Cosplay Shoot With @Wakandamooncosplay

Wakanda Moon cosplay

How’s everyone doing? I got the chance to photograph some awesome cosplayers at Blerdcon and they certainly did not disappoint. Their outfits were gorgeous and completely accented there poses. Following the shoot, they were nice enough to answer a few questions about their cosplay careers. Let’s take a look at what I asked and what they had to say?

Why did you start cosplaying?

Wakanda Moon cosplay

Sailor Uru: I started because like all geeks out there, I wanted to escape into a world where I could be any superhero and feel a part of the culture I loved. 

Sailor Adamantium: For me, it was more of an opportunity to show appreciation and passion for the fandoms I love.

What got you into cosplay?

Wakanda Moon cosplay

Sailor Adamantium: My little sister helped me do a Michonne cosplay back in 2015 for Wizard World New Orleans. Also, living in New Orleans, where dressing up is an average Tuesday afternoon, made it so much easier to give cosplay a try.

Sailor Uru: I always enjoyed watching my favorite superheroes on television growing up. Growing up I was afraid to dress up because it wasn’t necessarily cool back then. But, as a young adult, I discovered comic book conventions and I always admired how brave and creative the people who attended were. I dreamed of going to one of these events and dressing up. Finally, I did it and I will never look back.

Why did you cosplay as your characters?

Wakanda Moon cosplay

SU: When I was thinking about ideas for this specific cosplay I was obsessed with the movie Black Panther. Especially the Dora Milaje, being an army of female warriors. From their bald heads to the tribal markings, down to the impeccable detailing of not only the character style but the depth in which their style matched their personalities. I thought about other strong female warriors that I could mash this idea with and immediately the scouts of Sailor Moon came to mind. Just like that, Wakanda Moon cosplay was born.

Did you make your cosplays yourself? How did you make them?

Wakanda Moon cosplay

SU: Yes. Well…that’s an interesting story. Mock 1 of the costumes were something else — they were simple with safety pins and rushed stitching. We only recently redesigned and reconstructed the costumes you see today. We used better patterns for the collar and skirt. Those each took 3 days to make. We really focused on making a costume that, when you saw it, you’d know who we are and what our aesthetic is. We wanted to make sure the mashup concept was really clear so we made sure to include bows and white gloves along with the patterned cloth and armor.

What are your long term cosplay goals?

Wakanda Moon cosplay

SA: Our goal is to inspire people to live unapologetically and love themselves. Cosplay is an amazing opportunity to literally wear and express your passions for everyone to see. It’s the kind of hobby where your interests, skills, and creativity all combine to form this community that encourages you to live your best life, and that’s what we’re all about. We want to continue to build communities and safe spaces where people, especially kids, can hold on to their imaginations.

What cosplays are you planning to do next? What Cons are next on the agenda this year?

Wakanda Moon cosplay

SU: If we tell you we would have to kill you. LOL. Just kidding. We have been thinking about that a lot lately. We haven’t nailed down an idea yet but we have some incredible options to choose from.  We’ll be at DragonCon in Atlanta for sure, and we’re hoping to visit at least one other con before the end of the year.

What advice do you have for other cosplayers?

Wakanda Moon cosplay

SU: Just have fun. Cosplay is for everyone. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Go for it and you will be greeted by so many loving geeks who support you. 

SA: Cosplay is for everyone! Once you give yourself permission to try it out you’ll find the creativity and passion is already there.

How did you like Blerdcon?

Wakanda Moon cosplay

SU: It was AMAZING! It was our first time here! BlerdCon was everything we could have asked for and more. We have met so many people who have embraced us wholeheartedly. Grateful doesn’t even come close to how we feel about having met so many amazing people, and it’s so exciting to continue to build relationships within the community.

Do you think you can or would you like to make cosplay a full time profession?

Wakanda Moon cosplay

SU: I don’t know about a full-time profession. I would have to see what the bag is looking like. But I wouldn’t mind exploring where this movement can go. Maybe we will create an army of Mighty Moon Milaje out there. Who knows?

SA: That would be an amazing profession…but first I’d need to improve my crafting skills!

Who do you admire/look up to in the cosplay and poc community?

Wakanda Moon cosplay

SA: I haven’t been active enough in the cosplay community to name names, but I’ve loved following various Instagram hashtags to see all of the amazing work of other cosplayers.  In terms of other creatives, I truly admire Roxane Gay and NK Jemisin – both women are just masters of writing, they’re vocal about their beliefs, and they’re transparent about how they’ve achieved successes in their careers.

SU: Wow…that’s a tough one for me. There are so many cosplayers out there that I follow and love. I’ll try to name a few. Supaboy43 who is one of the most amazing Blade cosplayers out there. Cutiepie Sensei, Riddle, Panterona, and Yaya Han. In reference to the community, there’s so many there as well. Beau Billingslea, whom we here at Blerdcon, is one of the voices I grew up with as a kid. Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop. Rachel True, who played in The Craft, embraced us so quickly. She is truly one of the nicest people we have met. I can go on and on but I think I will stop here. I can be long-winded. LOL

I would like to thank @wakandamooncosplay so much for posing for this shoot and answering my interview questions. I cant wait to see them at another convention and take some more photos. To see some other cosplay photos from previous shoots feel free to click HERE. Thanks so much for checking out my post and as always, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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