks it on

Ryoma LOL.


Cosplay Mashup

If none of the other categories appealed to you then maybe it’s

because your omnipotent. That’s right, humanity is below you and

its time you ascend to that level you always knew you could

achieve. Look down from your throne and realize your cosplay is

in a class of its own and meant for the likes of gods, not mere

mortals. If this description describes you then congratulations, you

fit perfectly into the god class of cosplay mashups. Some of your

companions could include Beerus, God Serena, Ryuuku Ryuk,

Yato Noragami or Kaguya Otsutsuki. Imagine putting on the

photography shoots flier, god shoot at 3:00 pm. That’s definitely

going to get some attention.

Cosplay Mashup
Photo By: Povolotskiy

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration or cosplay

mashup idea for your next convention. I really want to see

multiple people come together and make some of the groups a

reality. This would be such an awesome sighting. Man the pictures I

could take, one can only dream. Anyways as always if you enjoyed

the post feel free to leave a message below. I would love to hear

from everyone. That’s it for today, until next time, stay


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