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Deku CosplaySo I came to the realization that I am constantly posting images but rarely do I discuss my actual work flow and reasons for editing images the way I do! Well, that’s going to stay that way for a while LOL, until I figure out how I want to actually present that information.

               Instead, this cosplay post is all about the cosplay music grind. That’s right, this post is dedicated to some of the top 10 songs I listen to while working on cosplay images along with any other grind such as studying.

              Cosplay Music and GrindAs many of you know I am currently in school so when i am not working on posts or editing I’m trying to establish a future that will handle these current bills and future bills. Because let’s face it, the cosplay lifestyle aint providing the way it needs to. So with that in mind lets jump into some of the best Cosplay/ Lifestyle and grind music to listen to when getting things done!

Cosplay & Grind

    1. Cosplay And GrindStarting with number 10, we have Kudasai, The Girl I Haven’t Met. This song is extremely relaxing and will definitely help take away the days stress. Kudasai creates Lo-Fi Hip hop music. This genre mashes traditional hip-hop and jazz elements to create an atmospheric, instrumental and soundscape vibe.Believe it or not, Kudasai got his name from an old song called “Chotto Matte Kudasai” (Never Say Goodbye) by Sam Kapu. It also translates to “Please Wait A Moment”. He also of course watches anime, with his favorite being Erased. Definitely check out some more of his music here. 


    1. Grand Master Bushido BrownNext Up we have Eternal Youth by Rude. Similar to Kudasai, he also creates Lo-Fi hip hop music. Eternal youth is a homage to Asian culture and soundscapes. The track has been created in order to celebrate youth and life. This song really makes you feel like your taking a trip back in history. To check out more of his music look no further! 


    1. Joakims Karuds WavesFire Emblem Cosplay. This music producer is from Sweden and creates some fantastic beats. Some of his most famous albums include Ocean, Zoned Out and Mondays. I listen to this song a lot when I am editing pics. The rhythm and beat help keep me working at a decent pace and brings back some great memories. To see more of his music check here. 


    1. AWA 2017 Roberta The HoundNext up we have Unrequited Love by Frad. This song I must admit reminds me of the middle school days when you would send notes to girls asking if they liked you. I think this is a great song to listen to when you are doing lighter grind work. Such as some light sewing or light picture editing. Definitely not the song for trying to complete things on a deadline. To listen to more of Frads work check here. 


    1. Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Something about this beat and hip-hop vibe just make life better. It probably also helps that this is my MOST FAVORITE ARTIST OF ALL TIME. If you guessed Nujabes you nailed it. Specifically, his song Summer Gypsy. Nujabes unfortunately passed away on February 26,2010. His music basically made up the entire Samurai Champloo album. If you haven’t checked out his work please, please, please do. More Nujabes Here. 


    1. Cosplay Music And GrindComing in at number 5 we have  Flight Facilities Clair De Lunes (XVII Bootleg). I first heard this song on one of the Chill and Trap youtube stations. Clair De Lune translates to “Light of the Moon”. Im not really sure how to describe this song but never the less it is amazing. Surely one of those songs that will help get the creative mojo flowing. More from Flight Facilities Here. 


    1. Cosplay Music And GrindNujabes as I said is amazing so of course he gets another spot on the list. Making the number 4 spot on the list we have Nujabes Kumomi. Another song that helps take away some of the stress of having tons of work to do and not a lot of time or will power. Something about the beat mixed in with the piano makes everything just better. Maybe that cosplay you are working on is not turning out the way you want. This is the song for you then! 


    1. Soul Eater CosplayNow we are coming into the final 3. These songs I have listened to more times than I care to admit, they are just that damn good. Kicking off the top 3 we have Sorry I Like You by Burbank! This song has an awesome anime video that goes with it here. The video combines clips from some animes including The Garden of words, The Place promised in Our Early Days and The Children Who Chase Lost Voices. I get really mixed emotions about this song stretching through the spectrum from happiness to sadness. Another Must listen to while getting work done. More Burbank Here. 


    1. AWA 2017 Spike and FayeI could not make a list without throwing in Saibs Space Cowboy. I have and always will be a huge Cowboy Bebop fan so this video only adds to the awesomeness of this track. The slow and then faced paced rhythms of this song make for a great celebratory ending to a days work. I do not know much about this artist but I certainly need to look into more of his music. But for now ill continue to play this hit on loop! Check out more Here. 


    1. Mercy CosplayComing in at number 1 we have none other than Jinsangs Affection. I cannot express in words how much I Love this song. Its absolutely AMAZING. Everything from the Garden of Words video to the incorporation of the Passing my By, by the Pharcyde. Funny enough I have never actually seen Garden of words but never the less I adore this song. More Jinsang Here. 


Well there you have it, the top 10 songs to relax to while grinding. After creating this list Im starting to think I have a thing for songs which evoke a lot of emotion and memories. Probably something I need to delve deeper into but that’s tomorrows problems. If you enjoyed this list and the pictures or have any additions feel free to drop a comment below. I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks! Ps: A list of all the songs can be found at the bottom. Until next time, Stay Boundless!!!

Song List

  1. Kudasai, The Girl I Haven’t Met
  2. Eternal Youth by Rude
  3. Joakims Karuds Waves
  4. Unrequited Love by Frad
  5. Summer Gypsy
  6. Clair De Lunes (XVII Bootleg)
  7. Nujabes Kumomi
  8. Sorry I Like You by Burbank
  9. Saibs Space Cowboy
  10. Jinsangs Affection


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