Cosplay Networking

How’s everyone doing today? I want to discuss a very important

aspect of the cosplay community that is commonly overlooked. No,

I am not talking about tutorials or keeping track of the release date

of the next season of your favorite anime. I want to talk about

NETWORKING. This aspect of the cosplay community is commonly

overlooked and put to the side in place of focusing on yourself. I

have written some similar articles relating to the topic so check

them out HERE. So with that said lets dive into it! 


Lets start with the top 3 reasons to network, the first being

increased EXPOSURE. Most cosplayers desire both exposure and

recognition. Promoting yourself and your own work has its

benefits but also its limitations. There’s a reason companies,

countries and employees ban together, improved odds of success.

When you link with other cosplayers you not only gain access to

their followers, but also their followers, followers. 

Poison Ivy the Temptress

Using this method, you can increase your experience by hundreds

if not thousands of viewers. Simply offer to feature other

cosplayers in your stories, blog and IG. You have nothing to lose by

trying and everything to gain. These friendships can grow into

something much larger and eventually lead to both of your

successes. I have had the pleasure of working with several

cosplayers including My_Neverending_dreamz and Alliyah Stellara

Nebula. When they host my work it always leads to more follower.

Definitely experiment with it.

Tricks of The Trade 

Next up we have access to EXPERIENCE. Several cosplayers have

been living this cosplay life for a very long time. They were there

when the conventions were nothing more than a few groupies

watching poorly translated cartoons. They have been

accumulating knowledge regarding Worbla, Eva Foam and anime

series and much more for years. Not cashing in on the wealth of

knowledge would be foolish. Im also sure they also know tricks to

increase your following base which is of course what we all want. 

Overwatch Group Shot

Other elements that such veterans can offer is advice on where to

purchase cosplay items for below average prices or which cons to

avoid. They are literally walking libraries full of information just

waiting to be unlocked. Please, please, please if you take nothing

else from this post invest in some EXPERIENCED

cosplayers. Im sure they will not be disappointed. 

Rangers AWA 2017 Pics

Financial Gain 

Last but not least we have arrived at FINANCIAL GAIN. What do I

mean exactly, well im glad you asked, let me explain my friend. As

a cosplay photographer, I commonly receive more requests than I

can fulfill. This is where friends come in. By having several trusted

cosplay photographer friends I am able to pass excess work to

them which im sure they appreciate if they are not

booked. Its basically a scratch my back and ill

scratch yours relationship. So many believe they have to

monopolies certain aspects of the cosplay industry but this

couldn’t be further from the truth. 

By networking with others in your field you gain access to several

other lucrative opportunities. For example, say a photographer

wants to do an overwatch shoot. Well, he will

obviously needs more than one overwatch cosplayer to create his

image so this is where you come in. Your friends reach out to you

and now you both gain exposure leading to more images which

can be sold for FINANCIAL GAIN. It’s a very simple concept but

when used effectively can yield great results. 

Well that wraps up todays post. I rarely get to hear from any of you

and would love to change that. Please let me know what you think

of this info in the comments section below. Anything I got wrong

or missed please let me know. I appreciate any constructive

criticism. Well that’s it for today, until next time STAY


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