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With the invention of contacts, the necessity for glasses is nowhere near as prevalent. Contacts now days come in so many varieties that I can’t possibly keep up. I have seen everything from Sharingan contacts to the ace of spades but sometimes you don’t want to hassle with contacts. Cosplayers spend so much time on their outfit and makeup that contacts add another level of complexity that is sometimes just unwanted. On these days, its time to have a character planned that wears glasses. That’s right today we are diving into cosplays with glasses and listing a few options that should be considered for your next convention. 

Uryu Ishida 

First up we have an absolute classic cosplay with glasses in the form of Uryu IshidaHe stems from the big 5 of anime and was an awesome archer. Uryu Ishida never made the upgrade to contacts. Maybe they just didn’t develop that technology in the spirit world as preventing Aizen from ruling soul society took a bit of preference. No matter the reason, once Uryu Ishida had you in his sites he was almost guaranteed to hit his mark. If that didn’t work, he could always use his AOE arrow attack that had a much greater chance of hitting.  

Velma Dinkley

Literally the epitome of being blind as a bat. Velma Dinkley was an amazing detective. She had brains, beauty, and an amazing sense of intuition. But, all of this was negated as soon as her glasses were removed. She went from team VIP to absolutely useless in a second. Fortunately, she usually found them and was back in the fight in no time but god knows what would happen if they were permanently lost. You would think by now she would carry a backup pair. If any character on this list needed to invest in contacts than its definitely Velma Dinkley. 

Maes Hughes 

When it comes to cosplays with glasses usually one would not think of Maes Hughes as his personality and obsession for his daughter dwarf everything else. I really need to go back and watch this series as I really only remember his death and daughter obsessions. Well, and of course his unfortunate run-in with envy but that goes along with his death. #RIPMaes Hughes. I’m not sure what his vision was like without his glasses but I feel his obsession could not reach full fruition without his glasse


Who could forget the episode where Suika took off her helmet and instantly created and old lady face. I was really not expecting this and it just goes to show how important glasses are for these characters. Now of course she did not wear glasses in the traditional sense but this does not exclude her from the cosplay with glasses list. She required the lenses used in glasses but created her own frames so technically shes an inventor. Either way Suika is also a glass wearer so she counts. 

Grell Sutcliff 

So far we have only been listing neutral characters or heroes so its time to venture into the villain realm. Our first entry into this section of the cosplay with glasses list is Grell SutcliffGrell is one of the main antagonists from Black Butler and well wears glasses. Her glasses come in red just like nearly every piece of her attire. Another great part of this cosplay is that matching those glasses is an awesome cosplay weapon. That’s right, Grell Sutcliff uses a chainsaw. Aside from scythes, I believe chainsaws are my second favorite cosplay weapon. 

Integra Hellsing 

Coming in next is one of the most stone-cold and battled hardened characters on the list. Integra Hellsing controls the most powerful force likely in all of the world and does so without wavering. Not to mention she also has a completely badass butler and second ace up her sleeve in the form of Saras Victoria. What’s so amazing about Integra is that she actually does not have any powers yet absolute monsters follow her every command. To look Alucard in the eye and show no fear is something I could never do. 


Gowther-Cosplay-by Yuki-chanSP

When it comes to awkward characters Gowther certainly takes the cake. He is one cosplay with glasses that has and always will be weird. His abilities are unquestionably top shelf but his thought processes and ideas leave room for improvement. But, throughout the series, he can be seen adjusting his glasses though I highly doubt he needs them. Technically, since he’s a doll, there’s no way he could need the glasses because he does not have real eyes. Either way they look good on him and certainly accent the character. 

Abel Nightroad 

I have and will always say id love to see a match where Alucard and Abel Nightroad face off. I feel Alucard would win but Abel at full power was a sight to behold. I can’t believe that its been 15 years since I saw this anime but if vampire and creatures of the night are your thing certainly give it a watch. When it comes to cosplay, I believe this cosplay is one of the best and most elaborate outfits I have seen. His weapon is some kind of crazy scythe and god knows how one would recreate this but best of luck to you my friends. 

Donquixote Doflamingo 

Finally, we come to our last character which is Donquixote Doflamingo. I really have mixed feelings about this character and you can find my ramblings about him HereWhen it comes to his glasses though, there’s no denying that these suckers are first class. They are certainly not prescription but I would be ok if they did invent prescription glasses that did look like this.  

I never realized how many animes I have seen that have characters with glasses until I began to write this list. I had to withhold a few of my favorites as I feel I have written about these characters far too often. Its time to let some other characters have the spotlight. If you enjoyed this Cosplay With Glasses post feel free to leave a comment below. Also, check out my YoutTube channel as I’m constantly updating it with awesome content. Thanks so much for checking out my site and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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