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Hows everyone doing? So I decided to finally make a post about a very important subject. No im not talking about which con is the best or what material you should use for your next cosplay. Instead, im referring to the importance of using a good COSPLAY PHOTOGRAPHER for your next convention.

All to commonly I see amazing cosplayers displaying some of there best work at each con. They have put countless hours into there cosplay and most have spent a decent amount of money on their cosplays. Obviously individuals at the con can view these details and appreciate the work you have put into your costume, but what about all the people that were not at the con? Your friends that couldn’t make it to the con?

Isnt it important that they also have the opportunity to appreciate your character and work? Well, that’s where a good Cosplay Photographer comes into play. We have the ability to make a photo go from this (The left Image) To this (The Right Image). The image on the left is directly out of the camera! Im sure youre thinking, I also have a DSLR camera or even a mirrorless top of the line camera. But, what you have to realize is a piece of equipment can only get you so far.

When you hire a cosplay photographer what your really purchasing is there mind and skills. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t hire same random guy you met holding a scalpel and dressed as a doctor to do your appendectomy (Appendix Removal).  Similarly just because you own a wrench doesn’t mean you can fix a car. So why does everyone pick up a camera and believe they can take great pics?

Second, excluding the special effects and enhanced images, cosplay photographers have a unique eye that takes years to develop. Selecting the right spot, lighting and camera setting takes tons of trial and error. You definitely do not want you shoot to be one of these “trial and error scenarios”. Photoshop and lightroom can only get you so far. Without the basic skills in place, youre setting yourself up for failure.

Last but not least, When you hire an experienced cosplay photographer you should go with references first. Lots of great cosplay photographers are spread via word of mouth. First check out there work and more importantly talk to other cosplayers about there experience with said photographer.

I have heard tons of horror stories and seen terrible work all because the cosplayer went with the “Cheapest option” instead of the trusted option. Ill admit some cosplay photographer prices can get out of control, but its definitely worth it to pay a bit more for the experience. Again, this is all just my opinion so your free to take it or leave it 😊.

Later on, I plan to release another article later showing my 1st year of cosplay photography compared to know. It should give further insight as to what you should be seeking when deciding upon the perfect cosplay photographer! If you enjoyed this article, let me know in the comments section below. Have any objections, definitely feel free to include them below also. Well that’s it for today, until next time stay BOUNDLESS!!!.

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