Cosplay Photo Equipment & Shoot Preparations


How’s everyone doing? Well I hope for a Thursday. Well if not that’s

ok, I’m here to change that. With momocon right around the

corner I decided to talk a bit about the photography gear you may

want to bring with you to the convention. If you don’t have this

equipment or anything similar that’s ok, just learn to work with

what you have and slowly work your way up the list.

Its true that a good photographer isn’t completely reliant on

equipment but at the same time a great photographer knows his

equipment well. Im sure thousands of shoots will take place at

momocon but here’s a few tips to help them flow a bit smoother.

Specifically, lets look at 5 tips that will both increase your

professionalism and transitions between customers along with a

bit about my gear.

I shoot with a mid-tier camera, a Nikon D7000. My lens kit ranges

from a Nikon NIKKOR 50mm to a kit 18-55mm lens. For these

photos I used the Nikkor 50mm. I still have yet to invest in

the NIKKOR 85mm which is considered the holly grail of portrait

photography but im getting there. I also upgraded from

Yongnuo YN568EX speed light (which I still use)

to 3 ORLIT Rovelight 610. Accompanying these large monolights are

3 Neewer 32inch Softboxes or 3 Godox Softboxes. Most of the

images on my site were made using this set up so I swear by it!

Now, onto the preparations.


I can’t stress this enough and have talked about it in several other

posts, you need to have a specific location set for each shoot prior

to the shooting time. Each cosplay may not warrant a different

location but be aware of the ones that do. Post-apocalyptic themed

shoots should not be taking place in green pastures. Aim for

parking garages or more concrete based locations. the same goes

for cosplays replicating vibrant animes. These should be shot near

flowers and trees to truly capture the spirit of that specific anime.


Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

Poses can make or break a shoot. Have the client practice a few

poses prior to the shoot so you both aren’t completely winging it. If

this is a spontaneous shoot, make sure you have a default list of

poses for both males and females. Certain body types look better

with a side profile compared to a straight on shot. Similarly, some

cosplays look better sitting rather than standing. But arguably the

most important aspect of the image is the hands. Please do not

simply hang your hands by your side. This looks really bad for

most shots.

Camera Settings

Classic Harley

Please, please, please have your camera is dialed into the correct

setting before you start your shoot. Its ok to make a few

adjustments during the shoot, this is expected. But you really

shouldn’t be setting up every aspect when the cosplayer arrives.

Your F-stop, aperture and light setting should be close to what you

want for the shoot. Nothing worse than halting a shoot while you

take 2 to 3 minutes to dial in the right settings for the shoot.

Know Your Clients Character

Eddy Gordo Cosplay

A little knowledge about the clients character can go a long way.

Knowing the tendencies of the character can help you create some

very unique poses that are not stereotypical or telegraphed. It can

also help you with the equipment you can bring to the shoot.

Smoke machines, Smoke grenades, gels and even crystal balls are

all accessories which can spice up your cosplay photography. And

its extremely important to stand out and be unique in this day and


Doubling Up

Cospaly Photo Equipment and shoot preparations for your next convention.

Last but not least we have doubling up. People seem to really enjoy

either mash ups or multiple characters posing together from the

same series. This has the added advantage of not only getting you

access to more potential exposure via the other cosplayers social

media platform, but you can split the cost of the shoot. These are

two wins that need to be capitalized on. Who doesn’t like to see

Naruto and Hinata or Black panther and Storm? I know they

always make my day.

Ice Climbers Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2017

Well that does it for my rant about equipment and preparations. If

this info has helped you prepare for your next shoot feel free to

leave a comment in the section below. I love hearing from you all

and look forward to more interactions. Thanks for tuning in and

until next time stay BOUNDLESS!!!


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