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Cosplay exhibiting is an extremely important part of the cosplay

process. Letting others know what you like to cosplay as and what

your interests are is imperative. Tons of cosplayers haven taken

pictures with me, but I can’t remember all of there pages or IG

handles. That’s where familiarity and posting in multiple cosplay

pages comes in handy.

I can’t tell you how many times I have

forgotten a cosplayers IG or FB and remembered seeing one of

there images in a specific cosplay page. With that theme in mind,

lets dive into the top 5 Pages I believe you should share your

cosplay work in and join!


Starting off the list we have none other than the group called

cosplay. The group has over 30,000 members and is very helpful.

Most importantly, your bound to get in front of a very large

audience and this can lead to many opportunities. Someone could

recognize you at your next convention from the group and lead to

that big blow up you were looking for.

Cosplay Society

Next up we have Cosplay Society. This group has a good 5k

members and has never let me down. I have had many

conversations with people from this group and they were all very

helpful. They have helped me discover the name of anime

characters I have photographed and which series they are from.

Most importantly, I have had the pleasure of linking up at cons

with people from this group and adding them to the BOUNDLESS!!!


Anime Fever

Anime Fever has a whopping 68k members. That’s a tons of eyes

potentially viewing your new cosplay. These group are extremely

helpful at generating ideas also. Sometimes one can become a little

strained to break out of there cosplay bubble. Well, viewing others

cosplayers who have seen series you have not can help with this

frustration. Or, they can give you a completely new spin on one of

your favorite cosplay characters. Lots to be gained by joining some

of these groups.

Cosplay Circle

Coming in at number 4 we have Cosplay Circle. This is another

very large group with close to 57K members. I can’t stress this

enough, NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!!! I have written a post

on this before HERE, check it out. These groups are very good at

getting you in touch with other cosplayers in your area that you

didn’t even know cosplayed. Collaboration is the key to growing

your cosplay life.

Anime Monk

Last but not least we have Anime Monk. This page has a staggering

321k members. Such large groups can be a bit daunting but as long

as you are respectful and friendly, I am sure you will have no

trouble fitting into the group. I have to admit I have not posted in

this group as much as the others simply because I forgot about it,

but that will be changing as of today lol.

Well I hoped you liked my list of the TOP 5 cosplay groups to join. I

believe joining multiple groups and meeting as many people as

possible is the key to success in the cosplay world. If you agree feel

free to leave a comment in the comments section below. Well that’s

it or now, until next time, STAY BOUNDLESS!!!

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